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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Do we have to trust the vaccines often giving to children since many are diagnosed with sicknesses after vaccination?

Do we have to trust the vaccines often giving to children since many are diagnosed with sicknesses after vaccination? 

How long will the Government sides with known criminal entities to maim and destroy our future generations?

[This article is the concluding part of a previous article we published on Feb 23, 2018, entitled: AUSTRALIA VACCINATION ABNORMALITY SUPPORTED BY POLITICIANS]

Just in brief, what are we talking about? Big Pharma is very, if not the most corrupt, dishonest greedy establishment ever existed paired with Monsanto. 

They proved themselves beyond any doubt that they are rootless establishments and folly would be ever to trust them. They are well known for their corrupt and corrupting operandi. They cheat, lie, bribe and all sorts of other vices. There is a library-full of documentation of their mischief (that has surfaced and God would know only what is still covered in darkness). 

The mercury issue and aluminum and all other toxic ingredients in vaccines and aborted human baby tissues DNA fragments, all sort of animal tissues from monkeys, pigs, dogs, guinea pigs, cattle, mouse and the list goes on and on, with all of their viruses and unknown other parasites and who would know what biological agents. 

What place do these things have in the human species? -As our Dr.Gannon stated with derisive sarcasm that the anti-vaxxers are learning from Google in half an hour, rather than from the medical expert of lifetime study who is ‘so well informed’. 

So you are demanding respect, eh? Well sorry to say but respect must be earned by noble deeds and you are not entitled to any respect whatsoever since you seems to be a very dishonest person judging by your arrogant conduct and tone of voice you are a doctor only on paper but that’s it. 

And you are an honorable Australian of the year. Nice. A doctor is a teacher you are a liar. By the way, DOCTOR know all; whatever you learned at the time of your studies was already outdated material. 

Hard to swallow, is not it? Below just a few hints let me point out to you a little bit later. Oh by the way; what of the Nuremberg Code, hm? --All information is these days are just a push button away at our disposal and one is free to choose and decide what sensible and what is a nonsense to him. 

Did not somebody said this some 2000 years ago; search (ask) and you will find (be given)? Although our freedom is eroding and will be taken away from us sometime in the future, as things are developing swiftly these days. 

Much of Internet is already censored and as our Rupert Murdoch mogul said some years ago; ‘ the days of the internet are numbered’. Free speech, will be controlled, as is free press already controlled, Talk about the Orvellian ‘Truth Ministry’… Big Brother is watching us at every step already. What is the agenda, and who are THEY?

–It surfaced lately by inquiring researchers some of the hidden undisclosed ingredients is vaccines. And this revelation should be a shocker to all of us. One is Zero weedkiller. Nanoparticles lead glass, stainless steel, all sort of aggregate and organic debris, blood particles- human or animal, platinum, bismuth, iron, tungsten, chromium, gold-zinc aggregate, nickel and so on. 

All undeclared on the list by the vaccine manufacturers.(trade secrets?) Talk about witches brew! What is worst, these submicroscopic particle sizes that the blood’s circulation is carrying into all tissues including the brain and all other organs, causing havoc in body functions, as the body is unable to eliminate these fragments from the infected tissues and organs? 

It is no secret these days for instance when the white blood cells called macrophages (big eaters) rush to the site of toxicity and their role is in the immune system to clear away the offending toxic agent, biological or inorganic, they gabble-up those offending impurities in order to digest and safely eliminate from the ailing body, they are unable to digest these toxic materials, like aluminum, these immune cells just die at the site. 

The immune system has been deactivated. Is not this great? And these scientists don’t know this? I doubt this. So, these carcinogenic polluting substances are a necessity to human genome and the most harmful element that is in vaccines is water according to some of the vaccine shills. 

Would be life exist the most critical element to life, without water? How many days would he last without water? Now come on, are these people normal or brain damaged by mercury and fluoride already?

-There is also discovered a certain protein Nagalese introduced in the vaccines. This is a chemical protein that is secreted by cancer cells and by infecting viruses. So bang, cancer is introduced into the healthy body, ready to take over sometime in the future, disabling the body to utilize the hormone called Vitamin D, that is an utmost important anticancer hormone. 

