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Sunday, June 10, 2018


Rough diamonds in natural rich resources Congo

Rough diamonds in natural rich resources Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is Africa’s second largest country rich with minerals, such as gold, uranium, and cobalt much needed by the advanced world. The country is the leading producer of cobalt ore in the world situated in the Katanga province.

Besides its enormous mineral deposits, it is, however, estimated that over 30% of the global diamond reserves are located in Congo and every year the country produces several tonnes of copper.

Foreign companies have made large investments in eastern Congo’s mines, buying from suppliers and financing armed groups within the country. 

This type of foreign investment in the Congo’s extraction industry has led to a loss of at least $1 billion in resource revenue that could otherwise be used to reform the country’s security, health, and education sectors.

Since the minerals mined in the Congo are used to make everyday objects like smartphones, lightbulbs, computers, and jewelry, Congo has been a target to rebel militia fighting against the government of Kabila and external forces that want to take easy access to the country’s rich resources through the text of biological weapons.

Therefore, it’s very easy to understand the reason even though, the World Health Organization has declared the Democratic Republic of Congo Ebola-free, the disease keeps appearing regularly.

The World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, Bill Gates, and the US government are making money in Congo in two ways. 

Firstly, the US government has gained easy access to take possession of the rich resources because the corrupt Joseph Kabila has made it possible and secondly, the CDC, WHO, and Bill Gates are making money using the Congolese as guinea pigs in finding the right vaccine to control the Ebola epidemic in the country.

That's what they say, "there is no cure for Ebola, we, therefore have to find the right medicine to control the situation." Filthy liars.

One can never study to be the UN Secretary-General, the head of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control without knowing that Ebola is a biological weapon being tested in Congo, after Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, in 2014. 

Not at all! They are not stupid to say that they don’t know what is going on in Congo. But everyone is silent watching such clandestine medical crimes taking place against innocent poor people.

Moreover, African leaders aren’t stupid either to understand what is going on in the Republic of Congo. It’s really sad that such crime is going on in Africa yet no African leader has the courage or power to stop such illegal activities.

Greed, corruption and the part of money shared which passes through the hands of the leaders of Centers for Disease Control, and the United Nations, and African leaders is powerful enough to keep them quiet, then criminally and shamefully shift the blame on bats and monkeys.

Countries making millions out of the misery of Congo are the US government, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Belgium doesn’t mine diamond, yet Antwerp has been the capital of the world diamond trade for more than five centuries. Belgium even has a diamond museum. The whole world knows Antwerp diamond center mainly operated by the Jews.

According to confirmed report, some of the mines belong to Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler, named more than 200 times in the Panama Papers. A friend to Congo President Joseph Kabila, Gertler is said to be in a deal robbing the Congolese people of more than $1bn,” The Guardian reported.

The US government doesn’t need to ship containers of ammunition, tankers, and guns to the Democratic Republic if they want to take possession of the country’s resources, Ebola alone is powerful to do the job, hence, the disease will continue to reign in Congo as long as they want cobalt, copper, and uranium.

Aftermath the looting, the World Health Organization will announce again that Congo is Ebola-free, as soon as they need the resources Ebola starts again.

In most of our articles, we always blame African leaders, we will never stop blaming them because they are responsible for whatever clandestine activities taking place on the continent.

Congo is rich in natural resources

Congo is rich in natural resources

They have opened the gates of Africa for them. The Chinese will never end up mining gold in Ghana if the Ghanaian government didn’t give them the permission to enter the country.

Those past years when things were very easy, African leaders couldn’t do anything significant with our resources let alone now that things are extremely difficult globally.

They have already shown that they are only interested in corruption than the suffering Africans, therefore, time will tell how long they will reign before the Abongo boys (military) come back to clean their dirty mess once again.

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