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Friday, January 12, 2018


Donald Trump has the same of Adolf Hitler's ideology and philosophy which led to the killing of six million Jews

Donald Trump has the same of Adolf Hitler's ideology and philosophy which led to the killing of six million Jews

A wakeup call for African leaders

Hatred against other races motivates people to make racist comments and commit horrible crimes, such as the coverup bio-weapons Aids and Ebola genocides in Africa by the US government. 

History reveals how Adolf Hitler killed six million Jews because of hate, while in the Republic of Congo, 10 million Africans; including women and children were butchered by the orders of a greedy Belgian King, Leopold II. 

Today, he has a statue in Brussels for the recognition of that evil he did.

It's hard to understand why a particular race (black people) have to be targeted and subjected to all kinds of cruelties. The black man has lost his identity because of slavery, colonial aggression, oppression, Apartheid and medical crimes.

In the United States of America, hardly you’ll hear of a black policeman kills white American but very common white police officers shooting and killing black people.

Racism is an incurable disease without a medicine. Church leaders, footballers, peacemakers, and many organizations have contributed huge efforts fighting against racism throughout the world but it’s not working.

Therefore, it’s a bit strange if an American president will rather promote racism. Donald Trump doesn’t  respect himself. His behaviour and comments as a leader are disgusting. 

His comments against immigrants, especially black people expose America as a government truly behind the deliberate spread of diseases among black nations. So why should people doubt if the US government is accused of Aids and Ebola medical crimes?

Donald Trump is a man who doesn’t deserve to be an American president, even though there is no past American leader who was a saint. All American leaders lay hands on the Bible to swear before taking office, after that, they preach vice and commit crimes clandestinely. The reason things are falling apart.

Donald Trump has no manners and therefore speaks without thinking. If Trump's statement comes back to haunt him, he often denies that he hasn’t said it. 

Since taking office as the president of the United States of America, Trump has made very horrible comments which often come back to haunt him. 

On our health blog, we have published many articles about the roles the US government, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease played by testing the bio-weapons Aids and Ebola in Africa.

We have also published enough articles about how the Haitians boat people in the US refugee camps were deliberately infected with diseases by the US government. THE SAGA OF HAITIAN BOAT-PEOPLE GIVEN DISEASES AT THE USA REFUGEE CAMPS

Thus, we weren’t surprised when Trump said recently that all Haitians have Aids. Knowing perfectly well that he has implicated himself in that comment, Trump later denied that he hasn’t made that statement. WHY DONALD TRUMP DENIES SAYING ‘ALL HAITIANS HAVE AIDS?’

Recently Trump said, that Nigerians in America ‘never go back to their huts in Africa.’ How could a president make such a discriminatory statement? 

As if that is not enough just this Thursday, President Trump described Haiti and unspecified African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with senators on Thursday about immigration.

Africa is not a continent of interest to many people, yet some successful businessmen are the first people to share their African experience in regard to business. 

There is NO RECORD IN AMERICA’S HISTORY THAT TRUMP HAS BEEN TO AFRICA BEFORE and surely, Trump will never visit Africa. 

Trump is a professional liar and a hypocrite like most American leaders. Very scared to visit London because of the unfriendly political storm waiting for his arrival, he cancelled the trip and shifts the blame to Obama. 

Finally, those against Trump for making such derogatory comments against Africa and Haitians should be the first people to give Africa justice because Aids and Ebola are medical crimes and the US government is responsible.

We have said it many times, we shall repeat it one more time that European and American leaders have no respect for African leaders. This latest derogatory statement by Trump is a wakeup call for African leaders.

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