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Thursday, May 24, 2018


Wangari Maathai, the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner was too clever to know that Aids was a medical crime

Wangari Maathai, the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner was too clever to know that Aids was a medical crime

In the field of journalism, we often hear people saying negative things about the press or the media. It really hurts sometimes to hear such bad comments about the media. 

For example, how would a policeman feel, when he hears someone saying “Every policeman is a criminal or a thief?” The same way many journalists or writers feel very bad when they hear someone saying journalists are far from the truth and bias.

There are thousands of reasons that have ruined or soiled the reputation of the media. We can’t list all of them but we know that the profession, journalism, has totally lost its credibility and ethics.

One of the ethics governing journalism is, a journalist should remain neutral, not at all affiliated to any political party, unfortunately, many journalists favour certain political parties and spew fire on other political parties they hate.

The career of journalists has been questioned over and over when it comes to issues pertaining to Africa. Journalists cover up crime in favour of governments and give false information.

For example since the outbreak of HIV/AIDS and Ebola, there is no journalist brave enough to write that the diseases were manmade because the polio vaccine was contaminated and used on Africans in Congo and Uganda.

Since the outbreak of Aids and Ebola before striking again recently, over more than two thousand influential and key figures from various institutions had publicly said Ebola and Aids were a crime against humanity. As if the media has been paid to remain silent, no light has been shed on these particular allegations.

The 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai said, "Some say that AIDS came from the monkeys. I doubt that because we have been living with monkeys [since] time immemorial, others say it was a curse from God, but I say it cannot be that.

"Black people are dying more than any other people on this planet." Maathai spoke at a press conference in Nairobi a day after winning the prize for her work in human rights and reversing deforestation across Africa.”

"It's true that there are some people who create agents to wipe out other people. If there were no such people, we could have not have invaded Iraq." Maathai, also the Kenyan deputy environment and natural resources minister and the fearless speaker said:

"In fact, the HIV virus is created by a scientist for biological warfare. Why has there been so much secrecy about AIDS? When you ask where the virus came from, it raises a lot of flags. That makes me suspicious."

It’s a shame that Wangari is not a journalist but she has said what a journalist knows, but wouldn’t like to say because (he the journalist) wants to avoid losing his job to feed his/her family. That’s where journalism has lost its ethics and credibility.

Africa accounts for 25 million out of the estimated 38 million people across the world infected with HIV, and the vast majority of infected Africans are women, according to UNAIDS estimates.

The United States congratulated Maathai on winning the Nobel Peace Prize but tempered its praise over her claims about AIDS. "She said (HIV/AIDS) was invented as a bio-weapon in some laboratory in the West," a senior State Department official said. "We don't agree with that."

The question is: How long can people cover up the crime over Aids and Ebola when the truth is already known? It’s a big shame that America, Belgium, and Holland knew contaminated polio vaccine was used on Africans, but they are still covering up this crime, even when Prof. Dr. H.H. Cohen in 1978, confessed in Holland that:

 “As a physician and bacteriologist, I worked in the field of safety and as a director of the National Institute for Public Health RIV, on behalf of the Dutch Government. I am responsible for the manufacture of dangerous vaccines.”

Whatever goes around, comes around. This is what everyone has to remember. Aids was made to kill Africans, unfortunately, it has taken so many whites to their untimely grave as well.

If care is not taken, no matter what, Ebola will gradually spread to Europe and America for them to have the taste of their own medicine. 

Unity means strength, with one accord, let’s fight against medical crime to create a healthy future for the next generation, including our children.

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