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Friday, February 23, 2018


Why a newborn baby needs a vitamin K vaccination? Another vaccination issue in Australia

Why a newborn baby needs a vitamin K vaccination? Another vaccination issue in Australia

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."- George Orwell

Vaccination controversies are infinite. The alarming issue here is on the part of the government that lately the numbers of vaccination objectors are growing at an unexpected rate. A hearing was conducted in an expected fashion. 

It was designed to miss the purpose to find out why is it, that more and more parents are hesitant to subject their Children to the recommended mandatory vaccination quota.

The process started with the hearing of the witnesses for reasons of their objections to mandatory vaccinations. Mainly lay persons, whose children have been affected and damaged by vaccination. 

Concerned people who and or whose children may have some health issues and too frightened to go ahead and subject themselves to the uncertainty of vaccines. 

These are people with concerns about the impact of this policy on them and of their loved one's well beings. They are irked by being labeled anti-vaxxers, as the pro-vaccination group bitterly stigmatizing them. 

No issue has been raised the overall devastation of the whole community, should anything go wrong with this experimentation of no one is exempt, regardless of one’s health condition.

-The next group was a pro-vaccine lobbyist with more of a politically correct attitude. ‘Skeptics’ of Dick Smith, ‘Greenies’, Senators, Doctors and other professionals, some Healthcare industry’s turf defenders. Some upper echelon zealots. 

Mocking the previous group, for they are having no ‘real’ professional experts to represent them. (Would a sane Professional be crossing their path?)

 Raising an issue about the connections of vaccines to harmful effects) further, charges being made that some of the vaccine-hesitant group members are having connections with certain health professionals, how much money are they making, how much are they spent on office and computer expenses for the cause of their function.

(What connection is here with the issues of safety of vaccines?) They demanded aggressively that this lobby is banned, dismantled. (some pro vaxxers even demanding that the vaccine skeptics to be imprisoned. ( Aren’t they going too far with their demands now?) One Dr. bragged that his services are free from Pharmaceutical financing. 

One GP, Dr. Kidd said that his two sons are given Gardasil for precautious measures against penis, anal and throat cancers. (well done Dr. Kidd you are really kidding us and by the way, did not you know that the back passage is ought to be a one-way street?) 

There was a great effort on their part of capitalizing on their life saving mission as of a nobleness of their cause, that so many preventable death could be achieved, only if people would go along with the Government’s policy, that the consciences objectors should be coerced and forced upon everybody regardless, in order to save many preventable deaths and the spread of commutable diseases, by applying the ‘carrot and sticks’ principle. 

They have no concerns about any dangers vaccine’s may pose. No remorse for sacrifices for ‘greater good’ as they proudly claiming the mission of their works. Their attitudes indicated that they have no room in their consciousness for compassion or open-mindedness. 

None sympathy at all to those families whose children’s are victims of vaccination. They came across to me as rather arrogant, self-righteous, know it all. (Fabians?) A crowd I rather keep at a safe distance from.

Further, it was agreed in this hearing, that Children from age 12 till the age 20 should get the Gardasil on Medicare rebate. Issues regarding Hep. B shot’s safety, MMR’s emerging futility, ineffective Whooping cough shots, was put conveniently on the back burner. 

As was the issue with Autism and other neurological damages or that there may be a connection between vaccination and ASD other disorders, mainly immunological and neurological including unexplainable death.

-As the vaccinations are increasing so are the number of Autistic Children and all other disorders. If things are continuing at this rate, by a decade time or two there may be half of the population insane or disabled in some ways. No question was asked why newborn babies need Hep. shot. 

Much, rather the main issue was to convince hesitating parents to change their minds to be compliant What tactics to use for the most effective tool to ‘educate’ the hesitant ignorant ‘uneducated’ public.( This is going to be an aggressive policy by any prediction) 

It was further revealed that the tiny percentage of vaccination objectors well under 2 percent of the population. They are the threat for the rest of the populi, the (unclean) dangerous carriers of contagious diseases, they opinioned. 

No mention was how the immunized person can get the disease if being immunized against or even any faint possibility, that the vaccinated ones may spread the diseases they ought to be protected from, by shedding the viral particles and infecting those around them vaccinated or unvaccinated. What is referred to vaccination failures? 

That the vaccines are becoming less and less effective, due to mutated and mutating viruses, mycoplasma’s and not to mention the rest of infectious organisms including and especially the GM species, that are used in vaccine productions. 

The fact, that the vaccinated person is posing danger to infect others, vaccinated or not. The ingredients of vaccines are ‘trade secret ’as their manufacturers are claiming. (what?!) No mention was, of course, the toxicity of Mercury and Aluminum, highly toxic metal nanoparticle’s devastating effect on the nervous and immune systems, etc. etc…

Great emphasis was added to the vaccines fail proof safe and effectiveness- as it would be expected of course. But no studies were presented to prove this. (at least I have no knowledge of, and to this day there is no study proven that mercury Hg. Is not toxic and is safe, what’s more, it is touted as beneficial -as some vaccine zealots are claiming- the necessity to the biological body) 

No mention was that independent unbiased studies should be carried out, that the Autism issue so easily could be demonstrated and the issue be settled once and for all just by a simple animal test.(although we do have this test done on primates and hamsters it is suppressed. Why?) 

