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Saturday, April 7, 2018


The Bible clearly teaches that society will degenerate in the end times, becoming as evil as it was in the days of Noah

The Bible clearly teaches that society will degenerate in the end times, becoming as evil as it was in the days of Noah

Read the book of the Revelation and you'll find out that there are evil people among us in the likelihood of men. There are thousands of people living that have nothing to do with the leaders of this world because many are pure evil.

Frankly speaking many would prefer to wave at a monkey or a camel at the zoo than at world leaders such as Trump, George Bush, Tony Blair, Theresa May or any member of a royal family.

In the song 'Talking Blues,' by the reggae legend Bob Marley, he said: "I am going to take one step more because I feel like bombing a church, now that you know that the preacher is lying."

It's not the preacher alone who is a liar but also politicians, officials of the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, the United Nations and the FDA.

Politicians and the aforementioned organizations are deeply corrupt to the extent that it worth to ask if human beings have to continue to trust and depend on them and host of individuals society think they are 'messiahs,' but actually dangerous to society.

The fact that the corrupt and criminal politicians pretend they don't know what is going on in the establishments of the WHO, CDC, FDA, the UN and the pharmaceutical companies make the situation more dangerous.

Early 2014, an African lawyer close to the former Liberian leader, Charles Taylor, told some Sierra Leoneans in Antwerp that the American Government has signed a certain deal with the leaders of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea.

He further adviced us to watch carefully something terrible will happen in those countries. Few months after saying that Ebola erupted in those three countries in West Africa, under Obama administration.

Like the Aids situation, world leaders covered up the Ebola hemorrhage fever crime in West Africa without a word. They quickly ban all flights from those countries to any part of Europe and America to avoid the spread of the disease, crippling the economy of the countries.

Till now, Sierra Leoneans, Guineans, and Liberians haven't yet recovered from this medical crime the US government committed against poor innocent people to fulfill the US government's project for global depopulation.

As suffering, desperation, and death take its toll on the poor citizens of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, world leaders are quiet including the so-called royal families in Europe. How can people be so cruel?

In a state of confusion, the World Health Organization intentionally delayed for the victims to die. Why is the world so cruel? Above all, how do you expect people who know about all those crimes to give respect to world leaders or a member of a royal family?

The corrupt Obama administration like all the previous governments was able to silence the leaders of the Ebola-stricken countries with a huge amount of money. 

Ellen Sirleaf of Liberia, Alpha Condé of the Republic of Guinea, and Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone betrayed their countries and accepted the money the US government gave them and remain silent. 

The leaders forget that whatever evil thing one does you'll surely pay for it. Due to the 'Ebola-corruption,' Ellen Sirleaf Johnson's party lost and George Weah, a former AC Milan footballer became the president of Liberia.

In another development, the same Ebola-corruption has pushed out the former president of Sierra Leone, Bai Koroma's party from power, paving the way for a former rebel leader, Maada Bio to become the country's new president. 

The world is watching what will happen in the Republic of Guinea.
African leaders are all criminals too because they were silent on crimes the US government committed to accepting a bribe. 

Let those who want to worship these evil people continue to do so but like other people who know the kind of people, they are we will not kotow for them until we go down our graves.

They are pure evil, without conscience, and remorse. The number of people they have deliberately killed will continue to haunt them and their countries for the rest of their lives and the indelible blood stain of the victims they murdered will be in their palms forever.

It's not an exaggeration, some devils have been thrown down from heaven or born by women to be among us in the likelihood of men and women to kill innocent people and destroy this world.

The payment for the sins of these evil people shall also be inherited by their children and great, great-grandchildren because the seed they planted has germinated and becomes a bumper harvest.

Those who are wise have already seen what's taking place in the world today which can't be compared to any period in human history.

Apart from the world economic depression, the system will collapse, the false media will also collapse. Many more will lose their jobs, wealth, and they will commit suicide all because of the evil seeds politicians and the corrupt organizations have planted.

Greed, hypocrisy, lies, and the thirst for power have inspired the man to dominate man to his injury, the result is uncontrollable calamities

Greed, hypocrisy, lies, and the thirst for power have inspired the man to dominate man to his injury, the result is uncontrollable calamities

Who cares about the use of poisonous nerve gas on the British soil when they are equally evil like those responsible? 

Those who care are criminal themselves and have committed so much crime in Africa to the extent that they lack a good sleep.

Whatever faith one practices, he must be strong and stand firm because like a grass people will wither and like a plant, they are going to be cut down.

Those who trust in God will find new strength each day to survive this wicked and evil system. 

If you are a wise person take this blog seriously or laugh about it.

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