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Thursday, January 25, 2018


It's hard to understand Trump, he is against Autism vaccine, yet quiet over many medical crimes and pharmaceuticals malpractices

It's hard to understand Trump, he is against Autism vaccine, yet quiet over many medical crimes and pharmaceuticals malpractices

One of the clear statements at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018, is: “The pursuit of truth is at the very heart of scientific research. This puts scientists in a challenging situation during a time when “post-truth” is the most recent Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Year."

More than ninety percent of people live in the eye of the hurricane. There it is windless, the sun is shining and you seem safe there. But if you get out of sight, you feel the power of the hurricane.

The search for the truth starts here. While many are angry with us for telling the world that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes engineered by the US government, others interest in our blog has increased. 

We are overwhelmed by the anonymous emails we have been receiving and many do ask us if we are not afraid of choosing such a deadly path.

Fear is a disease that kills millions before their real death, fortunately, we don't have that disease. If Third World leaders, including African leaders, have been brave enough to demand answers from the US government over each crime they commit, there wouldn't be anything like HIV-Aids, Zika virus, and Ebola in medical history today.

But because of fear, no one dares to hold the US government responsible for the crimes they commit against the helpless poor people. What is not possible in Europe and America is always possible in places such as North and South America and Africa because it's easy to shift the blame to poverty. 

The rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer, yet the rich wouldn't like the poor to live in peace. They want to kill all of them with contaminated vaccines and bio-weapons. Vaccines are destroying but corrupt pharmaceutical companies don't want to admit it.

A lot of people are reading the blog "Healthcare News-Secrets of Aids and Ebola" because they believe in what we write and see the blog different from all health blogs. Even the CNN and the BBC that claim to have qualified health journalists are lying over vaccines, HIV, Aids and Ebola.

There are bad scientists that will let you believe in every false medical doctrine or research to mislead the general public and there are also good scientists or doctors that will prove to everyone that not all vaccine or medication is effective for the body.

With the sharp rise of diseases and sicknesses which vaccines have been confirmed to be responsible, then each individual must first decide for himself whether a vaccination or medication really works.

It is clear now and in the past that actual test results of vaccines have been falsified for the benefit of making money and to bring about the depopulation of the world. 

In everything from climate change denial to the anti-vaccine movement, we’re seeing the consequences of a failure to engage with scientific evidence. 

As scientists, it’s more important than ever to uphold our values and to combat the culture of fake news with informed, evidence-based debates.

But how clear are these statements at this meeting attended by someone like José Manuel Barroso?

Merck Sharp & Dome MSD falsification of results

According to former employees that could no longer remain silent, Merck Sharp & Dome MSD falsified medical results and are able to increase vaccine's efficiency to 95%, even though it doesn't work. 

This revelation was made by employees, the virologists Dr. Stephen Krahling and Dr. Joan Wlochowski, in a shocking indictment against Merck, known as the "False Claims Act".

Enthusiastic readers would like to know how Merck did this? It was simply by adding official vaccine tests of animal blood to the human test blood, in which the vaccine was sprayed in order to increase the presence of immune system antibodies.

For example, the 'No Cancer Foundation' lodged a complaint to the European Commission on September 30, 2010, with regard to the Secretary-General Catherin Day, concerning the highly controversial Gardasil vaccine from "Merck."

The content of this complaint actually established that under the chairmanship of José Manuel Barroso on September 20, 2006, by 25 European Commissioners (one per Member State), without a prior positive decision from the responsible ministers from those 25 Member States.

Sanofi Pasteur MSD was granted license for the import of the Gardasil HPV vaccines (environmentally hazardous product) from the American company MERCK & CO, INC, within all member states of the European Union, without Sanofi Pasteur MSD forming the inseparable material safety data sheets (MSDS) which have been together with these Gardasil HPV vaccines. 

Her Excellency Neelie Smit Kroes, a Dutch member of the European Commission under the chairmanship of José Manuel Barroso.

As far as the Netherlands is concerned, in 2004, Neelie Kroes was appointed the European Commissioner for Competition. Her nomination was heavily criticized because of her ties to big business and alleged involvement in shady arms deals. 

Kroes has tried to uphold her integrity; she has to deal with issues concerning competition in industries or industry. Commissioner McCreevy takes over her responsibilities.

According to her husband, Bram Peper, from 1993 to 2001, Kroes relied on astrologers and clairvoyants for personal and business advice. Until 2004, Kroes maintained an office in the castle or Jan-Dirk Paarlberg, a real estate mogul who was convicted to four and a half years in prison for money-laundering and extortion.