Would the vaccine dangers be investigated-as they ought to be- it would hold the Pharmaceutics and their minions liable before the Law, for all damages they causing deliberately. That’s why. This is the legal loophole they are using. Oh, we don’t know. End of issue, carry on business as usual. 

No mention of a neurological damage Mercury is causing. The brain swelling, the BBB (brain blood barrier) not capable to block out Mercury toxicity to the brain. What’s worst chemical additives are added to vaccines as adjuvants serving as Trojan horse in order to make sure that the BBB be penetrated and the brain neurons be infused with mercury. 

No mention of the Pharmaceutics reckless criminal records. That their integrity would be wise to question. No, just trust us. Let the thinking for us and obey. No mention was that some Governments are suing some Pharma. (like India suing Pharma’s over Polio, Bill Gates over Gardasil and there are some other countries as well suing vaccine makers. Even the WHO is in some mischiefs) 

That the simian virus contaminated the Salk, Koprowsky, and Sabin Polio vaccines in the early ‘50s and ’60s, and with the full knowledge of CDC and others in authority, it was administered into unsuspecting children worldwide, despite the warning voiced by some concerned scientists that it may have dire consequences, as those viruses damaging the DNA strands and causing havoc in cell replications. 

That this generation will be a cancer generation. Did not Bernice Eddy warned the US Congress about and it was ignored, she was demoted, ridiculed. The stockpiled vaccines were too precious to be destroyed, rather, they are destroying all of us and our following generations. As it turned out to be, for our greatest sorrow. 

What’s worst, that this virus is transmitted to future generations from parent to child into future generations. What can we think of the AIDS epidemic, where and when and how did it come about? Was the vaccination fever that it brought it about? SV40 is still a big taboo in professional circles. 

Its role is played down that it is totally harmless, denying that it is silencing the P.53 gene that is a crucial arsenal in the immune system that helps to eliminate rogue cells turning cancerous and disabling the body to utilize effectively the vit.D3 for instance. 

What of the vaccinologist of Merck ’s, Maurice Hilleman’s confession, before his death. He spilled some beans. But let’s continue with our topic the Brisbane no jab hearing:

There was a brief brush with some concerns of animal tissues being used in preparations esp. eggs but what of baboon kidneys, insects, infected human’s excrement (yes that’s right, shit) what of diploid the minced up aborted baby tissues mashed up mice brains, dog tissues and so on? 

Not even the faintest hint, of course. Are we having any concerns about sanctity to life, do we have any morals what so ever? Are we resorting to shit eating and cannibalism? None of concerning issues being presented as if none is existing. As for Human rights? What rights? Our rights getting eroded without even being noticed. 

A little bit here a bit there what used to be right is getting wrong what used to be wrong is getting right. Talk about political correctness more correctly Fascism!. Skillfully spanned, a dream, to keep the ignorance of the masses. 

What of human rights issues like the Geneva code, that was accepted by all UN members as to what Fascist Germany did during WW2 never to be repeated again! Here we are in the 21-st century the same UN now enforcing this vaxxinology on the Global population without any justification or necessity as a trial. 

Those German Doctors got a death sentence for their atrocities regardless of their excuses that ‘oh we just followed orders’. What should be the fate of this modern day lunatics, hm? No, nobody like to nag to negate and being booed, abused, ridiculed but if keeping our head buried in the sand what is getting achieved? 

Can we bear any responsibility for our deeds, none of these would cross any of their minds. If we ignore our past errors, are we not prone to repeat them again? Wouldn’t be better to scrutinize the polluted food supply they’re forcing us to eat? So sad and embarrassing, that these people are still being counted, humans. Or maybe they are not. 

Maybe they are Demigods. ( for their brains being wired differently or vaccine damaged?) What’s more, they are our Leaders! Or maybe Tyrants?

I do not wish to dwell on this or that possibility-probabilities one way or another but there is a dire state in the book of Jeremiah the Prophet of old, in his book, 25:33. What is that an epidemic on a global scale? Vaccination may fit the bill should be accidental or deliberate is not relevant now!

ON THE SIDELINE: -Back in the 90’s by accident at the Royal Free Hospital, in London, a Gastroenterologist team involving Dr.Andrew Wakefield hypnotized that there just may be a link of gastro disorders in a group of Autistic Children with the MMR vaccine, as they found measles in sick children’s intestines. (how is this possible?) 

