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Saturday, March 10, 2018


The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has asked the British army to investigate the nerve gas attack on the former Russian spy because the agent is a bio-weapon

The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has asked the British army to investigate the nerve gas attack on the former Russian spy because the agent is a bio-weapon

Last Sunday, a 66-year-old former colonel in the Russian military intelligence, Sergei Skripal, was found unconscious along with his 33-year-old daughter.

According to the British media, the two remain in a critical condition under treatment for suspected exposure to an unknown substance.

British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, sternly denounced such actions and promised to step up its investigation into the possible poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter. 

These are some of the actions the British government undertakes to show the world that they care about humanity and health, therefore, those found guilty of putting other people’s life in risk must pay for the crimes.

Yet if the truth is given a chance to be part of our daily undertakings, you’ll be shocked to know the crimes the British government either supported or responsible for around the globe, especially Africa, which no one cares and the culprits responsible are enjoying impunity today.

Since from the time we launched this health blog, we have proved and revealed so many medical crimes the British, the US and the Netherlands governments, including the World Health Organization, joined hands together to inflict incurable and deadly diseases in the African population.

Even though many believe in what we write there are also doubting Thomases that find it hard to believe that such governments planned to depopulate blacks or exterminate black people from the surface of this earth. 

However, if you are an intelligent person and not a moron, then you need to ask yourself: WHY AFRICAN-AMERICANS AND AFRICANS HIT HARD BY HIV-AIDS AT THE SAME TIME if some uneducated ignorantly blame poverty in Africa responsible for both Aids and Ebola?

In most of our articles, we have clearly pointed out that bio-weapons such as Aids and Ebola were planted in Africa by the military for defending purposes. For example, the British military used Isosporosis, a virus from Isospora belli, as a bred diarrhea-causing weapon during the war operations.

It will be recalled that on Monday, December 5, 2016, we published an article entitled: HOW DELIBERATE AIDS INFECTION SUSPECT DR. CARSWELL ESCAPED FROM UGANDADr. Wilson Carswell, a member of the British armed forces escaped from Uganda after suspicion of deliberate Aids-infection. 

Dr. Wilson Carswell, escaped from Uganda and continued the deliberate Aids-infection in South Africa

Dr. Wilson Carswell, escaped from Uganda and continued the deliberate Aids-infection in South Africa

Note carefully, the culprit that escaped for his life in Uganda was a member of the British armed forces. A concrete evidence and a remarkable authenticity of our blog to declare that the military government is responsible for planting bio-weapons in Africa.

Now to summarise this topic, we wish the doubting Thomases will ask the British government: Why the British military called in to help police investigate the poisoning of ex-Russian spy? 

Firstly, a nerve gas product is a bio-weapon and secondly, the military in America (The US government) and the Western Europe military are responsible for the planting of bio-weapons in Africa.

The British and the Netherlands governments are responsible for Aids epidemic in South Africa. With the intention to depopulate or destroy Africa. The British government solely infested Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, with HIV-Aids, before independence in 1980.

In Uganda, the British government is responsible for bio-weapons nodding disease, Burkitt’s lymphoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, Aids, and HIV. All these crimes were committed clandestinely, therefore, many ignorant people think they were diseases caused by poverty in Africa.

It's really sad and above all the most shameful act on earth that a particular race, black people, have to be targeted, physically, mentally and medically, to experience such inhuman conditions when the colour of God is neither black nor white.

Yet they don't want to accept that their intention is to kill all black people from the surface of this earth despite all the articles revealing the crimes committed against black people in both America and Europe. Yes, the need to deny is necessary because they have failed miserably to achieve that goal. They couldn't kill us all.

The disturbing factor is crimes against black people were taking place both internally and externally, supported by the World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control and certain rich people, such as Bill Gates and Ted Turner.

Victims of bio-weapons around the globe

Victims of bio-weapons around the globe

During the Apartheid era in South African Wouter Basson, nicknamed 'Doctor Death', was the head of the 7th Medical Division of the South African army. He was the leader of 'project Coast' from 1981 to 1993.

This department, which was involved in the development and production of chemical and biological weapons, developed T-shirts with poison. This poison eventually caused fatal heart defects.

His department also commissioned a pill with a substance in it that would make black women infertile. Had Basson at that time had access to the CRISPR-cas method, this would have made his job a lot easier, to say the least.


Africans, African-Americans or black people in general, aren't stupid as many think they are. There is a time for everything. When the heart can't take it any longer politicians will laugh at the wrong side of their mouths. So they better watch out.

Finally, we have advice for the rich people who think the poor people have to die. If they are filthy rich and have nothing to do with their money, instead of killing innocent poor people, they must roll their money like cigars, light it and then smoke it. Idiots.



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