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Saturday, June 23, 2018


Doctors reveal that Bill Gates polio vaccine in India has rendered many children invalid

Doctors reveal that Bill Gates polio vaccine in India has rendered many children invalid

Many times after publishing about the dangers of vaccines on our health blog 'Secrets of Aids and Ebola Facts Journal,' among the visitors to our blog is the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs but not because they like it. 

Our blog's statistics data reveals that also the foreign secret services visit our blog in order to study the accusations against the US government and subsequently their countries. We will continue to do so until they block us according to the vision of George Orwell.

Communication with our African followers and friends on all social media gives us the satisfaction that the whole African continent knows by now Aids and Ebola were caused by contaminated vaccines, biowarfare agents, medical trial and error studies and much more.

Luckily, however, we are not the only one that acts in this way. On May 24, 2018, the highly respected news agency Reuters, published the disturbing news that the US Environmental Protection Agency, pressured by the industry, is stopping publication of a study on the carcinogenic properties of formaldehyde.

The link between, for instance, formaldehyde and cancer has been known and described on our blog by an international independent scientist for years. Firstly, let us discuss The Dutch National Institute of  Health (RIVM) and their statement about formaldehyde:

“Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as “carcinogenic to humans.” Formaldehyde causes cancer in the nose and trachea and possibly leukemia.

Furthermore, the statement of the US government agency ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry), says in its questionnaire about formaldehyde:

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), also a US government agency, in 2011, has established that formaldehyde, based on sufficient human and animal studies the inhaled substance is recognized as a carcinogen.

The new report from the EPA is expected to describe in detail the link between formaldehyde and leukemia. But the Politico news agency reported on 14 May that President Trump had warned that the release of this study would cause a public-relations nightmare. 

Apparently certain 'relations' of the white house do not want the substance formaldehyde to get a bad name and does Trump let himself be influenced by his relations? (See references)

Formaldehyde in vaccines

The substance formaldehyde is used during the production process of vaccines to “kill or weaken bacteria, viruses or toxins in vaccines.” 

It is also being added to various vaccines as a preservative to combat the unwanted growth of bacteria and fungi. Leaflets of vaccines on the RIVM website; “Hep.B-DTP-Infanrix Hexa-ActHib-Boostrix” mention traces of or the addition of formaldehyde as a preservative. 

Formaldehyde is therefore routinely injected, with the vast majority of our babies at a time when the immune system, charged with the secretion of hazardous substances are still totally undeveloped.

Blood cancer in babies

According to the health establishments, Leukemia is the most common type of cancer in children. Every year 100 to 120 children in the Netherlands alone get a form of leukemia. 

In leukemia, the cancer is in the blood and develops in the bone marrow that makes the blood cells. And the Dutch RIVM knows exactly what causes this cancer in our children.

The question that conscious citizens like us ask themselves, of course, is: “Is it possible that vaccines are partly responsible for leukemia in children?” 

Parents who dare to ask this question at the clinic usually receive the standard answer that this cannot be because they are only small quantities, or because it is 'not shown' which is backed up by All National Health Institutes around the world.

The link between formaldehyde and cancer has been frequently made, but the link between vaccines and cancer is still denied. The Dutch RIVM, for instance, limits itself with regard to the health risks of the substance to formaldehyde in tobacco smoke. 

She talks about the 'mainstream smoke' when you take a puff and the 'sidestream smoke' of multiple-chokers, who can give the following problems in addition to cancer?

“Inhalation of formaldehyde from tobacco smoke can also cause respiratory irritation and damage to airway cells. Formaldehyde can also be irritating to the eyes.”

"The most important question we should ask ourselves is probably this: “Does it make sense to inject dangerous substances into healthy children to prevent infectious diseases that the child probably would never have received?"

But what about the 'injection route? The RIVM is silent about the most obvious way that formaldehyde will reach the bloodstream, and undoubtedly will be there for an indefinite period of time. Has the RIVM, or any other body been convinced that no amount of formaldehyde can cause damage in babies or in later life?

The human body also makes formaldehyde itself when it comes to metabolism,” says the RIVM and continuous; “the amount of formaldehyde that occurs in a dose of vaccine is many times smaller than the amount that the body makes on a daily basis. 

