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Sunday, May 27, 2018


Big Pharma is committing crimes against humanity with impunity

Big Pharma is committing crimes against humanity with impunity

According to Donald Trump and Tim Bolen, “Big Pharma is the enemy of America," but the writers of the health blog 'Secrets of Aids and Ebola Facts Journal," want to know what about journalists?

Knowing the criminal activities of the pharmaceutical establishments, the corrupt American politicians, and their so-called African counterparts, Big Pharma CEO's should have been thrown into prison deep down underground of a leaking sewage line coming from the leprosy ward. 

At least this is the opinion of “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen, considered by many to be expert in the politics of healthcare, to testify in both State and Federal Courts. 

To a certain extent, we agree with him but there is more to tell and most certainly about corrupt and amateurish journalism.

The Pharmaceutical establishment Controls the Liberal Media

How well is the media working for the medical and pharmaceutical establishments? And how credible are journalists as a whole? We all know what is going on in Africa, including medical experiments and vaccine trials on human beings, except journalists pretend they don't know. 

Why don't journalists accept the fact that the sale of newspapers is decreasing daily? In fact, there will be a time that newspapers will disappear because they will be overtaken by social media and blogs, such as ours.

Some facts for journalists to think over

Dear journalists, 70% of the advertising during the Main Stream Media (MSM) is from Big Pharma as you well may know. There is no question that Big Pharma controls every subject, concept, word, gesture, point, background imagery and many more of the News Agencies. 

Yes, they do know, we know it and you should know that Big Pharma makes a profit out of the misery of ordinary helpless people, who either buy the drugs or used to test your drugs, like what is taking place in Africa at the moment. 

It is Big Pharma that directs the constant attack on president Trump, and hence, the American people who elected him to fix problems, including health care. In fact, when Big Pharma continues this way, it's necessary to shut them down completely and to face justice at the criminal court.

Trump is Dealing With Big Pharma

Every day we receive direct information from the White House, while President Trump and some representatives are following our blog. Because of that advantage, we know the American Congress most certainly will not help dissidents like us in any way to fight Big Pharma. 

Moreover, 399 of 435 US Representatives and 97 of 100 US Senators wallow in 2016 election cycle Big Pharma cash. Journalists are you there?

As president Donald Trump stated about Big Pharma: “They contribute massive amounts of money to political people.” Trump said this during an impromptu news conference, turning to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was standing by his side.

 “I don’t know, Mitch, maybe even to you.” So nobody can be trusted anymore and most certainly not journalists who made profits out of Big Pharma advertisements and otherwise.

So what actions does Trump undertake?

In our opinion, we know at the moment Donald Trump goes out to the all American States and enlists their Attorney General’s help to force Big Pharma to its knees delivering a new message; “There’s a New Sheriff in Town.”

When you get 48 of 50 State Attorney Generals to sue the same company all at once, for sure “Big Pharma” gets the message.  In fact, there are then 49 new Sheriffs in town including Mr. Trump himself. Now is the time to attack Big Pharma because the perfect time has arrived. 

When we raid their offices, and homes, with agents and police, even Big Pharma gets the idea that all that money spent on Congress and the liberal media isn’t going to protect them now.

Believe us right now there are Big Pharma Executives wondering how much Trump knows about their own participation in the liberal media and their briberies. 

But what Trump do know is what Fox News told us in their October 31, 2017 article titled: “Jepsen Expands Investigation Into ‘Pervasive’ Price-Fixing By Drug Companies.”

There is a  matter of fact, as Connecticut and 45 other states are expanding their investigations into alleged conspiracy and price gouging by at least 18 generic drug companies, state Attorney General George Jepsen said last year. 

The latest legal actions include lawsuits against 12 additional drug companies, bringing the number of generic firms involved to eighteen. Attorney General Jepsen said that, for the first time in the multi-state probe being led by his office, two drug company executives have been targeted as defendants in lawsuits. 

His firmest statement is; “Every time we kick a door in, we make new discoveries.” Hello CNN, FOX, and journalists alike are you there?

Moreover, Attorney Jepsen said the number of generic drugs involved in the investigations has also risen, from the original two medicines to fifteen. He said the collusion among companies increased some generic drug prices for consumers by as much as 1,000 percent. 

According to him consumers “have been paying exorbitant prices they shouldn’t have to pay and many of the drugs involved provide significant help to people to live.”

Generic drugs are a $75 billion-a-year industry in the U.S. Alone

The original state lawsuits alleging that the companies involved entered into illegal conspiracies in order to unreasonably restrain trade, artificially inflate and manipulate prices and reduce competition” for two drugs: doxycycline hyclate, delayed-release, an antibiotic, and glyburide, an oral medication for diabetes.

“We allege in this new complaint that the defendant companies’ collision was so pervasive that it essentially eliminated competition from the market for these 15 drugs in its entirety.

The writers of this health blog, 'Secrets of Aids and Ebola Facts Journal' have written before; “We the People” neither need the American Congress nor corrupt or amateur journalists to revise world health care by attacking Big Pharma and bribed newspapers. 

There are perfectly good other ways and our blog is one of them... Nevertheless, it's time honest people do understand what Big Pharma and politicians are capable of in the world and more specifically in Africa.

The pharmaceutical establishment is quite able to perform criminal medical experiments on human beings. Since medical experiments on humans are no longer possible in the western world and America. Africa now solves the problem. 

Yes, Africa is the only continent at the moment easy to penetrate, and the people used as guinea pigs because of the corruptible nature of their leaders. 

The vaccine will always be tested in Africa because the corrupt leaders have it possible. It's only fools and stupid African leaders will allow vaccine tests in their countries. What doesn't happen in the advanced and developed countries happens in Africa because the leaders are stupid.

They approve everything including vaccine trials because the similar corrupt pharmaceutical companies through politicians give bribes to African leaders, who finally allow their citizens used as guinea pigs to test vaccines.

African leaders pretend they are helping Africans but they are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothes.

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