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Monday, April 22, 2019


Jesus on the road of agony to the crucifixion

Jesus on the road of agony to the crucifixion

Almost every Ghanaian child is raised in a family that acknowledges the essence of God. Whether a Christian or Muslim, God or Allah, means something special to us. The reason for decades, Muslims and Christians in Ghana live together as one with peace and love.

Yesterday was Easter Monday, a special day which takes its name from the fact that we remember the meeting of the angel with the women who came to the tomb where Jesus was buried. This remarkable day is now observed a public holiday throughout the whole world. 

The life of Jesus, his mission on earth and his death to save the world, sound like a fairy tale, however, since theologians and great Bible scholars have proved Jesus’ presence on this earth, mankind will not sweep his story under the carpet, no matter how hard atheists try to convince us.

According to the Jewish account, Jesus could have used three clothes, a petticoat- interula, subucula, for his humbleness, long sleeves or half sleeves; a surcoat or (tunic), or kept alive by a belt, or ( pallium, toga ) that was used in the cold season. 

The gospel reveals an astonishing account of the clothes of Jesus:  There is one about the woman who had a bleeding condition, and the issue had continued for twelve years. She had spent all her money on treatments from many doctors, and nothing had helped; in fact, the blood issue had only grown worse.

She was obviously desperate for a miracle. “When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, because she thought, ‘If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed’ - Mark 5:27-28.

As soon as the woman touches Jesus, her bleeding stops and she knows she’s been healed. Instantly, Jesus felt that a certain power has been taken out of him. He enquires but his disciples want him to understand that can't be possible because of the crowd but Jesus insists, and the woman came forward.

Another account about Jesus' clothes which fascinates me very much is the event which took place after his crucifixion. The soldiers took his garments and divided it into four parts, a part for each soldier. 

They also took Jesus’ tunic and said to each other: "Let's not tear it up, but draw lots to whom you touch," so that the Scripture may be fulfilled which says: "They have divided my garments among themselves, and have cast lots for my coat." So did the soldiers.

Comparing the time of Jesus to this modern world, it is obvious that greed and the love for money are partly responsible for the much suffering in the world today.

Christians have been reading the Bible throughout their lives but what impact has the scriptures had on their lives? 

How I wish I could be part of the soldiers gambling on the clothes of Jesus for salvation. Instead of the search for spiritual wisdom, man has followed corruption and greed to keep other people under sub-human conditions, poor and hungry.

What is the profit of a man who gains the whole world and loses his soul at the end? We were born with nothing and everyone leaves with nothing.

So, those at the top should always remember the people at the bottom, who are suffering because without them they will be no chance for them to occupy the posts they are enjoying.

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