Based on these considerations it has been established that formaldehyde in vaccines does not pose a health hazard. But is that correct? 

Heartburn is also a substance that the body makes during the metabolism. No problem if this substance is in the stomach, but we should not inject it! Where is sound scientific research that investigates the effects of injecting formaldehyde? Absolutely nowhere!

The absence of safety standards and lack of scientific evidence

What you are not looking for you will not find. The thorn in the eyes of many well-informed people is the lack of safety standards and lack of scientific evidence of safety for the vaccines content substances.

Safety standards discussed

The European Chemicals Agency, also known as ECHA, is an umbrella organization that deals with the setting of limit values for the safe use of chemicals in Europe. 

For each substance, on a 'Material Safety Data Sheet', it has set the limit above which health risk arises in case of eye contact, skin contact, swallowing and inhalation for adults. However, ECHA has not set limit values for the injection of natural and synthetic substances into humans and animals.

In addition, companies that make chemical products are legally obliged to examine their safety. This data can be found in reports and the aforementioned 'Material Safety Data Sheets'. 

But manufacturers are not legally obliged to test the effects of their products in case of injecting the substance in babies, adults, and animals. So here too, the product is only tested in case of skin, or eye contact, inhalation, or swallowing of the product in adults.

The statement that it is only 'very small quantities' and therefore could not cause any damage, is not only based on an assumption but also a medical criminal fact! The safety standards for injecting formaldehyde or other synthetic substances in babies have not been established. (See references)

Scientific proof discussed

The only way to provide scientific proof of whether or not it is safe to inject formaldehyde residues in baby's large-scale comparative study with a UNAVACINED control group. This type of scientific research is called Clustered Randomized Trials CRT studies. 

It means that a large group of children is divided into two and one group and other group does not receive vaccines. Then one can compare the two groups with regard to the prevention of disorders and diseases. 

With all the piles of studies that are available (Ph.D. research, epidemiological research, quality studies, etc.), CRT studies that study (combi) vaccines in the age group that the vaccines are administered (and the years that follow) are still the major missing factor.

The statement that vaccines are safe does not, therefore, come from the producer of the chemical product, nor from an independent, integrity-based organization that has established safety standards, but from the manufacturer of the vaccine. In the Netherlands, we have this saying:

Everybody knows meat becomes more expensive in the future except the butcher.”

It means that the manufacturer of the vaccine assesses the safety of its own product, knowing that millions of dollars of profit will be lost if it turns out that the vaccines could cause damage. 

And apparently also that we all must blindly trust that the manufacturer is honest and that Trump and all National Institutes of Health including Dutch RIVM have the best for us?

From a recent article entitled; “Is there a link between vaccines and the rise in pediatric cancer? Or better; 'Is there a link between vaccines and the increase in childhood cancer?” It gives us the following quote:

Simultaneously with the significant increase in the number of vaccines is a simultaneous increase in chronic neurological and autoimmune diseases, including cancer in children. Most package leaflets contain a statement along the lines of: 

This vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic effects (carcinogenic properties) or mutagenic potential (capacity to cause genetic abnormalities), or reduced fertility, indicating that the potential link between cancer and vaccines has not been thoroughly investigated by vaccine manufacturers.”

But in fact, some vaccine components, such as formaldehyde, are known carcinogens. The possible link between vaccines and cancer has not been investigated. It is even on the National Health leaflets that say in fact, EVERYTHING.

The main question mark

The most important question we should ask ourselves is probably this: “Does it make sense to inject dangerous substances into healthy children to prevent infectious diseases that the child probably would never have received?”

If we are 100% not sure whether, and if so in what quantities, certain substances can cause chronic diseases, including cancer, when injected? If we do not investigate and all continue to run after each other if we say it is safe, without personally convincing ourselves that this is correct. Is it not that the same as playing with fire? 

Is this not the way we have induced aids in Africa because of contaminated vaccines? We know it. The African continent knows it, in fact, we all know it except those manufacturers of the vaccine who assesses the safety of its own product like the butchers who check there own meat.

Sources: vaccination program

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