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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Dennis Rodman, the ex-basketball player could probably be the most respected man in America by Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman, the ex-basketball player could probably be the most respected man in America by Kim Jong-Un

On December 11, 2017, Daily Express, one of United Kingdom newspapers writes "Dennis Rodman will visit North Korea again to 'unite Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un'." We weren't surprised at all.

According to the paper, the US BASKETBALL legend Dennis Rodman will visit North Korea after arriving in Beijing amid fears over nuclear armageddon, it can be revealed.

Despite not revealing the reason for his visit to China, Mr. Rodman said: “There is a possibility of visiting North Korea soon after Beijing," the paper said.

It will be recalled that on June 24, 2017, we published KIM JONG-UN WILL LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF RODMAN THAN ANY AMERICAN LEADER

The US government could have reached a solution and build a friendly relationship with Kim Jong Un, through Dennis Rodman, but many times black people are underestimated, thus; Mr. Rodman was ignored.

It’s clear that Kim Jong Un has respect for Dennis Rodman more than any American leader. His love for black people has no boundary. He was the first world leader to expose the US government for testing Ebola virus on African grounds.

During an interview ‘On Good Morning Britain today’ Piers Morgan wasn’t happy when he questioned Dennis Rodman, the ex-American basketball player about his friendship with the North Korea leader.

Morgan asked Rodman what he does when he visits North Korea and if he believes Kim is really a threat. 

"We laugh, we sing karaoke, we do a lot of cool things together, we ride horses, we hang out, we go skiing," Dennis told the host. 

But the television presenter was shocked by the answer Rodman gave him, replying: "This is quite extraordinary."

When Rodman chuckles, unpleased Morgan retorted, “It’s not a laughing matter.”

The question everyone wants to know is why Piers Morgan decides to interview Dennis Rodman now after North Korea has ignored and violated every rule and continue testing ballistic missiles?

It’s unfortunate that Trump has wasted enough time and no one knows yet if he considers such visit in the future. However, it’s not too late. 

We shall repeat it once again, “Kim Jong Un will listen to the voice of  only Dennis Rodman because he has no respect for any American leader.

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