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Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Depopulation agents or viruses such as Aids, Ebola, Zika have been detected therefore vaccines are doing the job undetected

Depopulation agents or viruses such as Aids, Ebola, Zika have been detected therefore vaccines are doing the job undetected

[Man is unable to take care of its affairs. Greed for power and wealth is unsatisfiable to the human psyche.]

I touched the subject of the Creator’s plans regarding our fate, I just want to point to the facts, of what is this secret or not so much secret anymore this NWO that our masters are building to enslave us all eventually.

And what is it have to do with one particular race or whatever it is really cannot be identified it’s not exactly a race anymore nor it is a religion, nor anything else classifiable.

It is not even Judaism to the full extent, but have some connection to this faith, even if the playing figures not practicing this faith, nor all who are practicing Judaism is partaker of this plot. Well, this should be quiet enough for a confusion. –Mystery anyone?

Touch whatever subject you may want, there is always a controversy, denials, confusion created either by ignorance or by purpose. So is this topic I would like to clarify as much as humanly I can, without any censorship or restriction by anyone.

I will start from the time of Abraham, his relationship with the Creator and of course this relationship was not of any selfish interests or that Abraham would have been any special child of the living God.

Abraham as his name was at the time Abram the Chaldean, was called out of his residence and with his wife, for a mission by a particular Deity. 

To him, it was promised to be a father of a great nation and from that nation, a deliverer will arise to deliver humanity from their entrapped  slavery or bond that the human race is  entrapped in hopelessly

With the condition of ‘If you listen to my voice and obey’. The deal offered was by none other than the Creator of all things. Here are many details to the story I just stick to the main point now.

A promise was given to him by God that ‘through your seed, all nations of the earth will bless themselves’ and according to the Apostle Paul this seed was proved to be Jesus Christ. He makes it clear that it was not seeds but a seed, in the singular. 

Here is a great twist to this day that the descendants of a nation of Israel as now are only the Jews are claiming that this promise is relating solely to them as a nation.

As history proved, they cast away the man who claimed that He is that seed, the long-awaited deliverer the Messiah. This should be the bases of the Christian faith but many times it is misrepresented. 

Now the Jews in majority are in belief as being indoctrinated by their teachers or Rabbi’s, that it is them, as a nation are the promise of God therefore stubbornly  claiming even by now 2000 years after Christ, never mind that great many of them not even out of this stock, but actually Khazars even Edomites and of different nations that’s joined the Jews even before Christ or being  converted to Judaism  hundreds of years after.

So where is the truth here? It is enough to say the facts that this mixture of races from Semites, to blue-eyed and blond Nordics, to a Negroid are claiming these privileges and thus many are working on within conspiracy with other Gentile entities on the plan to dominate the world population as of their special mission and entitlement. Thus the NWO.

Their plan is sinister, to say the least. First, you have to be mega rich in order to be accepted in some specific rank. You must agree with the plan and carry on with it regardless of anything.

The world population is around seven billion and it must be reduced by elimination, they believe. For this, the poisoning of everything from water, food, air and of course the big Medicine and Pharmacy is the best means to carry out their stealth mission by deceive people and loading them by toxic chemicals and pharmaceutics.

 And above all vaccinations from cradle to grave to everybody is now mandated and more and more ones getting created and added to the mandating lists without any restrictions. Questions are not allowed to be asked, just obey and turn up your sleeves.

All these things mentioned are so toxic and unnatural to the living body that at some point of time the human’s immune system just unable to eliminate these toxins and just collapsing in autoimmunity, or fatigue, cancer or just simply to die.

The load bearing is limited to all of us. Sooner or later in one form or another, the end is misery, suffering and or, premature death. I mentioned earlier that the Romans poisoned themselves with lead, to the point of mental retardation. 

Now in a similar situation, we are facing our endgame by mercury, aluminum salts weedkillers and other poisonings amongst others.

How do we do that? Look no farther than the cabal Elite, our invisible controllers mandated vaccinology. I do not wish to go into details what are the currently mandated quota, it is enough to pay attention of some concerned statisticians as the forecast if things are continuing at this rate, then by the year of 2035, every second child will be vaxx damaged and many retarded.

This is more than shocking, yet those in authority refusing to acknowledge this. They are not interested in autism and other disabling issues. What’s more, they are boycotting the mobs of the society, for a violent opposition, persecution, mockery of the affected families and children.