Is there greater crime than this? And while on this topic, why is that the researchers who discovered that the vaccines are contaminated with nagalese happened to be raided by FDA and FBI agents all data confiscated and murdered or getting found dead, before they would publish their findings? The autistic children and cancer victims are loaded with this devastating protein.

So why don’t you broadcast these shocking facts dear worshipful DOC-TOR, instead of spreading lies about Dr. Wakefield, why don’t you just talk about Dr. William Thompson at the CDC revealing the greatest crime against humanity of our era. 

That infamous Brentwood secret meeting between Pharma, policymakers including the CDC, UN representative, debating and figuring out how to conceal the autism disasters of vaccine injured children. 

The vaccine injuries could not be concealed no matter whichever way they tried to manipulate the data. In the end, the WHO’s rep said that it would have been much better if this meeting never has happened. 

They all agreed that to make sure this info never to see daylight, but despite all efforts, it came out and is here to see for all, who want to see and to learn just what is going on secretly at High Places. And of course Pol Thorson’s fake study to CDC, his crimes etc and etc to eternity! 

It is our leaders that are pulling the plug on our existing civilization. Lawlessness beyond the conception of the mind. Using these fake studies in an effort to justify their draconian agenda. You the Australian of the year. presenting yourself as an illuminator to us humans yet you are an absolute disgrace stain on human society. Are you human? Hardly. 

Your judgment is coming and too many others following your paths. Know the writ.’ Blind leading blind both will fall into the pit’. A very sorrowful pita pit of no escape. Make no mistake. You are well aware of your reckless criminalities. 

The fact is that this whole issue should be dealt with by some sort of CJC. But alas, there is no such commission since the whole system is corrupt beyond any redemption. They went way too far. The tentacles of Pharma are everywhere. 

From the UN to all Government institution, Political or Medical. Not surprisingly even the Dali Lama is fooled by the vaccine zealots. When Pharma is caught in crimes it is penalized say 3 billion dollars. They are paying no grudge, but they made14 billions in the process of the faulty product. 

It is a small price to pay, and business is as usual. Carry on. Why don’t you talk about these thing doctors know all?! Why don’t you warn parents to save their children from these predatory parasites? And by the way vaccine manufacturers can not be held responsible for their dangerous products, no matter the extent of harms and deaths they are causing.

–It is documented, that Robert Gallo and his French counterpart was working for the US Defense Department researching and developing material for biological warfare, namely developing highly infective viruses for genocide. 

They used and manipulated viruses, some of the ape origin, but not effectively infecting the human genome. Gallo hit the Bingo when most likely by accident he discovered that when he added the EBV to the cocktail of viruses the cocktail became very infective indeed. 

Both of these scientists sat on this discovery for a while, until out of blue AIDS appeared as a ‘new unknown’ highly contagious disease. How handy it became for this two scientists to ‘discover’ the cause of this terrible plague the HIV. 

Thus secured the famous Nobel prize for them to share, plus the Royalty to the US and the French Governments. I would doubt that you learned this in your curriculum. But you may Google it up. Did you know all this and much-much more DOC-TOR? Besides if I’m not mistaking you are an Orthopedic surgeon, aren’t you? 

Orthopedic surgeons are working with hacksaw’s hammer and chisel and screwdrivers. They are good at putting smashed –up bodies together. They are not trained in immunity nor neurological issues. So don’t meddle in things that are not your specialty.

With the sober mind, I dare to ask these luminary vaccine experts who are so aggressively and unquestionably pushing the mandatory vaccination agenda the modern Medicine’s panacea. What is all this filth have to do in our bodies? Do you have the habit to read the inserted leaflet to all vaccines? 

Can you really justify all this? No, you can not. So you are bearing a tremendous unforgivable guilt. There is a judgment coming to all of us.MAKE NO MISTAKE. Bigger the tree harder they fall!- goes the saying.

Another puzzling issue is that with this no jab agenda I don’t hear any outcry from any religious body regarding the content of impurities in vaccines. No Moslem or Jewish leader raising a voice against dog and pig fragments in these vaccines.

To them, these animals are detestable to touch let alone to eat, but in the bloodstream by inoculation that bypassing the digestive system is ok. And what of the Catholics, to whom abortion is a mortal sin, yet aborted babies are ok to use and their DNA fragments are no objection to introduce in their bodies. 

