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Articles not in relation with what CDC and WHO want you to know

"Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight." - Proverbs 12:22

"Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight." - Proverbs 12:22

The US government, the World Health Organization and the Center for Diseases Control have deceived the world 

The HIV-Aids, Ebola facts and information provided by the World Health Organization and the Center Centers for Disease Control, to the general public, aren't accurate. They have deceived the world because the diseases were man-made.

The world is full of intelligent and beautiful people. Wisdom and the knowledge of people are demonstrated in many ways to create a beautiful world, while others like to destroy it. 

We have been enemies to ourselves by supporting crimes and living the life of hypocrisy. When it comes to the truth you'll lose all your friends but one can easily make a lot of friends if you simply live a false life.

That's our experience. Politicians, governments, medical officials, the World Health Organization, United Nations and the Centers for Diseases Control have all played roles in causing misery and suffering in this world, just for the pharmaceutical companies to make money out of the misery and suffering of innocent victims.

Instead of health blogs exposing their wicked and deliberate spread of diseases globally, including most Third World Countries, they rather support the media and politicians to mislead the public and hide information to run successful businesses.

This is the reason we (Johan Van Dongen, the Dutch scientist/micro-surgeon, Dr. Wolff Geisler, a German medical practitioner and Joel Savage), a Belgian freelance journalist, and writer created this health blog.

Our aim is to give the right information and free the mind of people that for decades politicians and organizations such as World Health Organization and Centers for Diseases Control keep deceiving.

We never called for any support because we know that we can't get one in a world that lies, wickedness, hypocrisy and selfishness rule but we pray that no one should hate us for revealing the truth. 

We care about humanity because lies and hypocrisy can't create a beautiful world. Thank you, readers.


Kwho said...

Thank u both so much, I respect your fight and hear your words loud and clear. GOD BLESS u BOTH.

Unknown said...

Thankyou so much. Came here after searching for truth about covid 19 and bill gates funded vaccines.