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Thursday, February 1, 2018


Leading HIV/AIDS researcher Professor Joep Lange was among those who died in the MH17 Flight

Leading HIV/AIDS researcher Professor Joep Lange was among those who died in the MH17 Flight

The downing of MH17 and Swissair Flight SR111 killing Aids conference participants

Why the lives of Aids researchers often end up tragically in plane crash? Two famous Aids researchers trying to find a solution for the global Aids epidemic died in different plane crashes. 

Professor Joep Lange, a leading HIV/AIDS researcher was among those who died in the MH17 Flight which crashed in Ukraine because of the criminal launching of a BUK rocket in 2014, and Jonathan Mann, also crashed off Nova Scotia in Swissair Flight SR111, in 1998, after an electrical device failure. 

Both scientists were in battle against Aids and the corrupt establishments.

The question is: was a short circuit really attributed to the air crash and is there a relationship between the crashing of the two planes? 

Thomas Juby was a retired Royal Canadian Mount Police sergeant,  who was not working for the Transport Safety Board. He has no air crash credentials, yet he knew something was wrong. 

According to sources based on a theory that a thermite bomb was planted on the flight, possibly to murder one or more passengers and perhaps, the plan was to kill Jonathan Mann.

Juby claimed that suspicious levels of magnesium and other elements associated with arson were discovered in the wiring and that he was ordered to remove references to magnesium or any suspected incendiary device from his investigative notes. 

In September 2011, the CBC program, 'The Fifth Estate,' reported allegations suggesting that an incendiary device might have been the cause of the crash. Juby has written a book detailing his suspicions and conclusions.

The wonderful family of retroviruses

Common people do not know any significant knowledge about AIDS viruses than it comes from monkeys. That is a misconception. 

Retroviruses which cause human fatalities belongs not only to the family of the retroviruses but also to a subfamily of lentiviruses as well. Except in people (HIV) and monkeys (SIV). The viruses also available in felines (FIV), cows (BIV), horses (EIAV), goats (CEAV) and sheep (MVV).

Although science has long denied that lentiviruses can easily spread among different animal species, experts are nowadays convinced that these retroviruses can pass almost all type of immunological barriers.

However, it is unclear that some retroviruses like the cat immune deficiency virus (FIV) can also jump to the human body. Nevertheless, it is well known that one percent of all cats in Europe, America, and Australia are infected with FIV. 

The same virus also occurs in wild African lions and Indian species in American zoos. It has never been investigated whether FIV can also cause Aids in people.

With the losses of Jonathan Mann, his wife, aids vaccine researcher Mary Lou Clements, and his successor Joep Lange and other aids researchers and activists possibly on board MH17, would prove to be a major setback in the fight against aids. Does this make conspiracy theories real?

Together with Dutch aids-researcher Jaap Goudsmit both, Jonathan Mann and Joep Lange were convinced adherent of the monkey hypothesis and experiments would have revealed that FIV does not, under certain circumstances, cause Aids in cats. 

But according to Goudsmit can that cause Aids within horses? 

That is a completely different story! Moreover, according to Goudsmit, it's impossible to provide Aids to EIAV infected horses. He stated; “Whether or not horses do not carry lentivirus, it is certain that zebras do not get Aids and that also applies to horses.” 

Did Goudsmit said the truth? In contradiction, Goudsmit investigation of the discoverer of the HIV virus Luc Montagnier who scientifically proved EIAV to be completely identical to the HIV virus.

Especially, the German doctor, Wolff Geisler proved also that not only SIV is identical to the human HIV virus but also to the horse EIAV virus.That human HIV virus would come from monkeys is just absolutely a wrong scientific assumption, because the virus is the same but named after it's species.

German Nazi scientist Luhrs

According to Luhrs in the early years of the last century as an army veterinary surgeon in charge of the German Animal Epidemics Research Institute, meat from anemia horses (horse aids EIAV) was fed to pigs, dogs and many other species without these animals suffering from Infectious Anaemia of Horses.

Luhrs stated in his report;

Even people can eat such cooked horse-aids meat without a problem, as has been proved by several experiments carried out on a large number of soldiers and myself personally.”

Editorial; the indirect warning of eating uncooked food leads one to assume that obviously there must have been experiments of uncooked meat from EIAV infected horses.

Shortly after the end of the war, Luhrs was able in his capacity as a research scientist in the military veterinary academy in Berlin, report on new tests involving the Infectious Anaemia of Horses complex. It was now necessary to clarify how the human being reacted to the horse virus when administered in the form of a healing serum.

Horse anemia is a disease of horses causing intermittent fever, anemia, emaciation (a slim disease in humans), weight loss and results in death. The virus of infectious Anaemia of horses was used as war strategies and research during World War II till now.

HIV forms part of the retroviruses family

HIV forms part of the retroviruses family

Research work by the German armed forces on infectious Anaemia horse already targeted towards its transmission to human beings at an early stage. Towards the end of World War I, the first tests in this regard were obviously successful.

