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Monday, October 8, 2018


Both developing and the developed world are in danger because of Ebola which can easily get into the hands of terrorists

Both developing and the developed world are in danger because of Ebola which can easily get into the hands of terrorists

While the world is worried about the spread of Ebola from Democratic of Congo to neighbouring African states, the United States government is also worried about the possibility for the virus to get into the hands of terrorist groups, such as Al Qaeda and the ISIS.

In a recent publication, Scientists at the top-secret military research unit at Porton Down, showed much concern assessing the potential use of Ebola as a bioterrorism weapon.

The US government believe they have the best intelligence in the world, trying to outsmart readers or the world about this Ebola virus they manufactured to kill innocent people.

In the article, it was said “at Port Down, where chemical radiological and biological threats are analyzed but that’s totally false. Actually Port Down is one of the biological weapon manufacturing centers in the United States of America.

And assuming that they are not responsible for the Ebola virus biological agent, why then are they worried that it may end up in hands of terrorists?

This is how the US government likes to play with the minds of people they think are ignorant to believe their rock and roll stories.

Whoever will say that the US government has brought comfort into this world because of the “American dream,” is deceiving himself.

My country Germany, did many evil things against humanity, during the Second World War by Hitler, when the Nazi’s escaped, the same US government gave accommodation to some of them.

Birds of the same feather flock together, therefore, don’t doubt that the US government is responsible for the Ebola virus today in Africa.

They know who they can scare to shut up but not the writers of ‘Secret Of HIV-Aids And Ebola Facts Journal,’ Scientist Johan Van Dongen, Dr. Wolff Geisler, and the writer/investigative journalist, Joel Savage.


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