An individual is what is inherited by the two parents DNA. Mother’s and Father’s but when an aborted or whatever sort of DNA fragment is introduced into that body, now there is a third person’s DNA fragments introduced.

I feel this is a biological violation and should not be taken lightly. So instead of 1+1=2, now this persons DNA is 1+1+1=3. I also know that the previous Pope condemned this, he called this a criminal practice. Don’t believe it? Ask the Vatican. 

A rumor I heard a while ago that with this No jab business a Skype conference was organized by the Australian Government just as in the US by the Obama-Hillary C. Government, with all religious leaders not to raise opposing voices against mandated vaccination. 

They all complied even the 7th Day Adventists the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses just to mention some of the extremists. They fail to heed Gods warning;”Woe to you false shepherds. They all claiming their service to God but failing to heed His voice. 

What a hypocrisy! (Although, the leadership of the Black Nation of Islam when learning the crafty plot, being committed, raised a very angry response to such a seduction. 

In the distance past the suffered a terrible repercussion for standing up against this barbaric practice, parents been thrown in prison, for standing against that they knew is a violation of the natural order. As it is lately the Org. is compromising with this Globalization agenda like all others.

I have no ax to grind against these bodies, but the telling is that when self-righteousness is so outstanding in their concepts of beliefs.) Job done well, Tony! Your teachers the Jesuits must be proud of you. 

Oh and by the way; you mandating among others the HPV vaccine to everybody in this country except your daughters. Is this true Tony? You so concerned for us all making sure we don’t get God forbid penal and anal and throat cancers yet you neglecting your daughters. 

This is really cruel Tony! How can you be so mean? Well, tell you what, I’m so glad and clean conscious that I did not vote for you.

Crucial issues are here at stake. Science, we led to believe, is the modern subject of worship. It is the Holy Cow of man’s achievement of our modern times. 

The only problem is that there is no integrity to it anymore it’s being sold to highest bidders, who seek some gain in distorting, contradicting, confusing the issues for selfish financial interests, in order to mislead us. 

There is no authoritative voice we can trust anymore. It is a lonely way to us individually to find the right path to truth and justice. There are too many forks in the road. I wish to every honest person to seek this goal in their life for the sake of best possible outcome in their journey of life. May God help us all.

It is just very telling how smoothly they can manipulate through the Press(titute) media with their arrogant unquestionable conduct. How dismissive they are regarding the whole issue as if there is none at all. But alas there are many unresolved issues here and many skeletons in closets. 

By the way, India kicked out Bill Gates and his philanthropic population reducing vaccine program from the subcontinent, after maiming and killing at least 15.000 girls with the HPV vaccine. Be sure that this is only the tip of the iceberg as only a very small number is reported. 

What would be the total number of casualties worldwide? And yet these murderers are off the hook, they are exempt of any responsibilities and we are led to believe, that if something is not reported by the MSM (mainstream media) than it is not happening. If anybody else would create such a heinous crime would he get away with? 

I found very uncomfortable on my part to come to the conclusion I came to about. I rather am blissful and ignorant regarding this issues, but my nature is such, that when I see something is not right I won’t be silenced. 

I fear, love and respect to my life giver my God, the creator of all things, visible or invisible and no man can take this away from me. They can kill me but my consciousness is non-negotiable. I have spent many hundreds of hours in researching these issues to come to the conclusions I came to about.

My wife and I myself came from a Communistic dictatorial country, seeking refuge here for what I’m very grateful. In my childhood, I was jabbed with all mandated vaccinations at the time there. I suffered all childhood illnesses, despite all those jabs. Now I have cancer. Did they jab this into me? 

Most likely! I myself am infected with EBV and CMV.(SV?) Where did I get them from? From the jab when I was a kid? This is my puzzle. Of course, all these issues are played down in all mainstream literature. 

Medical or otherwise. Contagious agents by multitudes of means to infect us, except by jabs. Hm? Rather strange. Normally no doctor would order an essay of a viral blood test, but the one who did long time ago who dared to go against the Medical dictatorial norm was severely penalized. 

