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Thursday, September 7, 2017


Kim Jong-Un of North Korea continues degrading and humiliating the American government 'like never before'

Kim Jong-Un of North Korea continues degrading and humiliating the American government 'like never before' 

Unlike Trump, the North Korean leader is a very short man by nature, who doesn't waste much time babbling, talking or tweeting. His extraordinary haircut makes him look cruel indeed and he doesn't care what people say about him. 

Kim Jong-Un, as known in the field of politics, is a man on a mission, destined to do what many world leaders have tried and failed. To stop the bully, discrimination, political interference and the US government bio-weapons project for global depopulation, after accusing America of testing Ebola virus on African soil.

For decades the US government has struck fear and enjoyed supremacy throughout the whole world but everything suddenly changed when North Korea decides to face America squarely to end its intimidation, arrogance and foolish pride.

The North Korean government has humiliated the American government in such a way that America has lost its respect in the eyes of many world leaders. In the name of democracy, it's shocking to recount the political and medical crimes the US government has committed against humanity. 

The fact that America interferes in global politics and commits crimes with impunity have generated hate for the country. Like Belgium in Europe, it is likely that America is the most hated country in the world, thus; many are now behind the North Korean leader.

While the noisy Trump tweets and voicing out unnecessary and senseless comments, the wise Kim Jong-Un hardly speaks, instead focusing on the strategies and ambitions to cripple the loud-mouth American government.  

There are many world leaders quietly behind the Korean leader because the US government has violated Human Rights and committed horrendous crimes against humanity than any country in the world.

The US government claims that the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un is begging for a war but America is not ready for any war. Who on earth will believe America after invading Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan etc, when those countries didn't beg for any war?

America is not ready for war because the government knows very well that North Korea is not like Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan, which they can easily attack or Kim Jong-Un is not Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gadaffi. 

Iraq, Libya or Afganistan haven't anything significant to hit America but North Korea has. That is America's fear. Moreover, America is aware that Russia and China are behind North Korea.

America claims to be a superpower and always wants its presence felt global, but the US government knows that the threat of North Korea is not merely a joke. They know that if they strike North Korea, the revenge will be a catastrophe. 

North Korea actually wants America to strike first then Kim Jong-Un will let go his deadly mission. America wants to avoid that. The result is to continue enduring the humiliation, mocking, and scorn from the North Korean leader. 

The snake fears the stick, the stick fears a fire and the fire fears water. That is how it goes, therefore, America should stop deceiving the world that they are not ready for war with North Korea. The US government fears North Korea because Kim Jong-Un is an unpredictable dangerous man.

They know what the Korean leader has in his country which wasn't available to Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein. If Gadaffi and Saddam were testing missiles that time, the US government wouldn't even make any attempt to invade those countries.

It's because of the US government's inhuman acts and medical crimes against other poor countries, countries like North Korea, China and Iran are pursuing ballistic missile projects. 

Following the tension between North Korea and America, Kim Jong-Un's braveness and intelligence have won him a standing ovation worldwide. His fame has spread very rapidly with thousands of followers on both Twitter and Facebook. 

Sorry, America, there is time for everything. You have indelible blood stains on your palms. Your crime is catching up with you, therefore, the Aids and Ebola victims will demand their justice from their graves.

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