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Saturday, February 3, 2018


Belgium police conducts raids on terrorists in Brussels

Belgium police conducts raids on terrorists in Brussels

Belgium plans new measures to tackle immigration crisis

According to the Euro News, "Politicians in Belgium are to vote on legislation allowing police to search private homes for illegal immigrants." 

The country's Parliamentary Committee on the Interior is considering a bill that would allow raids and arrests of undocumented migrants from private addresses. 

With one big voice let’s ask the Belgian government or the entire European Union if this step can put an end to the immigration crisis the European Union is facing if that law comes to force?

As people often say, “Whatever goes around comes around,” and it seems the European Union  (Western Europe) is now having a taste of their own medicine after the destruction of Africa during the colonial era. 

The immigration crisis Europe is facing was caused by colonial masters during the time African countries were under their rule.

Even though during the scramble over Africa, America didn’t colonize any African country, they collaborated with their European allies to destroy Africa beyond remedy.  

Africa's vast mineral resources were taken over by Western Europe. While tons of minerals were being shipped to their respective destinations in Europe, the development of the African countries wasn’t a matter of importance in their agenda.

They looted the continent without creating any jobs, factories, proper healthcare facilities or education. The rapid destruction of Africa under colonial masters forced scholars such as Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Patrice Lumumba of Congo to fight for the independence of their countries at a very bitter cost.

Kwame Nkrumah was taken out of power in a coup de tat orchestrated by America’s CIA and also with the assistance of the CIA, Patrice Lumumba was killed by the Belgian government. 

They felt satisfied with their accomplishment. Behind the table, the Belgium government and the royal family sat and drank champaign for killing Lumumba because they think he deserves it. 

Today, scores of Africans are left empty-handed in Africa, without a future because of massive corruption and the only place they think can get satisfaction is in Europe, even though money doesn’t grow on trees in any part of Europe.

In search of greener pastures, the Italian coast guard has saved thousands of African immigrants from drowning

In search of greener pastures, the Italian coast guard has saved thousands of African immigrants from drowning

Despite the massive corruption in Africa which has affected every development, including educational and health sectors, Europe and America wouldn't like to see the betterment of Africa. 

but today the country is in ruins, destroyed by America and European leaders.

Africa has undergone the cruelest experience, including Aids and Ebola genocides in the hands of Europe and America with impunity. One can't understand why people that claim they have power take on the weak and vulnerable people.

Poor hungry malnourished Africans are now undertaking hazardous journeys trying to reach Europe. The immigration crisis is now out of control leaving many European countries without immediate solutions.

Does the Belgium government think allowing police to search private homes for illegal immigrants would solve the immigration crisis? We wish them good luck. 

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