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Saturday, October 28, 2017


There is no democracy in America and if there is then it needs the help of a psychologist.

There is no democracy in America and if there is then it needs the help of a psychologist. Photo credit: Felix Salmon 

On April 12, 2017, we published an article entitled 'The Bible Prophesy About The Impending Third World War,' which prophecies pertaining this Third World War, can be read in the Bible.

The Bible is recommended to be the best book to read, unfortunately, the book is given less recognition by many people. Actually, if the Bible is given a second look and studied thoroughly it would have transformed many a man to live in accordance of what God requires to create a beautiful world. 

But in this present world, greed and riches of a man wouldn't permit him to know the right from wrong. Since money is power, some rich people do the evil things many will argue about but the truth is they did it. 

People like Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, Rothchild, Soros, Hitler, Stalin, Emperor Hirohito, Stalin, Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein and others not mentioned are involved in clandestine crimes while other became dictators because of their wealth.

What drove those past and present people in power to be so cruel? And as wolves, what kind of sheep clothes were they wearing that the poor and the common man don't see or believe their criminal activities?  

Some are dead and gone but what is the forthcoming madness the living ones are preparing us for? 

In public and on the television they have admirers and followers, yet they sponsor global depopulation. Millions have died from HIV-Aids, followed by Ebola but those responsible are enjoying impunity today. 

But how can one commit such a crime and escape punishment yet they are hunting for terrorists? Does it make sense? This is the reason European and American leaders have lost respect in the eyes of thousands around the globe because they are commonly seen as political criminals.

They are like vampires sucking the blood of the sufferer and armed to the teeth they abuse their trust putting the lives of everyone in danger because no one knows the hour the terrorist is going to strike. 

What's in a name? My dearest Kim Jung Un, Donald Trump and others who are power thirsty? It is the Lord's authority and against his anointed princess: "Come," they say, "let us tear up their tires until all power lies in our hands "!

The rulers of the world are no more or less proclaiming or acting to destroy the world. Our world!! But why destroying Africa with aids and Ebola? The continent of our heritage? 

What can Africa expect from dictators such as Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and their counterpart China? They also excavate the continent's rich mineral resources and destroy Africa at the same time. God only knows the penalty!

Who are those who think they have power and in heaven? God laughs at them because he uses them as his footstool. You might not believe in God because you don't see him but fear the one you don't see because he will come in the night like a thief to seek his revenge.

Who lives forever that people's heart is full of hatred, greed, and hypocrisy? Who lives forever that the world is full of racism while others claim superiority? A child who wouldn't let his mother sleep by crying the whole night will also not sleep.

This is the reason there is no peace in this world because bad people like terrorists think they are right to kill innocent people for the crime the world leaders have committed. 

Including the crime George Bush committed in Iraq, the medical crime the European and American governments committed in Africa, including Liberia, Guinea, and Liberia and the role Bill Clinton played in the Rwandan genocide.

The Bible says "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away." The reason God lives forever. He is slow to anger but his judgment is bitter. 

He knows his time, He is the Lord of the Lord. He will speak from His high throne and frighten them in his fury: "I dedicated my anointed to a king on Mount Zion, the mountain of holiness."

I call out the word of the Lord on earth. I call out the word to ordinary people because He spoke to me, "See, John the Baptist, I raise you today, yesterday and tomorrow. You are my son to my free council decision." 

"Ask Me: I'll take care of you. Behold, all the people to the farthest, all the earth give me in your power You will break the earthen vessel with iron, yes, it's broken by your great power of words."

It is said in Psalm 2; “O, O king, be wise. Let's say, judges without reason. Fear God the Lord and serve him according to his requirement, rejoice, seek your peace with him Please kiss the son, that you may not perish on your way. Too light he is tapped and can ignore his greed against you. But be blessed to hide from his heart.

Yes, dictators of this world “Psalm Two” is written for you! But dictators, why are you not listening? The word democracy has lost its power long time ago. Democracy lasted no more than a few decades in the past century. 

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron and Angela Merkel, no matter how hard they fight for democracy, an atomic war will end all there aspirations because rulers act like children shooting missiles and throwing bombs towards each other to show their muscles. 

But all those rulers acting in accordance with the prophecies in the Bible proclaiming about the impending Third World War long are blind to see that those prophesy were made decades before they came into power.

In the fifth century, we dealt with another dictator called Attila The Hun, and one of the most famous references to Attila is the saying: Where Attila has passed, no more grass grows. 

And once Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump passed, it's not only grass that will be no more but also human beings. They will be exterminated. Democracy? Believe it, it's a phantom of America because it doesn't exist.

"Playing smart to deceive people is stupidity which affects a whole nation. That's America's problem."- Scientist and micro-surgeon Johan Van Dongen.

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