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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Humiliated and bound African women in search of greener pastures in the Middle-East

Humiliated and bound African women in search of greener pastures in the Middle-East

According to the International Organization for Migration, more than 22,500 migrants have reportedly died, drown, or disappeared since the year 2014, while attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea in search for greener pastures.

Since most of the victims are Africans, many wonder how African leaders feel inside them when they read and see such heart-wrenching images. Do they feel sorry, sad or just shrugged off the shoulder, signaling that they don’t care?

Writing about how African leaders have disappointed Africans, their inefficiency and the lack of wisdom will be a complete volume of a book. If African leaders are really inspired by the suffering masses to be politicians, then definitely Africa would have been a successful continent.

Africans are suffering, despite all the wealth in the continent the reason many frustrated and hungry people are leaving the shores of Africa at all cost. They are dying in large numbers in the ocean, abused, sold into slavery, yet nothing is preventing them from leaving Africa.

Among all the world leaders, African leaders are the least respected. If they don’t know, we will them the reason. Europeans and American don’t understand the reason the continent has such an amount of vast mineral resources yet is very poor.

Europeans and Americans know that there is corruption in their countries too yet they provide the best streets, hospitals, education and create works to make the citizens happy. Thus, the care about the welfare of the people first, just like how Trump said “America first,’ during his political campaign.

In Africa, it is the opposite, politicians will preach and promise milk and honey but as soon as they come to power they forget all the promises and put state money into their pockets first. What a continent which has so much yet people are suffering?

Armed robbers are terrorizing Africans without any solution, while crime has put many citizens lives in danger. There are no beds and proper medical facilities in many African hospitals, including Ghana, while in Europe and America animals have an ambulance. 

With such problems in a continent which has so much that Europe built their wealth from, how do you expect Europeans and Americans to respect Africans or the leaders?

The life of an African is valueless because our leaders have created that impression to that we are not human beings. Many actually don't blame the politicians but those that vote for them. Why should I vote for someone who is coming to enrich himself while I suffer? This should have been the question of every African.

Muammar Ghadaffi wouldn’t like to be a beggar like other African leaders, therefore, he created a country which economy was even better than that of Europe and America. He turned a desert into a paradise. 

Then the jealous and greedy America and Britain that couldn’t stand Libya because of the efficiency of Gadaffi stirred a war against Libya and the Libyan leader was killed, under the nose of glutton African leaders. African leaders just watched and Libya was destroyed, yet they want to be respected.

Before the death of Gadaffi, if one travels to every corner of the world, you’ll see Africans, including Ghanaians, but not a Libyan. Libyans don't travel because the country was planned equally better or even better than Europe and America.


A floating body of an African migrant in the sea

A floating body of an African migrant in the sea

African leaders stupidly listened to America and Britain, without any interference and the Libyan leader was killed, the result is what we are witnessing. Libya will never be a country again just like bullets riddled corrupt Nigeria, which was once one of Africa's greatest countries.

Until African leaders start thinking like real human beings, avoid riding in expensive cars and corruption, their efforts will yield nothing significant as leaders. Africa's resources are for Africans, not for politicians to steal.

Like the fast growing of mushroom pastors, everyone wants to a politician to loot the government's coffers. Being a politician in Africa today means corruption, not for the suffering people. 

However, we will continue to remind them of their inefficiency and neglected duties which have led to thousands of death of Africans in the Mediterranean sea. 

Donald Trump is right to call Africa 'Shithole nations' because the leaders are fools, surprisingly, the Ugandan leader, President Yoweri Museveni said Donald Trump must be thanked for telling Africans the truth.

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