This doctor was forced to pay back to Medicare all the earned costs for practicing un-orthodox medicine. I read in the papers sometime later. Possibly also de-licensed from practice if not thrown in jail, I don’t know. But enough to see that what can happen if a doctor is stepping out of line. 

My health is fragmented for the last 29 years. Unable to work, I have seen too many doctors for no vail. My health went down when after an injury, I sought medical treatment for my sustained injury. I was flooded with all sorts of prescription drugs and I got worst and worst until I finally crumbled. 


I have regained some of my stamina by keeping away from these doctors and their subscribed pills and their approved medical intervention as far as possibly can. This is the lesson I had to learn and now to live with. 

Now we are carers of our grandchildren, and they ‘ve been injured by vaccinations already before they fell under our care. My duty is before God, to protect and to defend these children who are unable to stand-up and to defend themselves. 

I’m sure I ruffle some feathers and I offer no apology for that. I’m open to any reasonable discussion but violent attacks are not on my menu and I’ve seen and heard enough of vitriolic attacks of the pro-vaxxers to conclude my opinion about them. 

Deep down in their hearts, they know their wrong but their pride is above all things. Let them be, as far as I’m concerned. You want to be attacked by the hostile mob? Just mention the vaccine issue and see what will happen to you! How true is the old proverb: “when the wicked rule people sigh.”

Update as at 22 October 2017: Now the Child Services are at us because of our stand regarding the vaxx issue. There was a few meeting with us about it and they fail to hear our issues. What we are saying to them have no meaning, they just push that this is the ‘policy’ of the Department. 

Never mind that it is not enforced by LAW. Their policy is above any law by the look. If something is not by the law than that is lawless or unlawful in my opinion. Up to this point, there was no issue between us. From this point on we are in conflict. 

We hired a law firm in a hope that in a legal sense something may be achieved. There were few Court appearances but always postponed because the Child services by dragging their feet as is usual for them to do, did not prepare the necessary documents as of what is their reason for us not to have long-term custody of the grandchildren. 

They must feel that the children are their rightful property, livestock. After few postponed cases we realized that this game is too costly for us. We cannot play their game. We lost 10.000 dollars in legal fees for nothing. Finally, we got an Affidavit from them, as per the Children’s Court order. 

In it is stated that the Standard or care of the Department is a protection from harm regarding the child’s health including immunization to prevent an illness, thus we, the grandparents are not suitable carers. 

The Department has determined that we are not willing to protect the child from harm(of illness) they opinionating. This Affidavit may appear very professional in form, but in content biased, misleading and dishonest. 

In that Affidavit the father of the girls signed his consent the youngest child to be vaccinated. This Document should not be accepted as legal since this man is not in a mental capacity to comprehend what is really involved. 

He has no sound reasoning, he only wants to have access to the child to secure his selfish interests, thus playing the nice cooperative parent. Was he informed about the consequences regarding vaccination? 

Was he fully informed by a professional person? Of course not. The women who made him into signing herself is ignorant about the issues and risks, but she does not care whatever happening to that child. Our concern regarding this child is first that she (as all other siblings) born preterm. 

She was given the first shot and she stopped breeding and had to be resuscitated. Injecting preterm babies is a medical malpractice in the first place, according to the supported leaflet with the vaccines, but nobody cares and nobody can be held accountable for their misdeeds.

-According to the Department’s Affidavit. we are presented as careless, ignorant unfit to take care of the children. Our life would be much, much easier and stressfree if the children never been born at all, but them being here it is our duty before God to put all sacrifices at stake for their well being and safety and this is what we are trying to do. 

No matter how much is the Department taunting us. So here we are now, coercive measures are taken despite the lack of evidence in any law under Australian health acts. Didn’t they make law unto themselves? Besides the Government claims that vaccination is not mandatory in Australia. 

Are vaccines safe? Can anybody guarantee that? Of course not. The Supreme Court in the US ruled: ‘vaccines are unavoidably unsafe’. Well, it is stated crystal clearly without any doubt at all! Are they harming? Yes, always. 

Each time a vaccine is forced in an individual by bypassing the natural barriers, those toxic substances of all sorts of origin harming, weakening the natural immune system, that marvelous defending mechanism that nature has given. Vaccination is a Medical procedure that carries a RISK. 