One of the astrologers advising Kroes during that time was Lenie Drent, who had been providing business advice to Paarlberg for decades. Kroes holds many side offices, mainly in cultural and social organizations. She is the chairperson of Poets of all Nations, the Delta Psychiatric Hospital and the Rembrandt House Museum.

She was also a member of several boards or commissioners, for instance at Nedlloyd (a shipping company) and Lucent Technologies (an information and communication technologies company). Yes, Neelie Smit-Kroes became one of the most powerful women in the world. Thanks to the companies and the European Union, they were all together in Davos.

European member states

European member states Portugal, Sweden, Germany, France, Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, Spain, Poland, Malta, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Finland, Belgium, Latvia, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Hungary, partly because of their European commissioners in the areas of the environment, environmentally hazardous substances, transport of dangerous goods, working conditions, etc., violate the European directives and their possibly stricter national legislation.

Bulgaria and Romania had no influence at all on this because they were not members of the European Union at the time of authorization.

With the application of these Gardasil HPV vaccines within the Member States of the European Union and the aforementioned Member States very seriously infringe Article 168 (TITLE XIV, Public Health), Article 169 (TITLE XIV, Consumer Protection) and Article 191 (TITLE XX, Environment). the Lisbon Treaty in force from 1 December 2009.

Because no person within the European Union, even the MAF's license holder Sanofi Pasteur MSD, has the MSDS that are inseparable from the Gardasil HPV vaccines, which together form legally "one product" with these vaccines.

'No Cancer Foundation' can't conclude otherwise than that all within the European Union already vaccinated children/women have been used as guinea pigs by the American company, whereby the results of the tests via the MAHI Pasteur MSD license holder go back to the American company MERCK & CO, INC.

The False Claims Act indictment

"Merck added animal antibodies to the blood samples in order to present better test results of the study. Although the company knew that a human body is never able to produce such antibodies. 

The antibodies which were obtained in the laboratory test scenario, can in no way be related to, nor refer to, the reality in which vaccinated people are considered to neutralize viruses."

Of course, it goes without saying Merck denies everything, every claim, also from both whistleblowers, both doctors, who know what they are talking about. 

While history, even the most recent history, shows that all major pharmaceutical companies are involved, routinely, in widespread criminal behavior, such as bribery, conspiracy, fraud, etc., Merck denies everything. 

The company denies taking bribes, having used children for medical experiments, nor having practiced scientific studies through so-called 'ghostwriting.' Moreover, Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski simply tell what has been assumed for a long time.

Why Big Pharma thinks of medicines that fail

The vaccination dream appears to be deeply rooted in the minds of doctors, journalists, but also in the collective field of the population. Because as soon as a normal disease such as polio, measles, mumps or flu spreads, everyone jumps out of fear to the vaccination straw.

More vaccinations are needed

Has your child been injected with a 'vague vaccine substance', manufactured by a dubious, but the especially fraudulent Mafisose club or you provide enough resistance to protect your child? 

Do you live in fear because of the dangerous world of vaccine or you trust vaccines? Before you hand over yourself to be destroyed with a vaccine, let your fear and mistrust save your life because the medical world is adequately corrupt more than what you know. 

"How do they call people to vaccinate?"

They scientifically create an epidemic by ensuring that your vaccines do not work but because of the fear people get vaccinated. Fear is, therefore, the most important marketing tool, which provides the corrupt pharmaceutical world and power-driven directors of Big Pharma profit. 

But do you wonder why this trick and cheating game have not yet been exposed publicly?

Why scientists don't announce publicly that children who were vaccinated against measles turned out to be the children who got the measles? 

A study shows that 97% of the children who received the mumps had already been vaccinated against this childhood disease. And in 2010, in New Jersey, 77% of children affected by mumps were already vaccinated against it.

Most measles came whereby children were already vaccinated against it and you can probably remember the swine flu. Did you know that as many as 20% of the people who had been vaccinated against this flu in 2010, in Great Britain, were still affected? 

Therefore, it turns out that vaccines, contrary to what is claimed, are more likely to support the pandemic than to fight it! 

If possible media houses such as CNN and BBC, health institutions like World Health Organization and Centers for Diseases Control, should shut down their offices forever.

They try hard to maintain a good name but they are part of the rapid destruction of this world, since they have mislead the public with fake news about certain diseases such as HIV-Aids and Ebola meant for earthly cleansing against a particular race.

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