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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Nepalese women behind sewing machine: Organization  Peace & Co-operative Society Nepal has offered solutions to various women through sewing

Nepalese women behind sewing machine: Organization  Peace & Co-operative Society Nepal has offered solutions to various women through sewing

According to the ‘Nepali Times,’ there are nearly 40,000 Nepalese living with HIV or AIDS, six times the total number of hospital beds in the country and the disease will soon be the leading cause of death in the age group between 15 to 49.

Like Africa, Asia, and America, many organizations have intensified the fight against HIV/Aids. One of such organizations is the NGO, Peace & Co-operative Society Nepal which gives support for the sake and welfare of the Nepalese women, youth, and children.

To make this mission a grand success in Nepal, under the administration of Kula Devi Dhungana the members of the team work together and providing assistance for affected families.

The group on Adolescence, Sexual and Reproductive Health Education, mainly focusing on HIV/AIDS. However, all the programs are interrelated with each other.

The incubation period for AIDS varies. Adults AIDS patients may take an average of 10 years to develop. Many of these carriers of AIDS have no symptoms but can infect healthy people. 

The root cause of Aids in Nepal is by sexual contact with the partner having HIV, transfusion of infected blood or blood products, sharing of infected needles in youths. In certain case childbirth by an infected mother.  

The lack of education and poverty have also increased the rate of HIV/Aids in Nepal. Our Detail Program to reduce such infection in Nepal, by giving ample information on the disease through education. for everyone to understand how HIV and AIDS are spread.

What can the Nepalese do to protect themselves? We are encouraging people to change sexual behavior and to practice safe sex at all times, promoting openness, so we can break down the stigma and silence surrounding HIV/AIDS and support them to provide clinical and medical facilities regularly.

Making everyone aware of the plight of people living with AIDS and the problems faced by their families, and mobilizing communities to help care for people who are affected and show good manner to them as other normal people.

Some of the members of the women empowerment for single women in Nepal

Some of the members of the women empowerment for single women in Nepal

Encouraging testing for all people who are sexually active and make sure there is proper counseling that goes with the testing. Ensuring people understand their rights and the treatment options once they have been diagnosed. 

Educating and preventing people by different methods like pamphlets, billboards, radio, workshops, drama, TV talks and so on.

Proper education and counseling on the healthy living of life for infected persons. Distribution of condoms to sex workers in various public places like dance bars, massage centers at different interval of time and further counseling not to involve in such activities or to reduce sex partners. 

Provide rehabilitation and conduct various tour programs to divert their mind and to bring positive changes about their thinking and lifestyle and share their problems with each other with infected persons.

We are providing education, health, shelter and other basic needs to the children of an infected person and who are financially incapable of providing such facilities to their children by various reasons, especially to the victims of the deadly earthquake of April 2015. 

We are carrying these above activities rarely at very low level due to lack of available resources. If we could conduct above-mentioned programs at the national level then there will be a high chance of positive results reducing the rate of HIV infected person to very low rate.

We are seeking grants from other sources as well to grow our activities and make Nepal free of HIV/AIDS. So if you and your team support us in our activities and be a helping hand to support infected persons in Nepal would be the golden opportunity for us.

Mrs. Kula Devi Dhungana, the director behind  Peace & Co-operative Society Nepal

Mrs. Kula Devi Dhungana, the director behind  Peace & Co-operative Society Nepal

Assistance to Nepalese single women to be self-independent

Like many other countries, Nepal also has thousands of single mothers. How to learn something significant and avoid being a burden on society has inspired our organization to them a good future. Organization  Peace & Co-operative Society Nepal has offered solutions to various women through sewing.

After training many of those single mothers engaged in work or get established as a seamstress. 

"Despite all our efforts, we still have many barriers ahead of us," says  Madam Kula Devi Dhungana, the director for Peace & Co-operative Society Nepal. The people are many, therefore we often face financial difficulties hindering our services.

Our main goal is to highlight our work globally through the social media as possible. Our sincere thanks to anyone who may be interested in our diverse services for women. 

Any assistance in the form of money and pieces of equipment such as computers and sewing machines will be appreciated. 

Thanking you and looking forward to working with anyone for the sake of Nepalese women. 

Contact detail: 

Mrs Kula Devi Dhungana. Chairman. Peace & Co-operative Society Nepal 

Address: Mahalaxmi-2, Lalitpur, Nepal. Email:

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