And where is a risk, there must be a CHOICE. And the choice must be based on understanding the benefits vs. the risks. Pros and cons, as the saying goes. These shenanigans like to call this inoculation an IMMUNIZATION, but it is not an immunization. 

Immunity occurs when there is a natural immunity has occurred after an exposure to an infecting agent. And that is for a lifetime. Are the Authorities tracking the results of the aftermath of vaccination? No. They don’t want that. 

The fallacy of vaccinology would be too evident. Rather they demonizing those that dare to ask a question and those that are damaged by vaccines. And as for those that died as a result of vaccines, well they can not speak for themselves, can they? 

So what is vaccination? It’s not based on science, it is a belief system, a RELIGION. Science is always open to scrutiny to debate, to challenges. We can see evidence that this is not the case with vaccines, their promoters shut off all means of openness of this practice. 

The policy originating from the UN’s WHO in conjunction with powerful vested players like the World Bank, IMF, the Bill Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller’s and other players. In another word a Globalization Agenda, where a rich and mighty trampling and oppressing the global population. 

They are cashing in yet again. big time with Big Medicine and of course Big Pharma. In a pretense that they are caring for us. Their policy extends worldwide whether in that particular region a particular disease is existing or not they don’t care about. 

They just vaccinate regardless. In backward regions of the Globe where malnutrition, lack of sanitation, and of clean water, it is in vain to vaccinate those unfortunate children, the vaccines are never going to save them. Doctors ought to know that, those sick kids not to be jabbed, but they don’t care. 

It is very telling for instance that Polio was not a disease on the African continent, but nevertheless, they mandated vaccinating children there against it, and now, polio is being introduced there by vaccinology, to treat something that did not exist there. 

Isn’t this nice? With all these migration upheavals in recent times, it is becoming evident that many of the Somalians that ended up in the US, and their children submitted to mandated vaccinations are learning that many of their children becoming autistic after the shots, whereas, according to their accounts they have never seen an autistic child in Somalia. Now, this is something to puzzle about too.

Oct 25, 2017, to update my topic, as I was sensing those vaccine objectors may as well end up imprisoned for the crime they are accused of by the tyrannical system. A mother of a child in Detroit area in the US has been imprisoned for the refusal of vaccination of her son. 

The ex-husband wanted vaccination to their son in her care but she has refused, now the boy is given to the father and vaccinated despite her objection and she ended up in prison bearing a criminal record for life. This is not an isolated case anymore. 

This is obviously a warning to all vaccination refusals, just like the treatment was given to Dr.Wakefield. But Wakefield is still around and is a pain to many. He produced the film “Vaxxed from coverup to catastrophe” a film portraying the crimes of CDC regarding the vaccine-autism connection. 

This is a banned film here in Australia. Some of the film presenting team members were banned from Australia by our ‘caring’ Government. So much for freedom of speech and ‘Demo-crazy in here. Kent Hackenlively JD, an author of two excellent books requested to come over here from the US also denied entry by our politicians. 

His crime, as a father of an autistic child an activist in vaccine issues being an Attorney and a science teacher, considered to be very dangerous to Australians by this Government. Nevertheless, I attended the screening of Vaxxed the other days and happened to be Kent Hackenlively on Skype after the screening. 

We could ask few question and he was happy to answer to us. Despite the ban to enter here, there is still a way to reach people. Just yet! He said that he sent an electronic copy of his book ‘Inoculated’ to Malcolm Turnbull, asking him to point to him out where is it that Turnbull thinks that Hackenlively is wrong. 

But he did not get any answer-back but being denied entry here instead. With this behavior on the part of our leaders, this is a perfect match of the Medieval Church’s and Nazi’s book burnings. The other book ‘Plague’ he wrote with a scientist Dr. Judy Mikovits Ph.D., about the discovery of a retrovirus that is faithfully administered to our children in a certain vaccine. 

This virus is identified in a huge number of sufferers of autoimmune disorder CFS, and Leukemia. The virus identified as XMRV. What is the puzzling issue here that this virus is of a mouse origin. How can humans get infected with this murin virus? 

If we think that some vaccination preparation is developed by using the brains of the mouse’s. Now, this is a very serious issue and would need to be further investigated, but nop, the project was shut down, funds withhold and Dr.Mikovits lost her job and privileges, imprisoned without any trial what so ever, even to this present day. 

