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Sunday, May 6, 2018


Corruption within the health system and pharmaceutical companies is serious than you know

Corruption within the health system and pharmaceutical companies is serious than you know

Fascism is an extreme form of authoritarian nationalism and is anti-democratic, anti-communist, anti-liberal, anti-parliamentary and anti-intellectual. It is a political system that was instituted in Italy and later by Adolf Hitler. One country, party, institute or person has all the power.

It seems that fascism is now prevailing by means of which the people of the world are going to hold on to it. Unless we can wake up to the propaganda being used by the corporate media and the financial influence of a small elite group that believes they are the only qualified people to govern everyone else then we will continue to suffer unnecessarily. 

To fight this system is an uphill battle and I  know myself it takes a lot of courage to become a whistleblower. But is it a courage or a necessity?

Healthcare is so corrupt that anyone who reveals how criminal pharmaceutical companies operate becomes a pariah. It disrupts the lucrative status quo, which allows people with the medical environment to profit generously from the money from the industry: colleagues and bosses, the hospital, the university, the association of specialists, the medical society and some politicians.

Whistleblower a lonesome profession

On most whistleblowers who contacted politicians, managers, the pressure was exerted in various ways. Sometimes they were seriously threatened. So someone was told that "even if they find something, the company will throw you under a bus, and prove that you were an unguided missile and the only one who did this."

A university or company can also pursue someone in another company: 'I was fired because of my statement in court; “Smartness is a form of Stupidity because you smart ones kill people in a stupid way”. After six lawsuits the only verdict the judge in Maastricht the Netherlands could plea was: Fired because of  “Inconsistent mood,” or French: “Imcomptabilité des humeurs.” And these machines went on.

After revealing medical crimes and fraud I lost my job at the age of 48, and never managed to get another job again not even in the Arab Emirates.

This is very similar to how the medical and political Mafia commit their crimes. Whoever threatens the unlawful income will be violently involved. The only difference is that the violence of the pharmaceutical industry is of a psychological nature, which can be just as devastating, and even murderous because over forty scientists have been killed in the last decade alone.

If a company or university wants to violently attack someone, it can intimidate, frighten, threaten to dismiss or sue, actually dismiss or sue, wrongly accuse scientific misconduct or otherwise damage its reputation or research career. 

Such machinations are often performed by lawyers who work for the industry. You can also enable private detectives. Whistleblowers suffer from heavy stress. For example, lawsuits continue on average for five years. My lawsuits lasted for six years though.

Scientist Peter Rost has described how 233 whistleblowers fared for  instigating cases of fraud

Of them; 90% dismissed or transferred to a lower position, I am one of them, 27% were sued in court, I am one of them,
26% needed psychiatric or physical treatment,
17% lost his house, I am one of them,
15% separated from his partner,
10% did a suicide attempt and
8% went bankrupt. I am one of them.

But in spite of all this, only 16% said they would pass on whistleblowing the next time. It is not just politicians who, with the exception of a few outspoken political representatives, consistently refuse to tackle the crimes of the pharmaceutical industry and as you noticed I didn't quit.

Fighting the system Pharmaceutical plant Merck, Sharp & Dome MSD

The heads of the institutes that are the home bases of whistleblowers also prefer to look the other way, because they have to defend their own interests. 

Pharmaceutical plant Merck, Sharp & Dome MSD selected the doctors who asked critical questions about Vioxx, introduced by Merck in 1999 as an effective, safer alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of pain associated with osteoarthritis. 

It was subsequently found to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and withdrawn from the worldwide market. The company put pressure on whistleblowers through faculty deans, often hinting at the withdrawal of research funding.

Glaxo Smith Kline GSK

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency or MHRA protects the monopolies of the billion-dollar pharmaceuticals (who charge, eg. £40,000 for a round of chemotherapy poison), and ruthlessly close down inexpensive, effective treatments wherever it can. 

Two giant figures, Ian Hudson CEO and Gerald Heddell Director are from Glaxo Smith Kline, the world’s second-largest pharmaceutical company, are now facing justice. 

After manipulating medical research and regulatory agencies worldwide, they Hijacked the complete medical system. Many organizations for instances asked to sign a petition in order to disband the British Medical Health and Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Moreover, not only the MHRA has been hijacked but worldwide almost all regulatory institutes and its boards have been infiltrated and controlled by Big Pharma. This corrupt board has no right to be in charge. They abuse their positions to make the Regulatory Agencies do the exact opposite of what it was intended for, which was to protect us from Big Pharma.

What credibility does the MHRA have?

Recent events have proven that MHRA is not a watchdog; it is a pussycat that purrs in front of the pharmaceutical industry and does what it is told. It has an incestuous relationship with the big pharma and has a close association with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. It has a disgraceful recent record.

We can look with gratitude to the work, not of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency protecting the public, but to people such as Sarah Boseley of The Guardian for her exposé of the organisation, to the television programme “Panorama” and to Richard Brook of Mind, who courageously resigned from the MHRA in disgust at its activities.

It is a matter of enormous importance that, in recent history, the regulator is not protecting the 25,000 people who suffered heart attacks and the 7,000 who died from taking a painkilling drug for arthritis that was withdrawn by Merck Sharpe and Dohme after being promoted by the regulator.

The MHRA, the UK Drug Safety Agency, falsified vaccine safety data, putting Millions of Children at serious risk.

Glaxo Smith Kline’s (GSK) Cervarix HPV vaccines for cervical cancer: The MHRA systematically tampered with 6000 reports of adverse reactions to declare the vaccine safe. The MHRA’s Director Gerald Heddell and CEO Ian Hudson are now both ex GSK.

