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Thursday, August 9, 2018


The CNN's cream of bullshit soup can

The CNN's cream of bullshit soup can 

If one is an intelligent journalist, you’ll actually know that CNN is one of the dishonest media in America, despite all the efforts to convince the world that they are the best. CNN claims they have a qualified doctor, Sanjay Gupta, but the media has never ever reported the truth about those two biological weapons which have dealt a deadly blow to Africans.

To support the claim that CNN is not trustworthy, appeared on ModernGhana news site: Why The CNN Has Avoided Investigating The Origin Of Aids And Ebola,

The Lies BBC And CNN Want Us To Believe About The Ebola Epidemic. It wasn’t a surprise when an America’s online shopping website “KEEP and BEAR,” suddenly comes out with a T-shirt criticizing CNN about the same allegations as a liar, fake, and false media.

According to “KEEP and BEAR,” clearly, the Left is in bed with the lame-stream media. Together they have an agenda to promote immorality, create racial unrest, undermine our police and military, advance a socialist worldview, and discredit President Trump and his administration.

To accomplish their diabolical plan of dismantling our great country institution by institution, news networks like CNN must wake up every day and lie to the American people. Here at Keep and Bear, we call their fake news what it is: bullsh!t. 

In the spirit of fun and to open the eyes of the tender little snowflakes, we've created a CNN soup can filled with cream of bulls!t. 

And the best part? This conservative shirt is made in the USA, printed in the USA, on an American-Made t-shirt.

Over to you readers who don’t believe us that CNN is a fake media. We promise to praise them any time they start reporting the truth about Aids and Ebola. 

Don’t let the innocent faces like Christiane Amanpour deceive you. The T-Shirt is now available online for purchase.

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