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Saturday, February 3, 2018


Some family members of victims killed in the Malaysia Airlines, about two-thirds of them were from the Netherlands

Some family members of victims killed in the Malaysia Airlines, about two-thirds of them were from the Netherlands

Justice ability in favour of accepting institutionalized untested forms of norms and values of science in order to unequivocally believe in science went wrong with me but luckily, three people in different fields of expertise, Dongen, Savage, and Geisler, (the writers behind this blog) will help to make things clear to the public hungry for the truth.  

The accepted teaching methods during my training at different universities forced me to comply compromising their better judgment and also systematically force me to capitulate under the board of professors pressure by making me what science prescribe what should be scientifically believed.

After Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Elizabeth Manning and Albert Einstein, we know what the world's secret services and the military, political, pharmaceutical and medical establishments are capable of. We now know the downing of Swissair SR111 and Malaysian MH17, for them was just a piece of cake.

What do Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Albert Einstein and Johan van Dongen have in common?

The answer to the question above is Autism and an IQ above 150! Once my professor Peter Soeters told me that I had something intangible that he could not lay hands on. My answer was; “Is it because of our different IQ perhaps? 

"Don't worry Peter I said, for I know smartness is a form of stupidity and someone in the universe with the most highest IQ too." 

"Peter, since there are quite a few different classifications, such as the Stanford-Binet Scale of Human Intelligence,  you have to use that as a reference. And according to this scale Peter, people who have a score higher than 145 are considered geniuses. It's for you to consider or decide if I am a genius or not.”

Moments later, I dragged them to court six times to fight the establishments and started further investigations about the depopulation of Africa with man-made diseases AIDS and Ebola.

Famous Aids scientists Jonathan Mann and Joep Lange

Jonathan Mann

Jonathan Mann, along with his wife Mary Lou Clements-Mann who was a noted AIDS researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, was heading to WHO's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, for scientific meetings on the global AIDS epidemic, when his life tragically ended in a plane crash.

The physician and epidemiologist began his work in the AIDS field in the early 1980's when he investigated the epidemic in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo.

His wife was also a leading member of the US Centers for Disease Control Advisory Committee on the Children’s Vaccine Initiative and the World Health Organisation’s steering committee for HIV vaccine development.

According to secret documents, Mann, the former director of the World Health Organization’s AIDS Program before the plane crash which brought the HIV research to a standstill, he revealed to his wife Mary, the truth about the AIDS epidemic, the vaccine and how to end the AIDS era.

Professor Mann had resigned from his position at the WHO in protest against the actions of the then WHO director-general Hiroshi Nakajima, and his handling of the AIDS crisis. He was credited with having made the AIDS issue into a global human rights issue.

Not only we, the writers of this blog see AIDS and Ebola as some kind of biological weapons of the 'Criminal Establishments,' aimed at population reduction, especially among African people. Thousands of other scientists and Nobel Prize Winners are declaring the same.

Royal Canadian Mountain Police officer Tom Juby

Royal Canadian Mountain Police officer Tom Juby, who wrote the book; “Twice as Far: The True Story of Swissair Flight 111 Airplane Crash Investigation” was convinced that the downing of Swissair SR111 was a committed crime. 

Besides that British writer Edward Hooper wrote the book; “The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS,” is also convinced that Aids is a man-made disease as counts also for our book, based on over forty years of my research; “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind.”

Then also the famous book of Wolff Geisler; a German medical doctor, about “Aids, Origin Spread and Healing”. All three books are underlined with tens of thousands of scientific articles published in the most leading scientific journals like the Lancet.

Moreover, strangely, the state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation did a documentary on Juby's book, then pulled it offline, even making it unavailable for purchase. Another interesting note is Edward Hooper’s website called Dr. Jonathan Mann as one of the many protagonists in the Origin of Aids Debate. 

The same way, when our blog  'Secrets of Aids and Ebola,' instantly became famous with thousands of enthusiastic readers visiting the blog daily, some unseen forces and authorities did everything to destroy the blog and avoid the spread of the right information pertaining Aids and Ebola.

Our social media accounts were neither blocked nor deleted and our visibility in search engines dropped drastically.

