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Sunday, January 14, 2018


African countries’ ambassadors to the UN are demanding retraction and an apology from Trump for calling Africa ‘Shithole-countries.’

African countries’ ambassadors to the UN are demanding a retraction and an apology from Trump for calling Africa ‘Shithole-countries.’

While many countries around the world, including African countries, angry after Trump called African countries 'shithole,' many are also shifting the blame to African leaders, because they are partly responsible for the disrespect to Africa.

African leaders uncared behavior towards Africans at home and abroad, their corruptive nature and their irresponsibility underestimate both African leaders and Africans, portraying the continent useless and unfruitful.

Imagine a continent that has suffered all kinds of persecutions through slavery, colonial aggression and brutality, horrors of Apartheid, racism, and discrimination, once again suffered medical crimes, after bio-weapons HIV-Aids and Ebola were tested yet no African leader asked the US government responsible for those medical genocides any question.

How do they want Trump to value them, cheap or efficient? Truly, Trump sees African countries as ‘shitholes’ because they failed to demand answers for those medical genocides.

Let’s assume that African leaders aren’t educated so they don’t know that Aids and Ebola were bio-weapons. But what action did they take after the Russian and North Korea leaders exposed the US government for testing Ebola virus in Africa?

The Aids and Ebola aid given to assist patients in Africa goes into their pockets. They think Trump doesn’t know about that? Trump wouldn’t call African countries ‘Shithole’ if he is not aware that African leaders are corrupt.

According to Trump, last year, "African leaders oppress their people. He said further that African leaders are greedy and do not care about the people. African leaders can't lead by example and only interested in accumulating wealth from poor taxpayers." 

No one should blame Trump for calling African countries ‘Shithole’ blame African leaders. They are appalling and inefficient. Many European and American leaders have no respect for African leaders, let alone Africans. 

Trump can’t keep his mouth shut the reason he is now in trouble for making such derogatory comments against Africa but other European and American leaders play their games of hypocrisy behind African leaders.

If African leaders failed to react after Aids and Ebola bio-weapons were tested in Africa why are they demanding an apology from Trump after calling African countries ‘shithole.’

Respect is not earned, it is given as a recognition to those that achieved it, therefore, if African leaders want to be respected they must cultivate the habit to live independently and stop depending on foreign aid. 

They must stop begging for money and food from European and American leaders.

Africa has a lot to feed every nation if the resources are well utilized. After colonization, China has taken over African resources while China develops leaving Africa behind.

Chinese President Deng Xiaoping once said: Africans have the land and the only thing Africa needs are true friends who come to share their ideas and experience with Africa.

But those new ideas should be guided and developed by Africans themselves. African leaders must ponder over this to save the continent from more embarrassment.

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