Jonathan Mann

In 1996, there was one and only joyous Aids conference convened in Vancouver, a meeting marked by the announcement of successful combination therapy that knocked the dastardly virus down to levels undetectable in blood. 

There was hope for a cure, thanks to the hard work of Dutch scientists. Some dared to speak of eradicating HIV altogether.

Two years later, as hundreds of thousands of HIV-positive men and women living in wealthy countries were thriving on those treatment combinations, hope dominated the pandemic, until 1998, when Swissair Flight SR111 crashed off Nova Scotia, killing all on board. 

Among them, Aids vaccine researcher, Mary Lou Clements,  Jonathan Mann and his wifeTheir sudden loss was one of the biggest blow to the medical world and the world Aids community.

“Jonathan was a critical player in this new field,” Dr. Tarantola said; “'bringing together two worlds that had never spoken to each other: the world of doctors and scientists and medical officials, with the world of human rights activists and lawyers. They had two completely different jargons, and there was at first only cacophony.”

Jonathan Man and Joep Lange speak for the universe

Dr. Mann's zeal on the issue brought him into conflict with the W.H.O. director general, Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, and, in March 1990, Dr. Mann resigned. He went on to raise the point that improvements in health methods, instruments and technology would not alone solve world health issues.

Instead, he said, many diseases and other health problems are rooted in social issues like education and the status of women and in the continuing violations of human rights.

Dr. Mann loves his role in the medical field.When Allegheny University in Philadelphia gave him the chance to become the first dean of a new school of public health, he seized and started doing what he likes best.

Dr. James Curran, the dean of the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta, hired Dr. Mann for the Centers for Disease Control project near the beginning of Dr. Mann's career. 

The job was to go to one of the hottest spots of the Aids epidemic in Africa, in what was then Zaire, to find a program surrounded by suspicion, hostility and little chance of success, Project SIDA in Kinshasa. 

Dr. Mann had never worked on Aids, but the project regarded as the most innovative and important center of Aids research in Africa until it was dissolved by President Mobutu Sese Seko in 1991.

After his terms at Project SIDA and the Global Program on aids, he returned to the Harvard School of Public Health, where he was director of the International AIDS Center, and then director of the Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights. 

He was also the editor of  “AIDS in the World,” which was an array of scientific, practical and human rights articles.

Professor Joep Lange

Here we are, sixteen years later after the plane crash of Jonathan Mann in 1998, facing an airline tragedy again in 2014. Professor Dr. Joep Lange was on board MH17, along with many of his Dutch compatriots, and many of the passengers shared an ultimate destination – the twentieth International Aids Conference in Melbourne, Australia with a solution for the aids problem in the world.  

The scientists from Amsterdam were a special breed. Their kind is very few. They accomplished a long list of a spectacular breakthrough in understanding how HIV disrupted the human immune system, smart ways to prevent transmission of the virus among drug users, carefully and rapid drug discovery and testing.

Like many of the great Aids scientists that toiled through the years of extreme loss and urgency before there was an effective treatment, Joep Lange absorbed the political dimensions of the pandemic and gained the skills necessary to translate lab and clinical findings into high-level battles inside the United Nations and across the global stage. 

He became a leader, in the fullest sense of that words like Jonathan Mann and Joep blended science, medicine, and inspired people towards the help to bring the life-sparing medicines to people in all of the world – not just rich countries.

Joep believed without hesitation that effective treatment, “is like a vaccine,” as he put it. The global epidemic could be stopped, he said, simply by getting every HIV+ person on the planet put on an effective regimen of treatment. 

Once on medicines, he insisted, the load of viruses in their blood, vaginal fluids, and semen would drop so low that they would not be contagious. And that, he said with a grin, will be the end of aids.


Like Ebola, Aids is medical crime world leaders prefer to pretend that everything is fine, yet thousands of people are dying globally. Why are they scared to speak about a disease decimating the earth? Are they guilty and fear to face the law?

Were the scientists on the flight MH17 deliberately murdered to avoid in-depth exposure of the criminals involved in this medical genocide? What if the cure for AIDS were on that plane? 

Both the MH 17 and Swissair Flight SR111air disasters took the lives of prominent Aids researchers who were getting close to vaccines. They were talking about a cure and the end of the aids era. 

We can’t help but we are still wondering how such great people in the field of Aids research lives came to such an abrupt end.

Professor Richard Boyd, director of the Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories, told the Guardian Australian, there were “some serious HIV leaders” on board. 

"This will have ramifications globally because whenever you lose a leader in any field, it has an impact. That knowledge is irreplaceable,” he said.

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  1. What I believe is that one day all this will end. Those who committed this crime in their very own eyes their world will crash in front of them. They will call for assistance but they will not see it. We all know that it is a medical genocide they brought to Africa and the world at large. Sometimes I wonder the conspiracy between W. H. O and all the drug manufacturers. We are all watching.