Mann's wife, at the time of her death, was the principal investigator of an AIDS vaccine trial sponsored by the U.S. government in several American cities, including Philadelphia. 

For the record, a trial of the same vaccine was about to begin in Uganda, and Mary Lou Clements-Mann was convinced about early data showing that the vaccine would be extremely effective against most strains of HIV found not just in North America but in Africa as well. But because of the downing of their plane, we never know. Or do we?

Hero Tom Juby

Within CBC Fifth Estate broadcast on September 16, 2011, it is described how retired Royal Canadian Mountain Police RCMP Sergeant Tom Juby had concerns during the Swissair crash investigation - that it had been declared an ‘accident’ pre-maturely within two weeks after the crash.

Juby presented findings, he warranted the crash to be treated as a criminal investigation. Police officer Tom Juby happened to be in charge of the Halifax Identification Section when the crash took place. 

He had experience with hundreds of homicide scenes. He also had an extensive background in aircraft and had more than a thousand hours flying in all kinds of small aircraft. 

Juby had investigated more than a dozen light aircraft crashes and also had a background in fire investigations and had investigated several hundred fire scenes.

His concerns were based on the presence of higher-than-expected levels of magnesium, a material commonly linked to incendiary devices such as constitutively named for the Twin Towers disaster.

The Transportation Safety Board TSB investigation team considered this information as ‘speculative’, and the RCMP’s reaction was to reprimand Juby.

The reaction of Tom Juby: “I have doubts about any theory that comes from undisclosed experts. However, regardless of the validity of these articles and his possible connection to the crash, a criminal investigation would have pointed fingers in the direction of the British MI6." 

That perhaps was sufficient grounds for pressure to be applied to ensure the outcome indicated a wiring accident. Had we known the backgrounds of the passengers, there might have been other directions in which to look and from which pressure was secretly applied. 

That is why passenger profiling is so important, yet it was not done in this investigation. Why not dear Tom?”  We managed to get this list and if you have had the knowledge we have now perhaps you could have brought your investigation to a satisfactory end.

Some members aboard Swissair SR111

Pierce J. Gerety, Junior

The UNHCR Director of Operations for the Great Lakes Region of Africa Pierce J. Gerety Jr. was on some kind of mission to prevent the Second Congo War from taking place. This war would have claimed the lives of 5.4 million people.

Per Spanne

Another physicist who was involved in particle physics at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility was Per Spanne. Like Klaus Kinder-Geiger, he too was working at the Brookhaven National Laboratory since 1996.

Brookhaven National Laboratory is a multipurpose research institution funded primarily by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science. 

Located in the center of Long Island, New York. Brookhaven Lab brings world-class facilities and expertise to the most exciting and important questions in basic and applied science—from the birth of our universe to the sustainable energy technology of tomorrow.

The institute operates cutting-edge large-scale facilities for studies in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, applied science, and a wide range of advanced technologies. The Laboratory's almost 3,000 scientists, engineers, and support staff are joined each year by more than 4,000 visiting researchers from around the world. Their award-winning history stretches back to 1947.

Nino Leonardo Sanna

We managed to get a very rare picture of the elusive Nino Leonardo Sanna, fished out by Giovanni De Stefano.

Nino Leonardo Sanna

Nino Leonardo Sanna

In June 2012, conspiracy writer Giovanni Di Stefano came up with an interesting story about an SWR111 would-be passenger named N. Sanna. According to Giovanni, the official number of people killed is 229, but the official record still states 228-229, because Sanna “boarded” SWR111, only to mysteriously back out and disappear. 

The TSB Report says 229 in its final report. But it is unclear what the preliminary reports said. And it is unclear what the initial reports of the now defunct Swissair said.

Interestingly, when the Captain of SWR111 was asked by ATC Halifax how many people were on board, he kept silent. There is confusion about his nationality. He is an Italian but was listed as a Swiss national and Giovanni states that he sometimes traveled on a United Nations passport. 

Sanna was some kind of mysterious businessman, He also was a friend and guest of Turkish-Cypriot Nadir, who seems to enjoy the protection of the MI-6 when it comes to his activities in Britain.