If you want to be a subject of ridicules and other violent vices, just mention vaccines, and you will learn very quickly to shut up. We are so deeply indoctrinated in vaccine dogmas that even to questioning it is a sin of horror. 

Yet it is only a dogma a baseless religious belief as a sort of magic, that if you are not subjecting yourself to it you will die of the most horrible diseases.

Mobs and Media demanding you to be imprisoned, even hanged for your crimes, if not comply. You are dirty, unclean, endangering the vaccinated ones with your filthy diseases. You ought to be ashamed! In their opinions.

Now I try to look at all or at least some of those goodies that our bodies just can not exist without, according to their beliefs. They like to use the expression of ‘Herd immunity’. 

As of if we are a livestock to them, a herd of beasts. And yes time is nearing when we will be in penned like livestock, as our freedom in every respect is eroding and we are more and more controlled, restricted even in our thinking’s.

If one is lucky enough to see and study the vaccine’s leaflet that the manufacturer is providing, but most likely than not you are denied such, you will find things like mercury. the most toxic mineral after uranium. Aluminum salts, a very toxic metal that wreck havoc with the macrophages of the immune system.

Zero weedkiller, antibiotics,  polysorbate 80, grinded glass, different carcogenic  nano particled chemicals, all  sorts of infecting viruses from all over the animal kingdom, wild and domestic, mice monkeys of various species, the known carriers of the SV viruses, known carcogenic’s, dog, pig, minced human aborted foetus, even humans waste of infected people, yes their shit is too valuable to be disposed, rather used in some vaccines in a hope that it may contain some of the valuable infecting viruses that caused the infection in the first place.

Reasoning that, oh, we weakened them down, you know with formaldehyde a known cancer-causing chemical. Then not to forget the enzyme,  that is secreted by cancer cells and highly infected viruses, that in order to self-defense that disables the host being utilizing the D vitamin against these nasties, it is called nagalese.

And so the list is going on and on. By the way, I really admire one of our real Gentlemen’s offer an Australian Jamie McIntire one million dollars who proves that vaccines are ‘safe and effective’. Nobody came forward to claim the offered price. Great is it not?

They rattling this mantra without any brains putting in gear, yet no evidence whatsoever. Another Australian educator making her Ph.D. on vaccines is a real thorn in the butts of the Australian corrupt leadership Judy Wilyman. 

She is brave and vocal about the corrupt medical-politics here and worldwide. How much lower can humanity sink than being cannibalistic and shit consuming, huh?

Now, if you will PROVE to me that these things and more in vaccines are good and necessary to us and that we are deficient of these, in order to be healthy,  after seeing you jabbing yourself with them I even I will roll-up my sleeves for a shot plus I will eat my hat too. But not before, count on that!

What is inoculation really and how it came about as an accepted and so highly touted panacea of our modern medicine? This practice according to old Eastern sources were practiced even in Imperial China in the first millennia our common era and in India,  the Middle East, where it came from to be introduced into European culture in a form of variolation in the 18th century.

Inoculation is really an occultism. The power of sanitation was not all that important as it is even today not widely appreciated by those, that went into these practices. I just cannot resist the thought that Mahatma Gandhi was being a Hindi, from India, reasoning in his days when he asked that how can you clean filth with filth? This is logic is it not?

To clean filth, you need clean water, not filth. And I wish to point out at this stage, that if we take the Biblical point of view of good health, wellness and prosperity the ancient Israelites lived under the Law of God. In it are many regulations way surpassing any human wisdom from God the Creator. I don’t go into all the details, enough is the fact that they understood the necessity of clean water.

Running water in order to keep themselves clean and thus prevent the spread of diseases, even quarantining the infected person or animal in order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Yes, as simple as that. And of course a healthy diet.

Those thousands of years old regulations even now with more knowledge and reasoning it is clearly cannot be debunked what God has provided to his people at the time in order to keep them healthy and fit. They were not commanded to practice variolation with fermenting pustules,  only Pagan nations were doing those things being alienated from God.

This is the history of the now world-famous vaccinology, with disastrous consequences. The panacea of modern Medicine! It was not all too long ago when Ignaz Semmelweiss recommended that Doctors should wash their hands in order to stop infecting patients with their dirty hands.  By his peers, he has declared a madman and they threw him in a mental asylum where he died shortly after.

