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Sunday, March 18, 2018


A Congolese child: A victim of slavery, deliberate disease infections and the use of medical experiments in the former Belgian-Congo

A Congolese child: A victim of slavery, deliberate disease infections and the use of medical experiments in the former Belgian-Congo

We know about black Belgian Aids patients in the former Belgian Congo, except those Belgians who are responsible. And there is no one who would dare to refute the story that Belgian scientists Thijs and Janssens experimented consciously in 1944 with a leukemia virus vaccine on Congolese children. 

Yet they did research in the mining town of Kilo, in the former Belgian Congo. Because in that 'double black' mining town a large part of the black population was employed in the gold and uranium mines of the Belgians earning money for the White King Leopold who killed over ten million blacks.

In those mines, uranium was extracted for the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Shortly afterward, both Belgians noticed a large number of diseases among the miners. 

In the fifties, independently, they investigated the connection between a lung infection, pneumocystis carinii pneumonia PCP and the occurrence of a reduced resistance to infectious diseases. 

Many of those miners became ill or died as a result of this lung disease as Italian soldiers did after firing ammunition which contains depleted uranium.

In a later stage, Thijs and Janssens also conducted research into the occurrence of PCP in Congolese children and found what they expected in the blood taken. A severe form of PCP was observed in many children. 

Thijs, in particular, studied the subject matter and, as one of the first, explained the relationship between the occurrence of PCP and symptoms that would later prove to be characteristic of patients with AIDS. 

This encouraged him to do even more intensive research, and in many patients, he discovered Kaposi's sarcoma, a chronic form of skin cancer that often occurs in AIDS patients and caused because of acceleration of the Cytomegalovirus.

In 1957 he confirmed with this finding what his colleague Janssens had already noticed two years earlier, namely: an extraordinarily high death rate among children of parents who had worked in the Kilo-mines. 

The children died massively of opportunistic infections that nowadays characterize AIDS. However, nobody also suggested a single suspicion about the possible consequences of coming into contact with the depleted uranium ore.

No, that is only done when an EL Al airplane with hundreds of kilos of depleted uranium crashes in the Amsterdam Bijlmermeer and the Bijlmer inhabitants become seriously ill. 

Even with this incident, everything is put in the spotlight despite a 'parliamentary inquiry' and medical examinations die on a wall of silence or mismanagement. 

This event proves how immature politicians can be but perhaps they are able to compare it with the findings of the Italian Parliamentary Committee and their conclusions about the use of uranium depleted bombs used in Iraq and elsewhere.

Moreover, German SS doctors who had infants with radioactive cow's milk contaminated with microorganisms during the Second World War are, of course, suspicious, even though they only stayed until after the war.

Then they started working with American pediatricians and the CIA in orphanages in Korea and Vietnam and on selected US populations. 

Yes, “smartness is indeed a form of stupidity”.

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