According to Giovanni De Stefano, Sanna then moved to China and soon emerged as a dealer of Chinese arms. Giovanni claims that Sanna got an order for a shipment of $6 million worth of arms to Osama Bin Laden, but tried to cheat Osama Bin Laden. 

We know that Osama was batting all along for the powers that be and therefore this might not have been a good idea for Sanna, who thought he enjoyed the protection of Western Intelligence Agencies.

It seems Sanna being no stranger to intelligence operations, got spooked by something, and at the last minute, changed his mind about continuing his journey on board SWR111. His current whereabouts seem to be unknown. 

According to Giovanni, none of the bodies/DNA recovered belong to him. But the official list does mention him, as a Swiss citizen though while his DNA profile is missing on the list of DNA of the victims. 

It is understandable that even if Sanna escaped, it was necessary to cover up his escape and deem him dead. But could he be linked to an incendiary device? And if so could this event be linked to the downing of the MH17 and subsequently are: “The Worlds Secret Services Guilty Of Downing Swissair SR111 And Malaysian MH17?

Transport Security Board

The TSB was invited early on because it had already been decided that a criminal investigation would never take place. And therefore the RCMP was expected to back out early on. It seems this was decided long before the incident actually took place. 

This arrangement also allowed these agencies to dicker around with and compartmentalize any emerging evidence of a criminal scenario. 

The TSB and its personnel would avoid any claims of criminal involvement when they came across such evidence, while the RCMP would look the other way. Unlike the RCMP, TSB members could not give evidence in a Court of Law. 

As aforestated it only took two weeks after the investigation was opened for the official agencies to informally rule the crash as an accident, while the real investigation lasted for over four years?

During the initial investigation, engineers from various agencies and companies including Swissair, Boeing, as well as members of the TSB, secret services, and other agencies offered their experienced opinions. 

They said the extensive melting of the frame was unusual, never seen before, and possibly it could not have been caused solely by flammable material in the area of the fire.

Also, two pieces of tile from two small sections of the ceiling at the forward doors were found to have burnt for ten minutes at a temperature of 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The first finding was they had burnt for five minutes at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, an extremely high temperature unacceptable to the TSB. 

The two pieces were identified due to their thickness. Yet neither area had anything above it that would have burnt at that temperature. The same area on the plane’s right side showed massive heat damage to the forward lift-door track. 

It was twisted and molten metal was present on it. However, during its handling by TSB members, this molten material was somehow destroyed before it could be properly recorded and analyzed.

Professor Dr. R. N. Anderson

A University Professor named Dr. R. N. Anderson had adapted a longstanding rule of physics known as Sieverts’ Law to fire investigations. Anderson’s theory built upon Sievert’s Law in an attempt to determine which short circuit caused the fire. 

While it was controversial, Sievert’s Law is solid physics. According to Sievert’s Law, when a wire short-circuits due to fire, for a fraction of a second, the outer layer of molten copper absorbs the smoke surrounding it.

But if the short circuit caused the fire, the outer layer of molten copper only absorbs clean air, because the fire is yet to start and there is no smoke. To determine the difference, Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) is used on the short-circuited wires.

AES tests were carried out by Dr. Brown from CANMET. The test results were to be passed to the TSB in total confidentiality. To quote Juby, after extensive testing, Dr. Brown determined with confidence that the magnesium and aluminum in the short-circuited beads could not have come from the aircraft skin and frame or any other legitimate onboard source.

There were also traces of iron and zinc, which also were not in the fire zone. A thermite device along with many criminal incendiary devices utilized these ingredients. They burnt hot enough to melt aluminum, and considerable amounts of molten aluminum were found in the debris.

Once these results were internally revealed, both the RCMP and the TSB tried to shut down further AES testing. It seems that AES testing was being conducted with the intention to find an initiating short circuit. 

But what about this strange smell mentioned by the pilots of Swissair flight SR111? A smell which could be caused by an ignition of a thermite bomb?

Joep Lange

Professor Joep Lange, a leading HIV/AIDS researcher was among those who died in the MH17 Flight which crashed in Ukraine because of the criminal launching of a BUK rocket in 2014. And here we are again, sixteen years later after the plane crash of Jonathan Mann in 1998. 

