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Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Guards pointing guns at Jewish women and children

Guards pointing guns at Jewish women and children 

"The author of Aids, Origin, Spread, And Healing, Dr. Wolff Geisler takes us on a rough journey revealing cruelties against Jewish people in his book "The Jubilee Murders." 

The word 'anti-Semitism' is nowadays used in the German, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese language, as a term for hate by Non-Jewish people. 

This is said to have struck people in Egypt 3,8000 years ago, in Babylonia, Greece, in the Roman Empire, since then in almost all the states of Europe, and indeed in many regions of the world, and to have expelled millions of Jewish people, murdered or driven them to suicide.

The expulsions, murders, and hostilities have been listed for thousands of years (Philo, Josephus, Memoria books, Graetz, Anne Franks's diary, Holocaust literature). Scientific institutes such as the Institute of for Anti-Semitism Research in Berlin, the Simon Wiesenthal Center Vienna, or Anti-Defamation League in the USA, are investigating the impulses of Jew -Hate.

According to the ADL, every Jew is confronted with 125 people worldwide, each with a serious anti-Jewish attitude. Jewish people are said to have been forcibly driven to Egypt (1800 BC and 1680 BC) and from Egypt (1250 BC and in the fifth century B from  Elephantine) to Babylon (722 BC and 586 BC).

And from Babylon (838 BC°, to Palestine (1210 BC)  and 170 from Jerusalem and 70 BC from Palestine (70BC, out of Rome (AD 19, AD 49, and AD 139) and out of Alexandria (pogroms) Antioch, Caesarea and other cities. (AD 37)

The Jewish dominion of Khazaria northeast of the Black Sea was dissolved in 968 AD and its Jewish inhabitants disappeared. Jewish persons are said to have been driven from Mainz 1012, from Germany 1096 (Crusade), 1146 (crusade), 1336 (Konig Armleder).

1347 to 1351 pogroms, flagellants, accusations of plague, Basel 1397, as well as, for example, in the years 1400, 1446 from Brandenburg, burnt at stake in Breslau in 1453, and again driven out in 1468. 1492 in Mecklenburg and 1498 and 1509.

"In 1994, 800,000 people were murdered in Rwanda. These Tutsis are said to have been descendants of Jewish persons who are said to have immigrated from Ethiopia in the 15th century." 

They were expelled from Venice in 1394, from France in 1181, 1253, 1306, (100,000 Jewish people) and 1394, from England in 1298, from Spain in 1148, 1290, 1391, 1492, and 1550, from Portugal in 1497, from Baghdad in 1291, from Sicily. 

1n 1493, from the Netherlands in 1444, from Styria (Austria) in 1500, from Russia during the 15th century, from Lithuania in 1495, from Hungary in 1360 and 1526, from Ukraine in 1648 (Chmielnicki massacres, 100,000 Jewish people murdered).

From Slovakia in 1380, 1649 and 1744, from Prague in 1649 and 1745, from Vienna in 1670 and from Bamberg in 1699, in some cases overnight.

From 1881 to 1914, 305 million people were forced to leave Russia, Poland, and Galicia/Austria by organized pogroms. 1935-1942, 750,000 people in Ethiopia were murdered with poisonous gas, most of them Jewish Falashas. 

The arrival of Hungarian Jewish women and children from Carpatho-Ruthenia at Auschwitz

The arrival of Hungarian Jewish women and children from Carpatho-Ruthenia at Auschwitz

1937-38, 120,000 Alevis were murdered in their central region of Dersin in Kurdistan/Turkey. Some of them were murdered with poisonous gas.

Expulsion from Europe and the murder of six million Jewish people between 1933 to 1945 are said to have been caused by Jew-hate, anti-semitism of the Germans. 

After hundreds of Jewish persons were murdered in May 1941, under the British supervision at the Farhood pogrom in Baghdad. 100,000 of Iraq's 120,000 Jewish inhabitants occupied Palestine in 1948 and tens of thousands of Jewish persons from Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and Iran, were also active at that time.

In 1959, almost all the Jewish residents left Cuba. In 1962, 123,000 Jewish people left Algeria after the liberation. In 1979, the Jewish inhabitants of Iran are to have been expelled. 150,000 are said to have left Ethiopia in 1984, in the 'Operation Moses,' another 16,000 in 1991, in 'Operation Salomo.' 

150,000 are said to have moved to Germany, to escape anti-semitism in the Soviet Union and in Russia. 

In 1994, 800,000 people were murdered in Rwanda. These Tutsis are said to have been descendants of Jewish persons who are said to have immigrated from Ethiopia in the 15th century. 

Many Jewish people feel that they are part of a pogrom community.

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