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Monday, May 28, 2018


Nothing is going well under Trump's administration. They are killing the Congolese with Ebola while the corrupt media shifts the blame on bats and monkeys

Nothing is going well under Trump's administration. They are killing the Congolese with Ebola while the corrupt media shifts the blame on bats and monkeys

CDC and the WHO are killing both Americans and Africans

The two biggest health institutions, the World Organization and the Centers for Disease Control are deeply corrupt and bone rotten to the extent that President Donald Trump needs to do something about it immediately if he really cares about the health of human beings, including Americans.

Unless, Trump pretends he cares about the lives of people while the US government secretly tests Ebola in Congo, and the corrupt media shifts the blame on monkeys, bush animals, and bats. 

We don't know how the US government can convince and dwell on such stupid and senseless research when Africa thousands of years ago live with monkeys and bats but nothing called Ebola killed any of them, then after 1976, in the year 2014, killed thousands of people in three West African countries.

It seems Trump is having multiple problems and sleepless nights that he has forgotten that there are more intelligent scientists around the world than America who are not prepared to collaborate with America's murderous scientists to deceive the world that monkeys and bats are responsible for Aids and Ebola in Africa.

We know that it will be very hard for Trump to confess that the US government is responsible for the constant outbreak Ebola in Congo, yet it's time to clear the mismanagement health issues going on at the CDC because it's affecting the American population too, not only the African continent they have targeted to test biological weapons and newly manufactured dangerous vaccines.

It's hard to understand why health institutions such as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, together with Big Pharma stinks of serious crime and corruption.

The so-called CDC's “Ministry of Truth” normally should fight big Pharma. There are many different trenches from which the hydra is attacking human health all over the world, especially in Africa.

The Information below shows how everybody in the health sector and its agencies guided politics, pharma, law, media, cable-phone-internet, insurance, seed, and chemicals, as having a clear and obvious conflict of interest in regards to the continued financial, physical and mental health and productive lifespan of everyone and especially the poor African and aboriginal population. 

Big Pharma must be destroyed before it destroys all blacks on this planet. How pharma is shortening everyone’s productive life including the brainwashed allopathic doctors instituting the Rockefeller business plan even against themselves. 

Unraveling the Facade of US Health Care By Kent Heckenlively, JD

In George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, the main character, Winston Smith, works for the “Ministry of Truth” in a future authoritarian society. On the outside wall of the ministry are plastered the three slogans of the Party:


This description of an authoritarian organization which seeks to impose its will despite its many failings seems a particularly apt description of our current CDC. President Trump appears to have fired the first salvo against this corrupt institution.

According to an article from The Washington Post on December 15, 2017, President Trump has instructed the CDC to stop using the words “evidence-based” and “science-based.”

Mister Trump it’s about damned time!

The words “evidence-based” and “science-based” are nothing less than the deliberate twisting of language to stifle free inquiry. They are like corrupt priests who claim that “only they” know the will of the Almighty. The Mandarins of the CDC should probably start packing their bags and find a new location for their brand of openness like the recently dismembered ISIS caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

Don’t you believe Secrets of Aids and Ebola facts Journal?

Okay here are some figures worth knowing. For instance, how is it that the CDC has been getting away with allowing nearly 106,000 deaths to occur every year for medical mishaps, 6.6 million hospitalizations, and over 80 million adverse events?

Another point is, how is it that in a few decades we have gone from 1 in 10,000 children having autism to 1 in 36? Is our current CDC's “Ministry of Health” actually making us healthier, or is it presiding over the slow extermination of the human species?

How deep does this madness or sickness go?

Dear readers, do you really expect the media to report on these issues when the pharmaceutical industry has spent $3.2 billion dollars on television ads for drugs in the past year? Who do they try to fool?

When Robert Kennedy, Jr. was trying to get the former chairman of Fox News, Roger Ailes, to highlight the documentary film “Trace Amounts,” Ailes told Kennedy that he’d have to fire any host who talked about the health risk of vaccines because roughly 70% of the news budget came from pharma advertising.

So dear readers, if vaccines are so safe then why do we need a “Vaccine Court” which has rules so Byzantine it would feel right at home in George Orwell’s dystopian future?

How can vaccines be “as safe as sugar water” while at the same time more than $3.5 billion dollars have been paid out in claims by parents who somehow managed to get their voices heard?

Forgive me if we, the writers of this blog, don’t cry any tears over the CDC being able to use their big, important words to prevent the inconvenient question of why societies are suffering from record rates of neurological problems, diabetes, cancer, and dementia or Aids and Ebola. 

While the human race is on its way to extinction we certainly wouldn’t want anybody to accuse us of raising our voice and ruffling any feathers.

How long will the world watch the US government kill Africans with Ebola while they shift the blame on bats and monkeys?

How long will the world watch the US government kill Africans with Ebola while they shift the blame on bats and monkeys?

The Art of War according to Sun Tzu

In The Art of War by Sun Tzu, the author writes, “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Donald Trump is known to be a fan of the writings of Sun Tzu, and it appears he is implementing this strategy against the CDC.

Instead of using the words “evidence-based” or “science-based”, The Washington Post reports, “the suggested phrase is ‘CDC's recommendations on science in consideration with the community standards and wishes.”  

What a change that will be to have the CDC actually listen to the public. One would almost think our tax dollars support them!
It seems that Trump is going to take these corrupt avatars of medicine down from their high altars and force them to talk to the rabble. I look forward to that discussion.

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