Security officials search through debris after the crash of Malaysian flight MH17 carrying Aids researchers in Ukraine

Security officials search through debris after the crash of Malaysian flight MH17 carrying Aids researchers in Ukraine

Joep Lange was on board MH17, along with his almost complete team and many of his Dutch compatriots and many of the passengers shared an ultimate destination, no, not to Geneva but the twentieth International Aids Conference in Melbourne, Australia with a solution for the aids problem in the world.

Professor Lange accomplished a long list of a spectacular breakthrough in understanding how HIV disrupted the human immune system and smart ways to prevent transmission of the virus.

He became a leader, in the fullest sense of that word like Jonathan Mann and Joep blended science, medicine, and inspired people towards the help to bring the life-sparing medicines to people in all of the world – not just rich countries.

Lange believed without hesitation that effective treatment, “is like a vaccine,” as he put it. “The global epidemic could be stopped”, he said, simply by getting every HIV+ person on the planet put on an effective regimen of treatment.

And yes among more than 100 scientists and campaigners flying to the international Aids conference in Melbourne on board flight MH17, there was a former leader in the field of HIV, Joep Lange from the Netherlands, who was also traveling with his partner, Jacqueline van Tongeren. Like the research of Jonathan Mann, their research came to a complete standstill as well.

Lange was president of the International Aids Society, which runs the Australian meeting, from 2002 to 2004, spanning the two-year interval between the Barcelona and Bangkok conferences, where drug treatment for all those with HIV around the world was top of the agenda.

The Aids pandemic threw scientists such as Lange into the political milling current and many of them took on campaigning and political roles alongside their research.

Lange, 60, was a professor of medicine at the academic medical center of the University of Amsterdam and specialized in drugs to treat HIV infection and prevent people developing Aids. He was a senior scientific adviser to the International Antiviral Therapy Evaluation Centre in Amsterdam.

“The world and the Aids field will miss these brilliant doctors, advocates, researchers, and friends as two of a kind,” stated Glenn Thomas, a senior communications officer at the World Health Organisation, based in Geneva, who had specialised in the big infectious diseases – Aids, TB and malaria – and he was also one of an estimated 108 HIV scientists headed for the conference on the plane. 

Thomas, 46, was British and had worked for the BBC before moving to Switzerland. Other names mentioned include Martine de Schutter, executive coordinator of the campaigning group Aids Action Europe and Pim de Kuijer, a Dutch Aids activist, and parliamentary lobbyist.

Is MH17 downed in collaboration between secret services?

My first question is why did MH17 change it’s course to be on the deadly rendezvous on the right time and the right spot while almost all flights before passed about 200 miles away? And who gave the order to change course towards a very dangerous air corridor through no man's land?

We know now that a Malaysia Airlines spokesman has already confirmed that Kiev-based Ukrainian Air Traffic Control (ATC), for an unknown reason, changed the course of flight MH17 from her original flight path along the international air route, known as L980.

Route L980 it is a primary pathway between the capitals of Europe and the mega-cities of Asia like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Singapore. “Typically, that flight plan doesn’t change much,” said Kees Rietsema, a professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Phoenix. “If that airline flies every day from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, they fly the same route every day.”

So our next question is as MH17 enters Ukrainian airspace why no one warned or cautioned them of deviation towards a war zone where many warplanes previously have been downed? 

Was it only a thunderstorm and if so did other planes changes course as well? Moreover, a thunderstorm of 200 miles is a thunderstorm as big as the Netherlands.

Robert Mark, a commercial pilot, and editor of the magazine Aviation International News Safety magazine confirmed that most Malaysia Airlines flights from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur normally fly along a route that is significantly further south than the route that flight MH17 was diverted to. Details about this and other similar flights can be found on the website flight Radar24.

FlightAware website

Six days after the crash the information on popular publicly accessible flight tracking websites, such as 'FlightAware' and 'FlightRadar24', seems to have changed - the impression was created that all recent MH17 flights over Donetsk war zone have gone - effectively erasing the possibility that the flight path of the plane was modified by Air Traffic Control. 

