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Thursday, May 17, 2018


Kim Jong Un and former basketball legend, Dennis Rodman. Photo credit: Reuters

Kim Jong Un and former basketball legend, Dennis Rodman. Photo credit: Reuters

Kim Jong Un could probably be one of the world's dangerous leaders ever known, therefore, it will be a big mistake if the US government continue trusting this man.

No one is aware of the change Trump has for America because countries in the continents classified as ‘Third World,’ are sick and tired of the bully, domination, aggression, invasion and medical crimes to the extent that if it's possible to become a ‘Superpower’ overnight, they’ll follow that course to face the American government squarely. 

The weak continents or countries aren’t a threat to America, the reason they take the advantage to test all their evil products, including biowarfare, medicine, and experiments in Africa, Latin-America and some parts of Asia because they are not powerful enough to strike back.

Nobody wants to be stupid any longer to be a trash for the American government to dominate and trample. Africa has a long way to go. Even with their abundance of resources, they still can't find their way, so the leaders shall always remain slaves to European and American leaders to give them the opportunity to do whatever evil thing they want in Africa.

But not all countries can tolerate the US government, thus, the world faces the threat of the manufacture of deadly weapons. China, North Korea, Iran etc, are now trying to rub shoulders with the US government and there is nothing that can stop them from whatever missile or dangerous nuclear weapons projects they are undertaking. 

The American government can test its Aids and Ebola bio-warfare products in Africa and the Zika virus in Latin-America but not in Russia, China or North Korea because they will hit back. North Korea wants to let America be aware that they cannot be intimidated and for the safety of this world America shouldn't underestimate Kim Jong-Un because the man is crazy like a fox.

The pride and underestimation of the American government led to the terrorist attacks on Sept 11, 2001. The same pride led to the Zaventem airport and metro stations bombings in Belgium because they were warned but they ignored. Those two attacks could have been prevented.

Frankly speaking, Kim Jong-Un, is one of the most dangerous leaders in the world that the U government has to put underestimation behind. Kim is not a man to be trusted by the America government.

In the past, the American government has assassinated some powerful leaders in the world, including Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Patrice Lumumba of Congo etc. Many attempts were tried on Fidel Castro but they failed. Thus; if it's on the US' agenda that Kim Jong Un will denuclearize, then he is deceiving himself.

Why did Kim Jong Un visit South Korea and China?  He is building ties with his neighbors to buy time. Knowing how mischievous the US government is will Kim Jong Un be so stupid to give up his nuclear project? Let Trump continue to live the American dream of illusion.

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