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Monday, April 30, 2018


WHO and UNICEF are corrupt institutions which have deceived the world

WHO and UNICEF are corrupt institutions which have deceived the world

Many times we examined the British and American roles in developing diseases into biological weapons and its antidotes into commercial products and dangerous vaccination programs.

This article examines the dead of Sudanese youngsters as a consequence of a major vaccine campaign in South Sudan, conducted and guided by the World Health Organization WHO and the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF.

The vaccination program was implemented by the Sudanese Ministry of Health authority, Riek Gai Kok, and UNICEF executive director Anthony Lake; who has an ideal career background for the post of protecting children worldwide.

The Director of immunization at the National Ministry of Health of South Sudan, in May last year urged all parents to take their children for its planned measles vaccination. Measles is a disease characterized mainly by fever, rash, and cough.

The Sudanese Ministry of health, with support from UNICEF and World Health Organization, conducted a countrywide follow-up measles vaccination campaign from the 3 to 11 of May 2017. The exercise targets children between 6 months and 5 years. 

The Director of the Expanded Program on Immunization at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Laku Kirbak, told journalists that his ministry is targeting 2.3 million children to be vaccinated by next month.

During an official statement by Director Laku he announced; “We ask the parents that even though your child was vaccinated and is within the range; the age range, you have to take him or her to the vaccination center to receive the vaccination.” 

He also said that the vaccination will take place in all the health facilities and temporarily designated areas. It goes without saying there was a lot of skepticism under the population because of earlier outbreaks of HIV and Ebola after vaccination campaigns in the last century.

But UNICEF and the World Health Organization said the vaccines were safe and procured from a pre-qualified manufacturer, while the medical personnel was well equipped and highly qualified.

What UNICEF and WHO didn't tell the parents

Almost directly after vaccinations as a consequence, fifteen children died in South Sudan after receiving the contaminated measles vaccines that had not been properly refrigerated and were mixed using the same syringe for four days. 

In addition to the blunders handling the vaccine, Health Minister Riek Gai Kok said that two children, aged 12 and 13, had been recruited to administer it under the eyes of  UNICEF and WHO officials.

An investigation showed that local officials failed to follow immunization guidelines during a four-day campaign to vaccinate around 300 people in the southeastern state of Kapoeta in May, Health Minister Kok said. "The team that vaccinated the children in this tragic event were neither qualified nor trained for the immunization," he added.

The campaign came amid a measles outbreak that had killed 70 children this year, the latest tragedy to strike the world's youngest nation, which has been gripped by civil war for over three years, affecting its ability to deliver decent health care. The country has also been affected by repeated bouts of cholera.

What does support from UNICEF and World Health Organization really mean?

According to a statement of Health Minister Kok, after the medical disaster; "A single reconstitution syringe was used for multiple vaccine vials for the entire four days of the campaign instead of being discarded after single use," referring to the device used to mix vaccines before injecting them with a separate syringe. 

But if this is the case then what does the support and guidance of  UNICEF and the World Health Organization really mean?

The only thing these organizations did was pointing to local health officials who failed to follow cold chain protocols. Even the reuse of the reconstitution syringe, absolutely obsolete during the AIDS era, causes it to become contaminated which in turn contaminates the measles vaccine vials and infects the vaccinated children.

The vaccines were stored in a building with no cold chain facilities for four days. Kok did not expand on the use of children to administer the vaccines, saying only: "Recruiting children of twelve and thirteen that is unacceptable but we are going to find out how it did happen." 

UNICEF and WHO are you blind or something? Didn't you learn from the mistakes during massive vaccination campaigns in the past?

The investigation, supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UN children's agency Unicef, determined that the children in the remote village of Nachodepele died from "the administration of a contaminated vaccine."

Another 32 children suffered similar symptoms of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea but recovered. According to the WHO, measles vaccines are freeze-dried and need to be reconstituted with a diluting agent just before being administered. The vaccine is supposed to be kept in the dark at between 2C and 8C.

WHO country director Abdulmumini Usman

"This year alone we have received 70 children (who have died) of measles. Vaccines are safe if (officials) follow the guidelines," said WHO country director Abdulmumini Usman.

Nearly two million people have fled South Sudan, which is also suffering a famine induced by the conflict. Tens of thousands of people have been killed in the fighting.

At least 15 children have died in South Sudan in a botched measles vaccination campaign

At least 15 children have died in South Sudan in a botched measles vaccination campaign

“Evidence gathered by the investigators indicates that the vaccination team did not adhere to the WHO safety standard-approved immunization safety standards,” said Dr. Riak. He added that the vaccinators were unskilled to administer the vaccines.

According to the writers of this blog, it's not only the vaccinators who were unskilled to administer the vaccines but also UNICEF and WHO acted like infants.

UNICEF and WHO, is it really true that Health Minister Riek Gai Kok said that two children, aged 12 and 13, had been recruited to administer it under the eyes of  UNICEF and WHO officials? If so, then this is in fact, an act against humanity that both organizations should be prosecuted.

This massive vaccination programme which is an ongoing process must come to an end immediately. We warned African leaders many times before about the criminal amateurism of both institutes but nobody seems to listen unless it is all deliberate.

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