The screenshot of FlightAware from MH17 on the day of the incident, July 17, 2014, where the doomed journey was abruptly interrupted over the village of Grabovo, in eastern Ukraine, demands hard questions

The plot (or cover-up) is even more challenging at this point, such as publicly available data that appear to have changed in the weeks after the incident. 

In the days after the crash, the popular microblogger Vagellis Karmiros showed that flight MH17 clearly changed its course over the war zone north of the original flight plan, the location and route data are publicly available on the FlightAware website. Karmiros findings were even published in an infographic in the English Daily Mail newspaper. 


A whistleblower in the US intelligence services confirmed to the well-known journalist Robert Parry that Russia is completely innocent of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 that was shot down over Ukraine in 2014.

The device was actually accidentally taken down by a part of the Ukrainian army with a link to an oligarchy. Or was it the secret services who give the order to Ukraine to shoot down the MH17 because they knew the top of HIV researchers with a solution for AIDS were on board?

Investigative journalist Robert Parry

The Netherlands’ Military Intelligence and Security Service MIVD reported that the only anti-aircraft weapons in eastern Ukraine capable of bringing down MH-17 at 33,000 feet on July 17th  belonged to the Ukrainian government.

MIVD made that assessment in the context of explaining why commercial aircraft continued to fly over the eastern Ukrainian battle zone in summer 2014.

MIVD said that based on “state secret” information, it was known that Ukraine possessed some older but “powerful anti-aircraft systems” capable of downing a plane at that altitude and; “A number of these systems were located in the eastern part of the country,” whereas the MIVD said the ethnic Russian rebels had only MANPADS that could not reach the higher altitudes.

Immediately after the MH-17 crash, the U.S. government sought to pin the blame on Russia as part of a propaganda drive to convince the European Union to join in imposing economic sanctions on Russia for its “annexation” of Crimea and its support of eastern Ukrainians resisting the Kiev regime.

Yet, on July 20, 2014, just three days after the tragedy, Secretary of State John Kerry appeared on all Sunday morning talk shows and blamed the Russian-backed rebels and implicitly Moscow. He cited some “social media” comments and – on NBC’s “Meet the Press” – added: 

“We picked up the imagery of this launch. We know the trajectory. We know where it came from. We know the timing. And it was exactly at the time that this aircraft disappeared from the radar.”

Two days later, on July 22th, the Obama administration released a “Government Assessment” that tried to bolster Kerry’s accusations, in part, by listing the various weapons systems that U.S. intelligence believed Russia had provided the rebels, but a Buk battery was not among them. 

At background briefings for selected mainstream media reporters, U.S. intelligence analysts struggled to back up the administration’s case against Russia.

The Times wrote: “U.S. intelligence agencies have so far been unable to determine the nationalities or identities of the crew that launched the missile. U.S. officials said it was possible the SA-11 (Buk anti-aircraft missile) was launched by a defector from the Ukrainian military who was trained to use similar missile systems.”

However, after that July 22th  briefing — as U.S. intelligence analysts continued to pore over satellite imagery, telephonic intercepts, and other data to refine their understanding of the tragedy the U.S. government went curiously silent, refusing to make any updates or adjustments to its initial rush to judgment, a silence that has continued ever since.

The Russian military released a number of satellite images purporting to show Ukrainian government Buk missile systems north of the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk before the attack, including two batteries that purportedly were shifted 50 kilometers south of Donetsk on July 17th, the day of the crash, and then removed by July 18th.

Russian Lt. Gen. Andrey Kartopolov called on the Ukrainian government to explain the movements of its Buk systems and why Kiev’s Kupol-M19S18 radars, which coordinate the flight of Buk missiles, showed increased activity leading up to the July 17th  shoot-down.

We wonder why authorities are putting wrong or innocent people behind bars for committing no crime while criminals such as those responsible for the death of the two plane crashes, Aids and Ebola genocides are enjoying life with impunity. 

Europe and America boast of intelligence in crime investigation, yet no one has been held responsible for the assassination of the Aids researchers.

We have created a dangerous environment for ourselves and the future generation because of greed, power, and money. 

However, those responsible shouldn't be happy for long because there is a time for everything. 

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