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Monday, February 12, 2018


The fear of persecution or eliminating the entire family has forced North Koreans to worship Kim Jong-Un

The fear of persecution or eliminating the entire family has forced North Koreans to worship Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un of North Korea is a man who doesn't speak or laugh much. Following the dynasty of his family who had previously ruled the country, Kim Jong-Un believes to be a successful leader one needs to be cruel. Thus; the man is indeed very wicked.

Even though no investigation has linked him to the assassination of his brother, Kim Jong Nam, in Malaysia, on February 13, 2017, everyone believes he was behind the death of his half-brother he considered a threat to his position as the leader of North Korea.

Is Kim Jong-Un really loved or admired by his people? That can't be real. People’s religious faith inspires them to revere and to worship but it seems North Koreans worship their leader Kim Jong-Un due to fear. 

Songs and praises, from the citizens of North Korea, aren't for God, Elisha, Elijah, or Buddha but for Kim Jong-Un. Interviewed North Koreans students say positive things about their leader. 

They know very well what the outcome of that interview will be should in case they make any negative comments.

There is fear in North Korea. The uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, confirmed how the fear of the deadly power of politics in North Korea forced him and his wife to defect to the US nearly 20 years ago. 


Like a country programmed by remote control, North Koreans don't laugh if the leader is not laughing and if he is sad everyone needs to be sad too. 

A man whose ambition is to conquer the United States, and, therefore, developing nuclear weapons at all cost, while the North Koreans lack good medical facilities will definitely be worshipped because he is extremely dangerous to both at home and the international communities.

The fear of North Koreans is evidently clear in a country whereby human rights abuses are common and according to sources between 80,000 and 120,000 prisoners languish in political prison camps.

Many leaders fall asleep during forums and conferences, thus; to execute his defence chief Hyon Yong Chol because he fell asleep at a military event reveals how cruel Kim Jong-Un is. 

His cruelty has put fear in North Koreans to the extent that he is adored and worshipped by North Koreans.

To rule with an iron fist and cause fear within people has made Kim Jong-Un a bad leader. A good leader must generate love from the public in a natural and special way but not 'love' based on cruelty and fear.

Kim aims of defeating America because he knows that the US government is capable of throwing him out of power the reason he doesn't want to give up his nuclear weapons project despite the harsh sanctions against his country.

Since last year, the US government has tolerated Kim Jong-Un's nonsense, surprisingly, many are behind him against America, due to so many evil things the US government has done against other poor and vulnerable people in Third World Countries.

We will make it clear like always that the US government is responsible for both Aids and Ebola in Africa. 

It's, therefore, a pure hypocrisy for America to call the North Korean leader a killer while the US government is responsible for the death of millions around the globe by testing bioweapons Aids and Ebola in Africa. 

It's better the US government solve every problem with North Korea diplomatically because that short man doesn't care to go down his grave after setting the world ablaze.

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