Their finding was published in the ‘Lancet”. The crime that Wakefield committed that he dared to listen to parent’s testimonies.  A Dr. does not suppose to do things like that. He ought to dismiss them first hand and let them be on their own, to dry on the rope. When the issue became public, Rupert Murdoch wowed that this can not be tolerated and to let it stay at that. 

He commissioned his ‘boy’ by the name of Brian Deer, to make a big Media sensation about this. The ‘boy’ did his job and created a big stink, lies, distorted issues, the Media was vindicated. Newspapers sold. The snowball was set to roll, that resulted in Dr.Wakefield’s fall. Lost his job his privileges, his medical license was revoked. Justice was not served- of course. 

The worshipful British Royal Society was entwined in this issue. Lancet revoked the article. Murdoch was celebrating, but Wakefield did not go away quietly. The issue is still in the air and is not going to go away despite the Media spins, smears until something is getting done. When you are innocent, smeared and you are in right how can you cave into corruption?

-Now, Murdoch is a close family friend of guess who? Tony Abbot the Jesuit. We know the saying; ‘you scratch my back and I scratch yours’. Now, should not surprise us the present saga. Tony in a company of his cronies acted in favor to the Media mogul. Did somebody say that the mogul’s son James is high in a leading position to GSC the pharmacy giant? 

This all makes sense is it not? And as for us, we are polarized, divided -yet again. And this is the greatest tool for our controllers. To divide to confuse. Presently our Government is working on to introduce mandatory vaccinations to all adult population as well. 

Adding to the top of their taking ‘good care’ of us, as with water Fluoridation and smudging the skies with Chemtrail spray’s virtually globally at ‘no extra cost’ to us. What are those sprays? Aluminum, barium, coal ashes with heavy mercury contaminants, infectious biological agents etc. 

What next, Prozac to drinking water? I just wonder; do politicians have a license to practice medicine or they are above that? Should we poop our pants and let them go away with all their Draconian schemes, what a big cheerful champagne celebration will be to Pharma’s and of course it’s mouthpiece the Big Media the world’s 3-rd Superpower as Pope John –Paul II. was stating in his ruling time. As of us… -‘useless eaters’- as what we are to them, who cares! Not them for sure.

POSTSCRIPT: -Today is 8 of March 2017. This morning a new surprise hit us with the latest rule of our Tyrants re; vaxx. “No jab-no Doctor”. An order of highest degree by our arrogant Prime minister Malcolm Turn bull or goat or whatever he may be. 

This is an additional persecution on what is started with “No jab-no pay”, ”No jab-no play”, ”No jab-no job” and whatever they will yet be going to the scheme. ( Maybe “No jab-rot in jail”, as it is already demanded by some media outlets, that those parents who refuse to vaxx should be thrown in jail.) 

It is in effect from this day on in Australia that Medical doctors should sack their patients if they are not subjecting themselves to the mandatory vaxx program of their greatest assets, their children. This war is looks getting uglier by the day a telling sign of their desperation. These delusional maniacs are too arrogant, pretending to know all. 

The big pushers in this issue are the American Paul Offit who stated that100.000 vaccine at once won’t harm a child Later he modified his estimation to 10.000. (honestly, I would be keen to see just 1000 jabs in his arse at once) The other is Richard Pen the California congressman who introduced in that state the no exempt from mandatory vaccination, namely the SB277 Bill. 

Pan said that the most dangerous component in vaccines is water. Yes, you heard it right. This morning our AMA top Noche Dr.M.Gannon spilled his pearls of wisdom on the MSM, very proudly among others naming Dr.Wakefield as an unethical doctor fallen from grace. 

Yet nothing can be further from the truth. Dr. Wakefield standing for his principles as an honest caring passionate Physician, who will not bend to corrupting influences, no matter the cost he may have to pay and if he happened to be cheating it is easy to duplicate their work and let the issue rest at that, instead of smears and lying distorted accusations. 

Besides Wakefield is only one of the team. What of the others, hm? Would our dear Dr.M.Gannon be of such a character? Hardly. He showed his true color and should shame himself only if he would know what shame is. Same goes for Offit and Pen too and many others too, unfortunately. 

They are all Drs. so one would think that they still would remember and respect the old Hippocratic oath, that ”Above all DO NOT HARM”. They are very keen to harm our defenseless innocent children for a few million bucks. Misleading the naïve, trusting parents. 

Those toxic- cocktails that are pushing to force into children bloodstreams, instead would they put it in their morning coffees. Would they drink it? I doubt, that they would. But why not? If it is not good enough in coffee why is it good in someone’s bloodstream? 

These days are very challenging times. Dishonesty, bribes, crimes committed by those who ought to care and serve the best interests of a Nation is simply too much to comprehend and things are deteriorating rapidly, by the day. 

Our current Prime Minister is Malcolm Turnbull’s wife Lucy with 6 million shares in vaccines and is a Chairperson for the vaccine maker. Not bad eh?


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