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Thursday, November 16, 2017


Unconfirmed report reveals the military government in Zimbabwe has placed Robert Mugabe under house arrest

Unconfirmed report reveals the military government in Zimbabwe has placed Robert Mugabe under house arrest

Has the military taken over in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe now under house arrest? Unconfirmed reports say the sudden military takeover is necessary to avoid the Zimbabwean leader to hand over power to his wife who is not recognized in the Zimbabwean struggle for liberation.

The question many Africans want to know: Is democracy actually good for Africa? Africans will soon know that in the name of democracy, the continent has suffered more than any continent in the world because through democracy the Western Europe and the United States government committed all its crimes including the testing of bio-weapons HIV-Aids and Ebola in Africa.

The American government can't stand military government. Has anyone taken the trouble to find out the reason? They find it extremely hard to commit crimes in countries running a military government, thus; it's their priority to brainwash the world that democracy is the only government suitable for every country.

Fidel Castro wouldn't permit democracy to infest Cuba

The Cuban government under Castro was aware of how the US government uses democracy to destroy and kill with impunity. The reason his government didn't allow democracy to influence Cuba. How many times did the US government try to assassinate Fidel Castro but all abortive because he wouldn't embrace that useless democracy?

The Cubans should continue to thank Castro in his grave because if the US government has had the chance to penetrate the country, the Cubans would have suffered mysterious diseases to cripple the administration of Castro. 

Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana knew Africa's enemy is the Western Europe and America

In Africa, leaders like Kwame Nkrumah and Lumumba saw the doom that awaits Africa and started opposing the US government and Western Europe. Seen as the biggest threat, in a coup supported by the CIA, Nkrumah was overthrown and Lumumba was assassinated by the Belgian government, also aided by the CIA.

This should have given African leaders a little common sense to be careful when dealing with the US government and Western Europe.But the fact that the corrupt African leaders can't keep the state money they steal in Africa, they continue to collaborate with America and Europe and this has cost Africa dearly.

North Korean leader accuses the US government of testing Ebola in Africa

What is the significance of African leaders if Kim Jong Un of North Korea will accuse the US government of testing Ebola virus on African soil as a bio-weapon? This shows how stupid and ignorant African leaders are and in fact, many don't deserve to rule Africans because they only care about their votes but not the welfare of the suffering masses.

About crime committed by the US government, at the U.N. General Assembly in New York, 2007, Robert Mugabe said:

“Let Mr. Bush read history correctly. Let him realize that both personally and in his representative capacity as the current President of the United States, he stands for this “civilization” which occupied, which colonized, which incarcerated, which killed. He has much to atone for and very little to lecture us on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. His hands drip with the innocent blood of many nationalities.”

We mustn't forget what Zimbabwe went through shortly before attaining independence in the year 1980. ZIMBABWE FORMERLY RHODESIA: THE AIDS FORGOTTEN COUNTRY. Probably this is the reason Mugabe has held on to power for decades because of the fear of the destruction of the country he suffered for.

Corrupt African leaders follow the US government's democracy

Due to the corrupt nature of African leaders and their inability to question the US government about the bio-weapons Aids and Ebola which have killed thousands of Africans, Africa deserves military rule. 

Birds of the same feather flock together. The corrupt American government keeps and supports the corrupt African leaders in power and since they can't keep the state money they steal, the money is either deposited in Europe or America.

The US government is aware of the Africans leaders that have deposited large sums of money in their banks, thus, as long as they remain silent without questioning the US government about the Aids and Ebola medical crimes, the US government wouldn't expose them.

Africans have the right to tell their leaders to step down if they don't care about the welfare of the suffering masses and if persuasion fails, force must be applied to change the government. Thus; the military regime is welcomed in Africa. 

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