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Monday, January 1, 2018


Kim Jong Un of North Korea has proved to be the world's stubbornness leader because he is aware of America's clandestine crimes

Kim Jong Un of North Korea has proved to be the world's stubbornness leader because he is aware of America's clandestine crimes

There are many deceptive medical articles about Ebola circulating on the internet. Such articles are meant to confuse readers and prevent people that lack knowledge on the origin of the disease to know that Ebola is a bio-weapon created by the US government to support its global depopulation programs.

We read a lot of such deceptive articles but once in a while, we like to bring one on board to our blog for our numerous readers. In a newspaper called 'HAARETZ,' one of such articles entitled 'Scientists Manage to Inhibit Ebola Reproduction in Lab,' caught our attention.

According to the article, "scientists have managed to inhibit the reproduction of Ebola virus in laboratory conditions. Whether the breakthrough can translate into an actual drug is an open question, but the good news is that if it can, the product is likely to work on all Ebola strains and maybe on some other vicious viruses as well."

We don't only consider such articles as measures to thwart our efforts by providing the right information on Ebola but also consider it a dangerous article for the general public. The fact is that it is not now that scientists are trying or have tried to create the Ebola virus. 

The virus which was tested in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, in West Africa, which killed thousands of people in the year 2014,  has long been created in the US laboratories and therefore, existed. Some terrorists have even tried to use it because they are aware that it existed. 

It will be recalled that on September 9, 2016, we published an article about the Japanese cult leader, Aum Shinrikyo, infamous for setting off sarin gas in a Tokyo subway in 1995, also targeted Ebola as a potential biological weapon. 

In 1992, they sent a medical group of 40 people ostensibly to provide aid, during an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


With such a great evidence why must a newspaper or health magazine carries an article telling readers that scientists have managed to inhibit the reproduction of Ebola virus in laboratory conditions? This doesn't make sense. Beware! Readers.

These are some of the articles which have enhanced the US government and Western Europe politicians, the officials of World Health Organizations and the Centers for Diseases Control to enjoy impunity. Until our death, we shall continue to expose them.

We have been saying all the time, yet we shall repeat it when it's necessary that we don't want any support because those who walk on the path of truth have no friends. But for the sake of living a healthy life, the general public mustn't put all their trust in the World Health Organization or in the Centers for Disease Control. 

We know who they are and they know who we are. We call ourselves the unknown celebrities and we call them the famous assassin celebrities.

Why is Kim Jong Un behaving in this way?

Many are angry with the North Korean leader for violating every rule by continuous testing of ballistic missiles. He has even overcome and ignored all the sanctions put on his country and still tested missiles last year. But what the media has failed to ask is: Why Kim Jong Un very stubborn and disrespectful to America?

Kim Jong Un is not a saint but he knows whatever the American government does clandestinely, including the testing of bio-weapons, especially in Third World Countries. Aids, Ebola, Zika Virus etc; are all bio-weapons under the medical management of the United States of America.

Intelligent people or readers know our medical writers write the truth but the morons call our articles conspiracy theories but we don't care whatever name the ignorant will call our blog. If we weren't on the right path, our blog wouldn't have been a nightmare to liars such as the World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control and politicians.

Kim Jong Un of North Korea knows the type of country America is and the crime they commit clandestinely, therefore the man is not going to give up his nuclear projects because America has all those projects in stock. Let North Korea be stupid to give up its nuclear weapons project, America will strike.

The man, Kim Jong Un is not an African leader, America should know by now, the reason he was brave enough to expose America when they tested Ebola in West Africa.

They know the quality of our blog and its contents the reason they are scared to death. We will continue to plead with our readers to be careful about such misleading and bad articles about health circulating on the internet.

Apart from North Korea exposing the US government for testing Ebola in West Africa, the RUSSIA ACCUSES BILL GATES OF INFECTING CONGOLESE VILLAGERS WITH EBOLA

Everyone will die but please don't let someone cut your life short with fake vaccines, medicines, hand-made diseases, and bio-weapons because of the love for money. They are devil worshippers.

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