Because of the above-mentioned events a British House of Commons Health Select Committee Report declared; “In view of the failings of the MHRA, we recommend a fundamental review of MHRA.” Regulators’ trail of deception has been exposed by Andrew Miller, the chairman of a parliamentary select committee because he stated; “A trail of deception has been exposed in the system.”

Yes, the Regulatory Agency MHRA was under fire amid calls for a shake-up of the regulatory system. After the scandal of device regulation in the UK came onto the surface because in two editorial comment articles, the journal’s boss, Richard Horton, referred to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s ‘paralysis and inability to correct the failings of a severely-flawed system.’ 

He claimed the decision of the coalition government to open the NHS up to competition would only increase the dangers of unsafe devices getting onto the market.”

Furthermore, Horton stated: “The MHRA’s mission is ‘to enhance and safeguard the health of the public by ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are acceptably safe.’ The MHRA is, by its own admission, unable to fulfill this mission.

MHRA, The Seroxat killer: Parmjit Dhanda, MP, Gloucester.

According to MHRA, The Seroxat killer: Parmjit Dhanda, MP, Gloucester, is asking the Government why they allowed Dr. Ian Hudson, the MHRA CEO, to take part in the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA)’s review of Seroxat, an antidepressant. 

As well as working as worldwide safety director for GSK – the manufacturers of Seroxat (Paxil, Paroxetine)– from 1999 until 2001, Dr. Hudson acted as a witness for the defense in a trial in which Seroxat was accused of triggering a man’s violent and suicidal behaviour. So nothing seemed to change.

MHRA conceals Seroxat causes suicide

It is publicly known the MHRA had information in its possession for more than a decade that high doses of the anti-depressant Seroxat (Paroxetine) can lead to aggression and thoughts of suicide. 

But instead of revealing the truth to the 17,000 people taking high doses and the other half-million Britons on a safer dose, the MHRA sat on its findings. Astonishingly, some people were actually threatened with legal action by Professor Kent Woods, chief executive of the MHRA.

Doctor Ben Goldacre and his book Bad Pharma

“The MHRA had shredded all its data on the SSRI antidepressants Fluoxetine and Paroxetine, which cause depression and suicide, even though they had seen many scandals with hidden data. 

Paroxetine was the largest investigation the MHRA had ever conducted; after four years criminal charges were considered against its manufacturer, GSK. But MHRA directors Ian Hudson and Gerald Heddell are both from GSK; the criminal charges never happened.

The MHRA is GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis Pasteur, Merck, Sharpe, and Dohme. A Sunday Express investigation found that nearly a third of the 181 experts who sit on the Medicines Control Agency (MCA, now the MHRA) committees are linked to Glaxo Smith Kline, Aventis Pasteur or Merck, Sharpe and Dohme. 

The MCA has continued to endorse the triple measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) jab despite concerns linking it to autism and stomach disorders. But the extent of the MCA members’ financial ties to MMR manufacturers raises questions about potential conflicts of interest.”

Licensed drugs are the number 4 killer of mankind

The MHRA’s big brother, the USA’s FDA, admits drugs, i.e. those the FDA and MHRA license, kill scores of thousands. That’s what happens when the regulator is controlled by the drug companies. The MHRA conceal this.

The MHRA is infiltrated by Big Pharma

By infiltration, the pharmaceutical companies have taken over completely the regulation of pharmaceutical medicines in the UK. The most powerful of the groups involved in the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), like the CDC, the agency responsible for licensing according to Martin Walker, author of Dirty Medicine.

The MHRA is criticised for failing to adequately regulate implants with grim consequences for some patients. While the board contains retired senior executives from AstraZeneca and Merck Sharp & Dohme, it includes no one from a patient group, or any other body representing people whose health could be damaged by its decisions.

The web of unelected bodies functions as a kind of shadow government, drafting and enforcing policies, disbursing money, regulating, or failing to regulate business, quietly, unobtrusively, without effective public scrutiny or restraint. When it is unbalanced, crawling with conflicts of interest, it makes a nonsense of democracy.

The House of Commons

The House of Commons calls for reform of the weak Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) that is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The MHRA repeatedly fails the public interest; is appalled that the 20,000 victims of birth defects arising from the use of sodium valproate (Epilim) have been denied legal aid while American parents have already received compensation.

It recalls that there were 2,000 victims of Thalidomide in the UK and only 20 in the US; congratulate the US regulator. 

The Food and Drug Administration revealed that 60,000 deaths had resulted from the use of the anti-arthritis drug Vioxx while no alarm sounded because of the MHRA’s defective system of reporting drug side-effects; commends the US’ massive fine on Glaxo Smith Kline of $3.5 billion for suppressing negative results of drug trials. 

Jeremy Hunt: How clean is he under the most corrupt health system in the United Kingdom?

Jeremy Hunt: How clean is he under the most corrupt health system in the United Kingdom?

While no action has been taken here for identical misdemeanors; and believes that the UK should be protected by a fully independent regulatory authority liberated from financial dependence on the pharmaceutical industry.

This was signed by 15 MP’s including Jeremy Corbyn. If they had carried the motion though, countless thousands of lives would have been saved.

Cancer Survival Rates in Britain are worst of Western Europe

Finally, The Daily Telegraph effectively proved what a disaster the MHRA is for the UK. The European Journal of Cancer did a study on 20 million EU patients. 
Jeremy Hunt, at the time, is the Minister of Health ultimately in charge of the MHRA. 

He allows Big Pharma to control all his health departments, not just the MHRA. That’s far worse than just slovenly or incompetent. He’s responsible for 200,000 unnecessary deaths every year. He should resign.

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