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Sunday, October 22, 2017


The little boy with Kim Jong-Un's haircut in Antwerp: Photo by Joel Savage

The little boy with Kim Jong-un's haircut in Antwerp: Photo by Joel Savage

For some time, I have to reason and wonder who might be the barber of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un and what's the name of that his fearful haircut? 

It's great to be young but both at school and at home we received punishment for every sin or error we committed, including cutting a hairstyle which the school head teacher or our parents find it inappropriate.

Definitely, I know that during my school days in Africa, I wouldn't have escaped the lashes of my father for bringing such a 'Bad Boy Hair Style' to the house. 

Recently, I read that the North Korean leader is reportedly making the haircut a mandate for all young men in North Korea. 

Do hairstyles speak about the people that bear them? Apart from the verbal war between the North Korean leader and Donald Trump, the hairstyle of Kim Jong-Un has captured media's attention.

On the social media some photoshop images of Trump and Kim Jong-Un, swapping hairs emerged just to imagine how the two leaders would look like. Some of the images are humorous indeed and it seems Kim's hairstyle has given him more recognition worldwide.

Last Saturday, while waiting for the metro at station Astrid in the central station of Antwerp, one of the tram heading to Merksem, a suburb in Antwerp appeared and a group of school children under the care of three adults descended onto the platform.

Among the children, I spotted a nice Asian plumb boy wearing the same hairstyle of the North Korean leader. After every attempt to take him a picture failed because of his constant movements, I finally had a shot of him.

Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader

Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader

The little boy parents are obsessed and proud of the North Korean leader to the extent that they are turning the little boy to Kim Jong-Un. 

The US government has dominated the world's political scene with pride, arrogance, interference, and crime until Kim Jong-Un of North Korea appeared to humiliate and disgrace the US government.

Many people around the world are now behind the North Korean leader and it seems we have found one of his supporters in Antwerp, Belgium, too.

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