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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Holidays in Africa: Europeans and Americans on holidays in Africa should always be careful

Holidays in Africa: Europeans and Americans on holidays in Africa should always be careful

The media plays an important role in the society but in regard to the truth about Aids and Ebola, the mainstream media and the American government have totally disappointed Americans to the extent of putting their lives in danger.

The World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control, the American government and the media have generated tons of hatred for Europeans and Americans, yet innocent Europeans and Americans aren't aware of some of the dangers and trap they often walk into in Africa and other places.

The recent killing of four American soldiers in Niger, Africa, is one of the setbacks to the US government, in terms of security.  According to the CNN in the region of Niger, the US has enemies all around because the country shares a border with Mali, where an al Qaeda affiliate and other Islamist groups thrive in the vast desert. 

It also borders Libya, where ISIS and other extremists are regrouping, and Nigeria, where Boko Haram is a major challenge. 

Yes, it's true that the American government has enemies but CNN has avoided reporting the significant truth and shifting the blame on terrorist groups. There are many factors which put the lives of Americans in danger. 

Apart from the invasion and destruction of Libya and Iraq by the American government, about 75% of the African nation is now fully aware that HIV-Aids and Ebola which have ravaged Africa were the hands' work of the American government, thus many 'crazy' Africans are finding the right opportunity to hurt Americans. 

The media and the US government will not tell Americans to be careful in Africa because they aren't ready to speak the truth or let the world know about the clandestine medical crimes, especially Aids, which is sweeping the world of both young, adults and old to their untimely graves.

But whether the US government speaks the truth or not that wouldn't help the country in any way. Americans are now targeted in many African countries due to those medical crimes. Africans can endure the reason they are quiet but that doesn't mean that they are stupid.

Despite the hate for the writers of this health blog and efforts to sabotage our work to suppress the truth, we shall always try our best to provide the right information to the innocent Europeans and Americans to be careful when they travel to Africa because your leaders will not tell you the truth.

Your leaders can't simply tell you the truth when ambushed and killed in Africa because of hate over the US government's role to destroy the human race. Overwhelmed with fear, the US government can't even mention the names of the two diseases. (Aids and Ebola). 

Both the American and the Western Europe governments are being haunted by the ghosts of the restless victims they have callously murdered by bio-weapons to fulfill the US government bio-weapons project for global depopulation.

Europe and America citizens wouldn't demand answers from their leaders because they want to protect their careers and to avoid being called a traitor but everyone mustn't forget that when it rains it doesn't fall on one man's house. The present and future generation will reap or receive the wages of the evil their fathers and mothers (politicians) have planted. 

How can Africa be so rich materially but very poor? This is the way European and American leaders want it but Kim Jong-Un of North Korea will not permit that to happen to his country. The reason he is ready to face the American government squarely.

The only rich country with the cheapest airline, Libya, was destroyed by the US government, yet African leaders ignorantly follow the government which has done so much harm to the continent.

Africans in Europe and America take thousands of Euros and dollars to buy tickets to their respective countries because there is no more Afriqiyah airline. 

The world is changing rapidly. A time will come all African countries will pull their memberships from the International Criminal Court and close all the US airforce bases in Africa. 

The US government is nothing more than the most oppressive and corrupt government in the world.

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