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Sunday, May 13, 2018


America was one of the countries that committed horrendous acts towards humanity in the history

 America was one of the countries that committed horrendous acts towards humanity in the history 

The author of 'Aids, Origin, Spread, and Healing,' the German doctor, Wolff Geisler, sheds light on some of the events which took place during the time of slavery.

After Christopher Columbus arrived in Haiti, people were abducted in America and sent to Spain. They were already being sold in Seville in 1945. Over the next 400 years, more than 100 million Indians in Central and South America were killed mainly by disease.

To the United States of America, approximately 10 million people were abducted from Africa. In Africa, (Cape Colony), where the people in the south, the ‘San/Bushmen,’ were decimated to such a degree that the Dutch conquerors led by Jan van Riebeeck were able to claim that the country was empty on their arrival.

About 300, 000 people from India were abducted and transported to Kenya and Tanzania.

Jan Pieterszoon Coen, born and baptized on January 8, 1587, died in 1926, said to have been of Jewish origin, was the founder of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia. As the worst butcher of the VOC, he depopulated the Malukan islands of Banda and Ambon, by murdering thousands of inhabitants, and subsequently, had the spice plantations worked by slaves abducted from other islands.

Europeans weakened and killed the people of the Easter Islands with biological weapons before enslaving the survivors. The three million inhabitants of Australia and Tasmania were almost all killed by the disease. From the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century, inhabitants of the South Sea Islands were enslaved and sent to Australia, where they were murdered.

Sometime later, or from 1901, deported again. Most of the population of Hawaii was killed by the disease.

As early as the 14th century, there were precise, detailed maps of the routes taken by Jewish traders from Guinea and Sudan to the Mediterranean. They abducted the local inhabitants and transported them through the Sahara for sale in North Africa and Spain.

The massacre of hundreds of millions of people in the North, Central, and South America, and the rebuilding of the depopulated ‘New World’ by African slaves for colonization by European bankers and settlers were the result of extensive military measures and propaganda.

The multitude of slaves and prisoners of war who worked and fought in ancient in Greece and Rome were almost light-skinned Scythians, Teutons, Celts, and North Africans, and it was the light-skinned Franks, Bulgarians, Vandals, Goths, Rugians, Gepids, Wagrain, Saxons, Mecklenburgers, Russians, and Slavs, rather than the dark-skinned peoples who were abducted and sold as slaves in medieval times.

However, the millions of people from Africa kept as slaves in America for more than 400 years, invariably had dark skin. The Jewish banker, Isaac Ben Judah Abrabanel (1437-1508), financier and advisor to the kings and rulers of Portugal, Spain, Naples, and Venice, advanced an argument for the enslavement of dark-skinned people that was based on the Torah.

Bestial black Africans were never to be freed from slavery.

Bartolome de las Casas, who came from a Jewish background and was the Spanish king’s commissary for matters relating to indigenous peoples, gave the following reason for the mass murder and abduction of African people after all the native inhabitants of Cuba and Hispaniola had died of disease in 1513.

He accused the Spanish of cruelty, and from 1516 on, repeatedly demanded that this cruelty should end and that no more Indios should be enslaved. His idea was that negroes from Africa should work for the Spanish instead. In 1441, people from Africa who had been robbed of their will were sold in Portugal for the first time. They had been captured in Mauretania

On January 8, 1445, Pope Nicholas V, granted King Afonso V of Portugal, his son Henry the navigator, and their descendants the whole of Africa, as a slave-hunting region, exclusive shipping rights in Africa, and a monopoly on the slave trade.

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