And now our Prime Minister makes sure that his Herd never to learn this and other crimes of the Mighty Ones. Would this endanger perhaps his wife’s vaccination share portfolio? So Hackenlvely never to step on the shores of this island of Turnbull not in his lifetime, at least.

- Recently I sent a petition to the Prime minister saying: “Mr. Turnbull, it is time to get the FACTS straight about this ‘No jab no BS’ business. What you are doing is no good for the Good order of Australia. 

Time to see the whole issue in a fair dinkum Aussie manner. This vaccinology issue needs an open fair and just manner. Do not hide in the shadow of lies and misinformation. Come out and see the damages your policies are doing. Stop hurting the little ones who can not stand up for themselves. 

Be a man of honor and fairness. Is this too much to ask?” Our Federal Health Minister promised to those Doctors who dare to question the vaxx issue, will be found and dealt with. As they are now doing to a Victorian GP. for daring to provide to some clients a vaccination medical exempt. 

This is a stern warning and even the fool will understand. yet despite the fact, some doctors are waking up slowly. Doctors are not fools, they just grossly mislead by the corporate fake science. It was not all long ago when Doctors recommended tobacco smoking and availed themselves for tobacco advertisements. 

Not so many doing it now. Not to forget the Semmelweiss saga, when he suggested that Doctors wash their hands. They threw him in a mental asylum and died there miserably. His peers did this to him. They killed George Washington by bloodletting, etc, etc. 

Also, it is very true that many Doctors having huge financial interests in pushing the vaccine agenda and sadly, to them without any moral guilt, money is more important than the future of our civilization. 

Others are deliberately blind to this catastrophic issue. As for the Presstitute Media? Not worthy of comment. They don’t worth a Dime. It was Dr. A. Wakefield saying; ‘Is there a vaccine for stupidity? That’s a great question. There should be and maybe it should be recommended for all mainstream journalists.’

THE POLICY’S EFFECT ON US: As presently is, the Child Services are a huge stress upon all of us. We are traumatized, the children scared of them. We came to mistrust them seeing that their mission is all about ‘themselves’ and not the best interest of the children that they are ought to be. 

I go to the extent to say that their mission is to cause intentional grievous bodily harm to the defenseless. Would the children’s best interest to them be, they would see through the smoke and mirrors and would stand up for the children’s best interest and future? After all these children are at their mercy. Orphans and abandoned unwanted stock. This is a great shame and crime against humanity.

-Our request is one and only one from this Department: Leave us alone and let us live and function as a family in peace. We don’t want guidance, we are mature enough to take care of ourselves. The Nanny-ing Government’s carrot principle is not being effective enough, now they striking our backs with their sticks. 

It is too painful to us that we ended in this tragic situation.We are the only family to these children and we keep them under the protection of our wings, as long as we can. We want them to know that they are loved and safe with us no matter what. 

Would vaccines really that safe, effective and a necessity for ensuring good health, we would take a different position, but it is not. Our relationship with all visiting staff from the Department was smooth and problem free. 

I pointed out always from early on our stance re; vaccination. There was no respond, jay or nay. Now all of the sudden this is their issue that’s became a wedge in between us and is stressing us to the limit.

-Whatever happened to the children’s mother I will say what I know, that while still being unmarried, she suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident, when being hit from behind. As an aftermath, she constantly complains of migraines. She is always on powerful painkillers. I believe even now. Could this helped her to start using drugs? I don’t know, it’s possible.

I write all these things down, for the benefit to our grandchildren, so that one day, when they grow up and I won’t be around anymore they will know firsthand just what was happening for them and who were the players in what role, whatever the outcome may be. 

Being very concerned at the present corrupt unjust system but deep in my heart, I’m convinced that one day the truth will shine up and all these criminal perpetrators will be uncovered. The damage they are causing, unfortunately, cannot be redeemed and this is very, very sad. A tragedy born out of greed and ignorance.

And finally my question; Why and for how long will the Government and it’s Departments sides with known criminal entities to maim and destroy our future generations?

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say that you did not know” - William Wilberforce

Adolf Hitler said:”What luck for the rulers that men do not think” -Toto, do you think we are still in Kansas?

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