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Sunday, May 20, 2018


An Ebola victim being carried away

An Ebola victim being carried away

African leaders should know by now that even though Ebola has appeared in only a few African countries, it has already affected the entire African economy and the tourism industry because of the negative articles the European and American newspapers are writing about Africa.

People are scared to visit Africa, yet, I haven’t even read anywhere in African newspapers about leaders assuring the safety of people who want to visit an African continent.

Certain diseases didn't occur because of poverty. Thanks to independent health writers and scientists, including Johan Van Dongen, Dr. Wolf Geisler,  Leonard G. Horowitz, Yoichi Shimatsu, Susanne Posel etc,  sacrificing their lives to expose the American government for testing Aids and Ebola in Africa.

In the name of democracy, there is no longer room for the American government to continue giving support to the corrupt African leaders, which enables them to use Africans as guinea pigs for experimentation and the killing of innocent Africans with bio-weapons.

America is the most oppressive and corrupt government which has caused so pain, suffering, and harm to humanity than any country in the world. They continue to kill, bully and commit medical crimes but one person wouldn't tolerate that nonsense and he is the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) claimed an aide to ex-President Reagan informed them the US had invented a progenitor of Ebola virus "for the purpose of launching a biological warfare," and chose Africa as a testing ground. We already know that because American medical writer, Susanne Posel, also revealed in her article “US governments project for global depopulation.”

In Accra, Ghana

In my recent visit to Accra, Ghana, on August 19, 2017, I spoke to a number of people, including Ghanaians, Liberians, and Nigerians at the Kasoa Market, about the Aids and Ebola. You'll never know the mind of people until you interact with them.

Many people in The West and America, portray Africans as stupid and ignorant; without a slight knowledge, Africans are not only the toughest creatures on earth but also intelligent and conscious about their surroundings. 

Let's take, for example, thousands of years ago before the white man came to Africa, even though the malaria vaccine wasn't yet discovered our ancestors survived the harsh continent when thousands of white people couldn't survive the Whiteman's Grave, a name given to Africa because of the high death rate of the Europeans.

Our parents walk long distances to their farms and the hunters bring home deer and other animals home for the meals. Despite how tough it was those days with poor educational and health facilities, there were no diseases called Aids and Ebola, until in the eighties when Aids starts killing Africans and African-Americans at the same time.

Then in 1976, a dangerous and deadly disease, more powerful than Aids, called Ebola attacked villagers living close to River Ebola in Congo, hence, the name Ebola. From 1976, Ebola went to sleep, then from Congo, the disease probably board a flight or went by sea and appeared in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, in 2014. Is this story logical as you read?

According to the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control, primates, bats, and monkeys are responsible. Oh! My God, what a lie? If monkeys and bats are responsible why Congo, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia weren't depopulated a long time before 2014?

The US government and African leaders must be very careful about the biological weapons they are testing in Congo and already tested in those West African countries, while they keep on deceiving Africans that bats and monkeys are responsible. There is time for everything because too much of everything is bad.

Even though Ebola has appeared in only a few countries in Africa, it has affected the whole African tourism because the media has ruined the image of the entire African continent to the extent that some people believe they will get Ebola in any African country they visit. 

Africa, there is nothing I can say more than  "Be Careful" because if Ebola begins to spread from country to country like Aids, the entire continent is doomed forever. Our businesses, economies, and infrastructures will be grounded and nothing can put us back on the right track.

There will be a time, my articles will bear a great testimony over how we did our best to fight and educate Africans about the destruction the US government, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control have for Africa but we were ignored and taken as fools.

If the two diseases were from monkeys, bush meat, and bats, why Africa wasn’t depopulated in the early stages? These are some of the questions I will leave behind for you to answer and stop mocking themselves that Aids and Ebola were cursed by God since some typical African illiterates believe in this nonsense.

The financial aid from Europe and America to African leaders can't help Africa, firstly because of corruption and secondly, the impact of destruction in Africa at the moment can't be fixed with the next twenty to fifty years. That's exactly what they want and they have got us.

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