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Saturday, June 30, 2018


A Liberian proudly presenting 'goodbye Ebola' on his chest, but the disease still remains a threat in Africa, especially in the affected countries

A Liberian proudly presenting 'goodbye Ebola' on his chest, but the disease still remains a threat in Africa, especially in the affected countries

For decades, the British and American military are responsible for the planting of biological weapons in African jungles, or through contaminated vaccines, giving birth to various deadly man-made diseases. 

At the same time, the military can be held accountable for using chemical weapons on selected population despite lies and denials.

In this article, are clandestine chemical and biological weapon crimes committed by the German, British, and the US military, to give ample knowledge to readers on how the afore-mentioned countries, especially, Britain and America have killed thousands of people, including Africans with biological weapons, such as Aids and Ebola, yet continue to deny any involvement with such agents.

At the same time, this article will educate African leaders to prevent the US military parading on African shores, since their aim is to build US military bases across Africa to gain access to use Africans as guinea pigs in testing both new drugs manufactured in Europe and America and the test of biological weapons.

Biological warfare became more sophisticated against both animals and humans during the 1900s. During World War I, the Germans developed anthrax, glanders, cholera, and a wheat fungus for use as biological weapons. They allegedly spread plague in St Petersburg, infected mules with glanders in Mesopotamia, and attempted to do the same with the horses of the French cavalry.

Evidence that the military is responsible for chemical and biological agents

  • During World War I, the German Army developed anthrax, glanders, cholera, and a wheat fungus specifically for use as biological weapons. They allegedly spread plague in St. Petersburg, Russia.

  •  During World War II, Japanese forces operated a secret biological warfare research facility (Unit 731) in Manchuria that carried out human experiments on prisoners. They exposed more than 3,000 victims to the plague, anthrax, syphilis, and other agents in an attempt to develop and observe the disease

  • During the Apartheid era, South African Wouter Basson, nicknamed 'Doctor Death', was the head of the 7th Medical Division of the South African army. He was the leader of 'project Coast' from 1981 to 1993.

This department, which was involved in the development and production of chemical and biological weapons, developed T-shirts with poison. This poison eventually caused fatal heart defects.
His department also commissioned a pill with a substance in it that would make black women infertile. 

Had Basson at that time had access to the CRISPR-cas method, this would have made his job a lot easier, to say the least.

  • Dr. Carlswell was then in Uganda when 'The Weekly Topic' newspaper accused CIA agents disguised as scientists and journalists, of spreading lies about the origins of the Aids virus. 

The Ugandan government should expel the so-called experts. Shortly afterward, unknown people ransacked the house of Wilson Carswell, the leading Aids-research scientist in Uganda and destroyed his computer together with all the Aids files after the government discovered his role in the deliberate infection of the Ugandan population with the disease.

Dr. Wilson Carswell, then a member of the British armed forces escaped with his life, after a short stay with his commissioners in Porton Down, Great Britain, he was able to start up again as head of the Aids unit of the Department of National Health and Population Development in South Africa, and continued his deliberate Aids infection. Today, South Africa has the highest HIV/Aids rate in the world.

  • Isosporiasis belli is a bred diarrhea-causing agent, which originally occurred in 1915, during the war operations of the British government. It can be absorbed out of the environment. Isospora belli agents were put into action in connection with HIV-infections, in particular in Zaire, Haiti, and Uganda.

Isosporosis diarrhea disorders caused by the Isospora protozoan, were first described in 1915, in medical reports on British soldiers. These men had been fighting for the strategically important Straits of the Dardanelles against German and Turkish soldiers and were sent to England for treatment already before or immediately after onset of their diarrhea.

In the middle of a peaceful February in 1925, the Berlin Reich ministry of defense issued a 'Memorandum on the use of pathogens as a weapon in times of war.' In fact, the possibility of experimentally producing safe epidemic outbreaks which would have a sustained detrimental effect on the enemy's power of resistance was met with skepticism.

The military-political venture of 1925, described in this secret 'Memorandum provides an explanation as to what was already practiced at the end of the war and subsequently continued in secret.

The infection of horses, which in reality were reared as virus-producers to then be slaughtered, was mostly treated as the consequence of infections using contaminated syringes.

  • During the first three weeks of the 2003 Iraq conflict, the U.S. military committed egregious war crimes using radioactive weapons. Even though the Pentagon pledged to never use this technology again, the military command went ahead anyway in the 2003 Iraq conflict, deploying missiles loaded with depleted uranium (DU).

More than 2,000 tons of this toxic radioactive waste rained down on the Iraqi people. The radioactive repercussions of DU will continue to plague the Iraqi people for many years to come. 

The lingering health effects have already begun to take a toll on the health of U.S. soldiers. Cancer-causing DU has been measured in soldiers’ urine, but the Department of Defense asserts that it’s safe. The US government finally admits of using a biological weapon on Iraq.

  • Mycotoxins can be used as chemical warfare agents. There is considerable evidence that Iraqi scientists developed aflatoxins as part of their bioweapons program during the 1980's. But what about defoliant Agent Orange? This herbicide orange (HO) was one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program in Vietnam. 

  • In 1962, began operation Ranch Hand, and continued until 1971. More than 75 million gallons of poison was sprayed over South Vietnam and parts of Laos and Cambodia. The agent was called 'Agent Orange or Yellow Rain' because it was delivered in barrels with orange stripes.

Helicopters and other aircraft were deployed to disperse the toxins, but also boats and trucks were used. The war in Vietnam is over four decades ago but there are still casualties, scars, and remnants of the ugly war. The areas sprayed by the US military with the 'Agent Orange' (herbicide) affected the environment to the extent that many children were born disabled.

  • Chinese Military To Deliver Ebola Research Centre To Sierra Leone. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA)’s first infectious disease prevention and control center in Africa will be delivered in early July, Wu Qian, spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense, said Thursday, according to Why the delivery from the Chinese military? You’ve got the answer.

  • Recently chemical weapon was used in Syria, leading to the death of many children. According to the White House, the Syrian military has access to "thousands of munitions" that can be used to deliver chemical warfare agents, including a variety of long- and short-range ballistic missiles, aerial bombs, and artillery rockets. 

With such concrete evidence, why do people refuse to accept the fact that Ebola is a biological agent tested by the US military in Africa? You don't need to be educated or a moron to know the truth.

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