Nice reward eh? Doctors! It was not all long ago but already out of the memory of most is the tobacco saga. Our dear caring physicians in full support of the health benefits of smoking tobacco even advertising themselves in promoting it like the AMA president wise advise ‘a packet a day keep the Doctors away.’ 

An abnormally high rate of vaccine injury, diseases, and death is taking place daily, yet politicians say there is nothing wrong

An abnormally high rate of vaccine injury, diseases, and death is taking place daily, yet politicians say there is nothing wrong

And now those kept promoting and profiting from the tobacco, are the people behind the big vaxx hoax. So much to trust just how much are they ‘caring’ for us!

Maybe it is timely to ask what to expect to happen in the next generation’s as a consequence of this barbaric practice if as it keeps going when 50% of the population will be unable to take care of themselves? What are they going to do with all these unfit poor wretched souls? Culling them? Think of that! What sort of dysfunctional society is that going to be?

 Is this is the answer to cull all the unfit, like the Nazis did? Is history going to repeat itself, except this time globally?  C’mon people do something. 

The politicians wo n’t back out easily, they have a nice cozy life and not liable for the crimes they are implementing. The Doctors are shit scared to speak-up even if they are aware of the crime they are made to commit to the Human Race.

How did we get into this mess in a first place!?  Oh, yes, the Illuminati  Now before I touch the following subject and if you feel that all this what’s been  said so far is all nonsensical, if you feel deep down in your heart that you are ok, that all this cannot be real, maybe you should just forget all the above and go back to your what you consider is  norm.

You see, I hate to enrage and upset people. Think for instance some speeches the late John F.Kennedy made really upset the Elite of his time by pulling back the blanket off them a bit among other things, he had to pay for it with his dear life. His assassination shrouded in mystery for eternity, perhaps.

Now, the nitty-gritty things about the ‘Big idea ‘ as George Bush senior speeches the New Word Order, the big idea he said is not for the faint-hearted.  Indeed it is not. 

To begin with, the unfolding Global issue as mentioned earlier, the Adam Weishaupt Jesuit professor of Law starting the underground movement by some influential and educated members soon they found to be opposed by the then governing intellect, being forced to go underground.

So the mushroom culture was well thriving without any obstacles. They infiltrated effectively the Masonic lodges and took over eventually. 

I’m not going to waste time with the Free Masonic agenda’s enough to say that this secretive organization became more of a speculative Masonic body, when you did not have to be a mason by trade(the famous cathedral and fortress builders) if you were willing and able to pay the membership fees you could become a member too.

In these gatherings, topics were introduced and accepted. Speculative exotic legends and fables from the East esoteric teachings the Crusades, the Knight Templar’s,  brought back with themselves returning from Jerusalem. 

Originating from as far as India, Persia, Babylon, Egypt, the Arabs, Jews, Gnostic teachings. Needless to say that people ’s dissatisfying and the murmur was legitimate as the Rulers and the Church’s dominion became intolerable, thus the plot to overthrow them.

At this point may we reminded of the bases of the Christian concept for a moment, when Jesus on earth, He taught the followers of how to pray to God, when being asked. Among others, he started to pray for God’s Kingdom to come to earth so as to be here too as in Heavens. In fact in ancient prophecies, He is prophesied as the Prince of Peace to be.

The Church interpreted that the Church and its authority is the Kingdom of God. If it really was, too bad for the earthlings!  Through the Inquisition, Bible was forbidden even who found out by the Church to possess one -as the printing became available- was risking his life to be burned in a stake with their Bible hanging in the neck.   

Far from any Christ-like treatment. They did these things and more in order to guard their power of dominion. Changes had to come and they came, but not for the better to the human race.

It came about,  that people started losing faith, patient, and tolerance for God. First the more educated, and coming down thru the ages to a less intellect even to the stupid ones. 

So here we are today. Christianity is the most versatile most confused religion. Full of dogma’s that the leadership had to create in order to keep their power that is more and more backfiring.

Judaistic leaders were very busy in these underground activities. As they refused to accept the Messiah they viciously fighting to this day against the messianic Christian concept. Now they see themselves as a nation or religion or whatever it may be, being the Messianism.

