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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Ebola is a biological weapon being tested in Congo in search of a cure vaccine to generate profit

Ebola is a biological weapon being tested in Congo in search of a cure vaccine to generate profit 

Global mortality figures are used to generate fear for Aids and Ebola and to justify the obligation of vaccines

How much more do we need on the Democratic Republic Congo to fully understand the position of the Congolese people? Aids, Ebola, Nodding Disease, civil wars, corruption and interfering multinationals who excavate and plunder the country and pay bribes to politicians.

And now, in May 2018, DR Congo launches its first Ebola vaccination programme and aid workers are racing to spread awareness. The WHO rolls out his experimental Ebola vaccine in DRC while at the same time anti-Kabila protesters are being shot dead.

Fighting between government forces and regional militia in the Congo's central Kasai province has created a "perfect storm of poverty, deprivation, and conflict for the most vulnerable children," UNICEF said in a report.

Up to 400,000 children are at risk of starving to death in the Democratic Republic of Congo unless humanitarian aid efforts are ramped up, the UN's children's agency has warned.

It is logical that children in poor countries have poorer health, and that the disease and mortality rates there are much higher than in rich countries. It is also logical that in the 19th-century children in the western countries had a poorer health, and infant mortality was high.

So we all know extreme poverty and poor health are inextricably linked. Unhealthy food, contaminated drinking water, poor hygiene, child labor etc. are the cause of poor health and high infant mortality.


Children, wherever they live in the world, need the following to stay healthy;

Clean drinking water: ----- impossible for the African continent
Health-full food:-----  impossible for the African continent
Fresh air: ----  impossible for the African continent
Sufficient rest: --- impossible for the African continent
Enough movement: ---impossible for the African continent
A roof over their heads: ---  impossible for the African continent
Parents: ---- there are estimated 52 million orphans in Africa

The decrease in severity and the prevalence of infectious diseases go hand in hand with resolving extreme poverty. In western countries, clean drinking water, improved nutrition, and better living conditions have led to diseases that many victims demanded without ever being vaccinated against them (cholera, for example) - other diseases have declined sharply.

Teething problems were not dangerous anymore before the National Vaccination Program started. For example mumps, measles, and rubella died in the year before the introduction of the vaccine against them in the Netherlands 1, 1, and 0 children respectively. 

In fact, there was no need for vaccinations but ordinary things such as food, water, fresh air and parents who take care of there children. We all know what happened to Africa.....

Pharmaceutical vaccine factories

In 2016, pharmaceutical multinationals made a profit of 24 billion dollars alone on the sale of vaccines. This market is growing very fast. According to the report 'Global Human Vaccines Market 2016-2020', the profit in 2020 will be up to 61 billion dollars. The huge profits made on medicines and vaccines make this industry a powerful, but unfortunately also corrupt industry.

No one has presented the problem of 'Big Pharma' so irrefutably, systematically and unscrupulously as the Danish professor Peter Gøtzsche. The pharmaceutical industry is guilty of criminal practices on a systematic scale. 

The large pharmaceutical companies cover up research results, conceal unwanted side effects, buy doctors, infiltrate refresher courses, corrupt patient organizations, place deceitful advertisements and deceive journalists via ghostwriters. 

They earn billions with their dubious pills by lying about the costs of development and production. "Says Bert Keizer in the preface of 'Deadly medicine' by Peter Gøtzsche.

And almost all governments choose to do business with companies that have a criminal record. The business community informs policymakers about new vaccines. But does the government monitor the integrity of business?

Pharma giant Pfizer

Pharma giant Pfizer was fined 2.3 billion in 2009 because it confessed that it had; "provided incorrect information with the intention to commit fraud and mislead." Pfizer is the producer of NeisVac-CTM the C vaccine. 

GlaxoSmithKline GSK

GlaxoSmithKline made a 3 billion dollar settlement in 2011 because the company advertised unapproved applications of its drugs, including Wellbutrin, Paxil, Advair, Avandia, and Lamictal.

GSK is the manufacturer of Infanrix hexa® the vaccine against DKTP, Hib and Hep B that babies get at the age of 2 months, 3 months, and 4 months. And from Boostrix® Polio the DPTP vaccine that children receive at the age of 4 years.

GSK is also the producer of Synflorix®, conjugate vaccine, the vaccine that is injected at 2 and 4 months and 11 months. Furthermore, GSK is the producer of Nimenrix, the MenACWY vaccine. 

Sanofi Adventis 

In 2009, Sanofi Adventis paid more than $ 95 million to settle a fraud charge because the company had provided incorrect information about the price of multiple drugs. 

Sanofi adventis is the producer of Act-Hib®, Revaxis®, Stamaril®, Typhim VI®, Vaxigrip® Act-Hib®, and Revaxis® are children's vaccines. Sanofi Pasteur - an affiliated company is the producer of M-M-RVaxPro® - the BMR vaccine given at the age of 14 months and 9 years.

Who can give us one reason why we could trust companies that misbehave in the safety of medicines with regard to the safety of vaccines?

Brandy Vaughan is an ex-pharma employee who is now trying to warn people about the unscrupulous practices of large pharmaceutical companies. In the case of transparent data/information, every factual statement is substantiated with a source reference accessible to parents. 

Transparent information means: verifiable for the reader. The 'regular' information that parents receive is rarely transparent. Regular information has a purpose. The government wants 95% of the parents to make the same choice. Regular information is pro-vaccines and 'based on trust'. The sources are not easily accessible to parents and therefore not verifiable.

The criterion of a follower is that he or she does not think critically or does research. A follower trusts others. Parents who follow think that vaccination is mandatory or do it 'because everyone does it'. They assume that the doctor knows (better) because he studied for it. 

And that the government has the best for our child. Doctors who follow know everything they need to know to administer vaccines. They trust/follow the policy. But journalists who follow do not do their own research, but trust / follow the government health agencies. They post press releases.

Then you have the doubters: people who often feel that 'it is not right'. They have questions; search for objective science, sources, substantiation. They are parents who take their intuition seriously. They are investigative journalists like us. 

They are so-called self-employed doctors who are no longer (fully) behind the national vaccination programmes. The criterion of a 'doubter' is that he or she thinks and does research. What they discover confirms their feeling and/or worries them!

Finally, you have well-informed people, they have found the answers to their questions. They are independent scientists with logical explanations for vaccination damage as we described on our blog 'Secrets of Aids and Ebola Facts Journal.'

We and they are doctors who realize, and in some cases publicly, they just like they are poorly informed, just like parents. They are parents for whom the piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. Shortly put, people who have abandoned old thinking about vaccines and infectious diseases and want to support the health of children in a different way. 

Often they realize that as long as we do not get into the action ourselves, many children will become victims of vaccines. Since the regular media has chosen the established order, an alternative news network has emerged to spread 'the new way of thinking' about vaccines.

As far as Africa is concerned, how stupid can you be as WHO, UNICEF and well-educated doctors and nurses, with politicians intertwined pharmaceutical industry to put (contaminated) vaccines into children in poor countries with poorer health and a diminished immune system? 

Yes, we know why the mortality rate in Africa is high. It is because of extreme poverty and poor health which are inextricably linked. Unhealthy food, contaminated drinking water, poor hygiene, child labor these are the real figures together with poor health leading to high infant mortality.

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