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Sunday, November 12, 2017


Sex scandals against Harvey Weinstein have encouraged women suffering in silence to come forward

Sex scandals against Harvey Weinstein have encouraged women suffering in silence to come forward

In a corrupt world that if one doesn't appear on the television you are not considered a human being, many will do everything at all cost to be famous or successful in whatever careers they are pursuing.

There are sex scandals emerging in America and Britain involving politicians and high government officials, affecting the careers of many and resulting in the resignation of others too.

Everyone has a desire for prosperity but which way would you choose to become whatever you want to be? Actresses thirst for fame was the advantage for Harvey Weinstein to rape and sleep with many of them.

For all these years the affected film actresses have enjoyed their successful careers without making any report against Weinstein but then as soon as one person came forward to make an allegation against the movie producer the rest followed.

Actually, it's easier for a woman to report rape or sexual harassment to the authorities but Weinstein victims failed to do that. Does it mean that some willingly slept with him or unwilling just to be successful in their careers?

Sex allegations and a series of claims about inappropriate behaviour have also damaged the reputation of some British politicians. The world is disintegrating because people like to live an unworthy life.

What do we have to learn from these leaders that have caused pain and put their victims through psychological torture? 

Sex scandals never stop, yesterday it was ex-president Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby, today is Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Louis C K, and Michael Fallon. Who is the next? 

Why are mean losing their esteem and falling down because of women? Do they want to get back the rib God took from man to create a woman?

There is only one way to a promising future no matter how educated you are. Let your 'yes be yes' and 'no be no' and live a clean life. 

The men in sex scandals aren't aware yet how their behaviours have destroyed their families. 

For decades Hollywood has been on the lips of many as a 'brothel hostel.' Thus, the claim of all those victims is an ample evidence. 

To live clean and in the truth is very difficult because we are imperfect human beings but they are part of life's powerful tools that build a happy life.

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