 Their guiding is the Babylonian Talmud, Cabbala or whatever they may prefer. So effectively they grafted their ideologies in this underground movement by the extremism of what is Zionism overpowering everything all together. 

The well-concealed agenda is to not just to destroy Christianity as it is desolated already as is today, but to eliminate all undesirable humanity., the Goyim, which is cattle in their lingo.

This is openly confessed by many Jewish Rabbis. Even to the point of sacrificing their own that they may found non-desirables to be in their ranks. Think of the Holocaust, which means sacrifice. 

And by this devious means, they are gaining such a sympathy and as they love crying victims all the time and they get away with any crime unimaginable for the average mind of Goyim.

All Jews are guilty of these crimes? No, they are just as victims as the rest of us. By turning against just any Jew is a terrible mistake. Their guilt is that not willing to see farther than their noses. This applies to the Gentiles too just as equally, by the way.

As long as people are stubbornly sticking to their accepted perverted beliefs, be the Jews, or Muslims or whatever sect of Christendom or Buddhism or whatever there is enslavement by those corrupting spiritual influences and peace and unity will never prosper. 

Man is unable to take care of its affairs. Greed for power and wealth is unsatisfiable to the human psyche.

A sign of stubbornness, pride in self. That  Apostle Paul, by the way among many truths, wrote also, that the whole world is lying in the power of the Wicked One. (Satan, the old rebelled son of God, also being the Ruler of the Air)

This is the deep source of vaccinology. The secret societies influencing through the multi-billionaire cabals, dictating the word Government policies  through the bribed Politicians and of course the Big Pharma and Medicine, in a misleading propaganda and fake science,  that this is the noblest act of humanity to save mankind from all the dreadful horrible diseases, like chicken pox, whooping cough, polio, seasonal flu, etc.

They are getting away with any crime against us since we are so grossly misled and frightened and really indifferent regarding these things. 

They brainwashed us so effectively to make sure that we never to wake up. And true, most of us will never wake up from this deception, it is too unpleasant and painful to accept and live to the reality. 

If you are familiar just how the Judas goat leading the obedient, unthinking flock of sheep even to the gates of a slaughterhouse and the sheep just following it, not realizing their doom. How sad an affair is this.

Our Politicians and their minions are the well trained (bribed) Judas goats.  As for those, that awake and trying to resist are demonized, ridiculed, persecuted to the extremities. The cabals cannot afford their deception to become a public knowledge.

They fear of losing their power and they cannot afford for a minute to slack off. That’s way are things as they are. The losses are in human terms are not counting to them. 

Nothing is too much for them to sacrifice, nothing. As for the conclusion, I would like to add what I feel is the reason is for all these things. Many sources that are aware of the evil power Elite’s agenda feel that we should revolt.

To overthrow the  Cabals. As I said earlier nor am I a prophet or a visionary nor am I an intellect, I’m just an average guy who’s seen enough, I try to add up all the bits of pieces of information’s and try to make some sense of the things, can conclude one and only thing.

We are in a deep,  deep mess. May God be merciful toward us and help us out by his way of deliverance. I try to put our situation in the perspective of the ancient nation of His. 

They disobeyed, they rebelled against Him, they practiced all kind of vices, that they learned from neighboring nations even sacrificing their children to Molek a false deity of war.

Finally, killing the promised Deliverer and yet would expect His blessings. I sadly feel that today our societies are just the same. Mankind did not learn anything.

For the ancients, the most dreadful enemy came and the people suffered grossly at the end they cried for deliverance, but the price they had to pay was very,  very high. It is all recorded in the scriptures.

 And again I remember the good advice of the Apostle Paul,  that those things had happened to them as a warning to us to whom the end of times has come near. 

Former American president G.WH. Bush is right, Americans will pull down democracy if the evil politicians do come to light

Former American president G.WH. Bush is right, Americans will pull down democracy if the evil politicians do come to light

We had hopes that perhaps the new leadership in the US may bring some changes through Trump’s Presidency, as there were some indications for things may get changed in the old corrupt system, like draining the ‘Swamp’ of Washington DC.

Will anything come out of his promises or will he be like all previous Presidents? Or will they eliminate him too by whatever means necessary to keep the darkness undisturbed?

These are the things yet to be seen and let’s pray for the best to all of us wishing and desiring peace and justice to everyone.                                                                                            

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