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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


The confidence in the vaccine is falling every day because of corruption in medical institutions

The confidence in the vaccine is falling every day because of corruption in medical institutions

As a consequence of decreasing figures and reluctance towards vaccines and reduction of vaccination coverage worldwide, during a United Nations UN meeting world leaders in the field of health.

They have committed to ensuring the discovery, development and global delivery of life-saving vaccines, especially to the poorest countries, and that they have declared the period 2011-2020 the “Decade” of vaccines.

European Union a resolution on reluctance towards vaccines and reduction of vaccination coverage in Europe

In response to questions in the Europe Parliament in 2018, about the reluctance to vaccines, and failing of the UN Global vaccination Plan, on behalf of the European Committee on the Environment, Public Health, and Food Safety a resolution towards “Vaccines and Reduction of Vaccination Coverage in Europe” is submitted. The draft resolution is an extensive survey of resolutions, reports and massive vaccine programs.

“Oral answer B8-0011 / 2018 and oral answer B8-0012 / 2018 pursuant to Rule 128 (5) of the Rules of Procedure on reluctance towards vaccines and reduction in vaccination coverage in Europe (2017/2951 (RSP).”

But the Global Vaccination Plan (GVP) of the World Health Organization (WHO), endorsed in May 2012, by the 194 member states of the World Health Assembly is failing. Failing because of “Anti-Vaccination Movements” and scientists who denied the necessity of vaccinations.

Scientist and anti-vaccine movements mostly point to the World Bank report of March 2017, on "Drug-Resistant Infections: A Threat to Our Economic Future" and the political statement of the high-level meeting held on 21 September 2016, in New York of the UN General Assembly on antimicrobial resistance.

Resistance against bacteria which is caused by thousands of tons of antibiotics which have found its way into our livestock and in human beings despite all warnings in the last four decades. And now the “Box Of Pandora” has opened. Deliberately, because the pharmaceutical industry knows exactly the outcome of inserting such amounts of antibiotics into living creatures.

With diseases they, the pharmaceutical establishments, earn money, because the cost of a full vaccine package for one child, even at the lowest global prices, increased by a factor of 68 between 2001 and 2014; whereas this price increase is not justified and goes against the sustainable development objective to ensure good health and promote well-being for all ages. 

But encouraging a high level of vaccination that protects citizens from contamination with diseases also generates billions of profits and....? Iatrogenic diseases....!

A worldwide study by the Vaccine Confidence Project shows that Europe has the largest number of citizens with a negative image of the importance of vaccines and their safety and efficacy, which makes Europe the most conservative population among vaccines.

World Health Organization, the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI) and Dutch professor Ab Osterhaus

The ESWI wants to expand its target group! The next action plan is already in its infancy. A flu shot for all children! 'Flu shot for all children' is the main theme, ESWI of a symposium announced in September last year and now the European Parliament and United Nations is following.

Top virologist, Professor Ab Osterhaus, chairman of ESWI, however, stays in the 'twilight zone. Ab Osterhaus, the man who should advise the Dutch government in a neutral way. But at the same time, he is the international president of the vaccine lobby.

He brought the Netherlands into deep fear by comparing the Mexican flu with the 'infamous Spanish flu, in which - estimated - about 20 to 100 million people died ...!

At least one thing increases, namely, Osterhaus' shares in the vaccine industry.  Yes, the willingness of world citizens to become vaccinated is declining..., and we all know why except those who make the profits.

The Anti Vaccine Movements Are Overcoming WHO/UNICEF

The increasing and widespread reluctance towards vaccines have assumed worrying proportions. The usefulness of preventive vaccination continues to diminish because the public's trust in vaccination campaigns is decreasing worldwide. And the Anti Vaccine Movements smell their chance. The vaccination world is faltering.

Reason for the European Parliamentary Committee, under pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, to continue to strengthen its support for national measures to increase vaccination coverage. But there is a need for that more transparent assessment processes for vaccines and their additives. 

In addition, the funding of independent research programs should be made public on account of their possible side-effects, which would help restore confidence in vaccines.

But the world's citizens are very concerned about the large differences between the vaccines that are recommended or offered and/or mandatory in the various countries. 

They address the spread of unreliable, misleading and (un)scientific information about vaccination, which is exacerbated by controversies and sensational news coverage in the media by leading medical journals, so-called top-scientists, and poor journalism.

According to politicians, it is important to provide citizens with inclusive, fact-based and scientifically substantiated information. 

Therefore, the European Commission and the Member States are calling for the dialogue with civil society stakeholders, grassroots movements, the academic world, the media and national health authorities to be promoted in order to combat unreliable, misleading and unscientific information about vaccination.

But it is precisely the response of these establishments with all their financial interests that are misleading. For populations fear that high vaccine prices will have relatively more consequences for low- and middle-income countries, including countries that lose the donor support they received previously through the Vaccine Alliance Gavi. 

And in addition, there are many scientific reports that confirm the side effects of vaccines, so, who is calling on who now? And what is trust based on the vaccination campaigns in Africa?


According to WHO / UNICEF, health professionals should play a crucial role in the acceptance of vaccination by the population. These institutions believe that a comprehensive action plan must be drawn up that addresses the social problem of reluctance towards vaccines worldwide.

For example, an EU platform for monitoring the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations should ensure equal coverage across Europe. Health inequalities should be reduced and confidence in vaccination programs and vaccines strengthened. 

To this end, vaccination initiatives are being set up, such as a "Worldwide vaccination day," as an annual starting signal for vaccination campaigns, with the aim of achieving the coverage ratio of 75%.

And the pharmaceutical industry is laughing because enormous stocks have to be built-up and the testing of vaccines is becoming cheaper. All they have to do is buy a few African leaders or gullible African organizations to let innocent Africans run in rows to meet their vaccine targets.

Anti Vaccine Movements

As describe before on our blog WHO/UNICEF vaccination campaigns are horrific and causing more diseases then they really solve. In South Sudanese young children, as young as 12 years, administered contaminated vaccines and people have died as a result of a botched measles vaccination campaign. 

All of the children who died were under the age of five, said the Health Ministry, which blamed the deaths on human error. Human! Not an error made by WHO / UNICEF of course!

One syringe was used for all the children over four days and the vaccine was not stored properly. So WHO/UNICEF? When children as young as 12 years old administering injections causing “severe sepsis” and “toxicity” from the contaminated vaccine, then, is this the way to restore confidence? Yes, Anti Vaccine Movements haven't been wrong all the time.

Parents are confused over vaccinations leading to child ailments including autism

Parents are confused over vaccinations leading to child ailments including autism

It is just you organizations who causes a negative image and decreasing of vaccine confidence and importance and reliance on vaccines and their safety and efficacy.

A worldwide study by the Vaccine Confidence Project shows that Europe has the largest number of citizens with a negative image of the importance of vaccines and their safety and efficacy, which makes Europe the most conservative population among vaccines. 

We all know why and in Africa...? Who wants to know, because they are not considered human and their leaders are too stupid to govern.

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