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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump: Despite the North Korean leader's stubbornness, many world leaders are supporting him than Trump

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump: Despite the North Korean leader's stubbornness, many world leaders are supporting him than Trump

Every intelligent world leader knows what the US government stands for. They convince everyone that America is a land of opportunity, freedom, dreamland, and democracy but all those opportunities are simply baits to cover up the true identity of a country which has caused so much pain to many countries around the world.

Decades after America manipulating and controlling countries in Africa, Asia, the North and South America politically, Third World Countries are desperately trying to break free from the cruel snare of the US government, a country which preaches virtue yet practices vice.

Apart from the political leaders ruling the country, there is no organization servicing humanity's interest which hasn't violated the human right or committed a grave crime against humanity. Yet, whatever crime the United Nations, World Health Organization, Center for Diseases Control commit they always enjoy impunity. 

The World Health Organization, Center for Diseases Control, the Food and Drug Administration, UNICEF, the United Nations, have all indulged in serious crimes against humanity with impunity. Some of these crimes are very serious that needed certain organizations to be shut down indefinitely, instead, the crimes are either covered or they simply escape justice.

The bad decisions and crimes the American and Western Europe politicians commit have inspired terrorists to cause havoc, fear, and destruction in our community today. Like every time, it's the innocent people that reap the wages of the sins they commit.

Crazy Islamic groups cut off the heads of innocent Americans because the government commits crimes they 'consider part of the American policies.' The invasion of Iraq and Libya were some of the senseless acts ever conducted by the American government. 

The fear of Iraq been a powerful nation because of its rich oil resources, pushed America to invade Iraq under the false claim that the country has a weapon of mass destruction. The US government killed thousands of Iraq citizens, including women and children, without finding any weapons of mass destruction in the country. 

The US government used a chemical weapon during the invasion but state Department lied, maintaining that US forces used white phosphorus shells "very sparingly in Fallujah, for illumination purposes." They were fired "to illuminate enemy positions at night, not at enemy fighters." 

Those responsible, Tony Blair of Britain and former US president, George W. Bush are now enjoying impunity while they hunt for terrorists who are paying Europe and America for the crimes they committed in Iraq and Libya. 

The political world is full of hypocrisy, lies, and crimes to the extent that many are resigning from their posts. The media is full of hypocrisy and lies as well because each fear to report the truth. People are so fed up that they are no longer interested in listening to the news.

The North Korean government even though under sanctions continues humiliating the US government

The North Korean government even though under sanctions continue humiliating the US government

Under the US GOVERNMENT BIO-WEAPONS PROJECT FOR GLOBAL DEPOPULATION, America triggered Ebola, decades after covering the Aids genocide which they were also responsible. The US government has caused much suffering and killed thousands of people via bio-weapons,  thus; many world leaders are no more interested in America unless the corrupt ones.

Tension between America and the North Korea

For decades the US government has struck fear and enjoyed supremacy throughout the whole world but everything suddenly changed when North Korea decides to face America squarely to end its bullies, underestimation, intimidation, and global bio-weapon crimes.

The North Korean government has humiliated the American government in such a way that America has lost its respect in the eyes of many world leaders. The fact that America interferes in global politics and commit many crimes against humanity have generated hate for the country, thus, many are now behind the North Korea.

The political turmoil we are witnessing in America at the moment is just the tip of the iceberg. More chaos is underway.

Frankly speaking, many people around the world, including some Americans have lost interest in the US government because the government has violated Human Rights and committed horrendous crimes against humanity than any country in the world.

What ever sanctions they put on North Korea will only create hardship for the people but that is not going to change or tame Kim Jong-Un. The world has suffered enough and now everyone, including Africans look on North Korea to deal with America ruthlessly on their behalf for Aids and Ebola in Africa.

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