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Monday, August 14, 2017


One of Trump's psychological games as a politician was taking picture with African-American musician Kanya West, pretending he loves African-Americans

One of Trump's psychological games as a politician was taking picture with African-American musician Kanya West, pretending he loves African-Americans

Trump the truly born racist

The past life of Donald Trump before becoming the president of the United States of America, reveals that he was a pure racist. To confirm his racist ideology and philosophy, during his political campaign, Hillary Clinton dropped the bombshell on his housing discrimination.

According to Hillary, Donald Trump "started his career back in 1973 being sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination because he would not rent apartments in one of his developments to African-Americans." 

Many took her statement as a political tool to cause the downfall of Trump, but there is ample truth in her statement that Trump is a racist. Moreover, Trump's attitude and comments identify who he is. Frankly speaking, Trump doesn't like African-Americans or as long as you are a black man or an African.

African-Americans didn't call for slavery. Greed, hypocrisy, hate and cheap labour that Europe and America wanted so much inspired them to invade Africa. They dispersed their families, captured and loaded them like the sardine to the United States of America.

With blood, sweat, and tears, they worked on your plantations, served the white families 'like never before.' Today, their reward is racism, discrimination, and hate. African-Americans have suffered from the time of slavery till now. What a shame America?

Why it is likely that Trump will never visit Africa

Africa is not a continent of interest to many people, yet some successful businessmen are the first people to share their African experience in regard to business. However, there is NO RECORD IN AMERICA’S HISTORY THAT TRUMP HAS BEEN TO AFRICA BEFORE

If Trump hates African-Americans, then surely, he will hate an African or any black man. "I don’t think he is going to be very interested in what is happening in Somalia or Ethiopia or in other parts of Africa where there may be conflict. 

Trump hasn’t got a great capacity for detail, so at best he will live by macro assessments.The another break with tradition is that it’s impossible to predict who he will choose as his assistant secretary of state for Africa." 

"As a follower of foreign policy over the past 40 years, it has been possible, in nearly all instances, to know who the new incumbent is likely to be. Examples include Chester Crocker, Hank Cohen, and Susan Rice." 

"Now with Trump, we simply have no indication," writes Peter Vale, Professor of Humanities and the Director of the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS), University of Johannesburg.

Racists underestimate people because they see themselves as people above you, thus, that underestimation also affects African leaders too. According to Trump, "African leaders oppress their people. He said further that African leaders are greedy and do not care about the people. African leaders can't lead by example and only interested in accumulating wealth from poor taxpayers." 

Is Donald Trump right? Imagine decades after independence swept through Africa, the continent's development remains stagnant while many places still lack drinking water, health facilities, good educational and underground drainage systems etc, despite the vast natural resources the continent has.

Supremacy in America

The recent violent clashes between white supremacists and anti-fascists ahead of a rally protesting against the removal of a statue to a Confederate general in Charlottesville, Virginia, also cast a gloomy shadow on Trump as a racist. 

After being hit with accusations of doing nothing about the violence, Trump later made his voice heard. How can an American president holding such a high position will allow such a hate and demonstration in a country that constitution is based on democracy?

The corruption of Africa leaders well defined

Many leaders aren't satisfied with the progress of Africa because it's a continent which never benefits from its natural resources due to massive corruption and embezzlement but developments are slowly advancing. 

According to Joseph Stiglitz, a former chief economist at the World Bank and professor of economics at Columbia University, in the United States, "On average, resource-rich countries have done even more poorly than countries without resources."

Thus, if Africa has resources why does the continent lacks development and employment? Is it because of Africa's poor performance many European and American leaders wouldn't like to go there? That's not the case, there is more behind if Trump fails to visit any African country.

Now that Africa knows that Aids and Ebola are the works of the US government frightens Trump

The American leaders and its Western allies responsible for the global Aids genocide can remain silent as always but it is no more a secret. Africa now knows that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes engineered from the US government's laboratory for diseases, after covering the medical genocide (Aids) for decades.

After the scramble for Africa, Europe and America enjoyed Africa for decades but things went sour when independence starts sweeping across Africa. Since they weren't ready and Africa wants independence, the need to punish the continent became a plot.

Through the eradication of polio, the Pasteur Institute of France deliberately spread diseases, including Aids with contaminated vaccines. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda etc, were all deliberately infected with Aids, nodding disease, and Kaposi's sarcoma. 

The crime has been covered up for decades but some independent scientists and medical writers have exposed the American government of the medical genocide. America will interfere in other governments' politics but wouldn't talk about Aids despite the global destruction of the disease. 

Then in 2014, under Obama's administration, the American government once again tested Ebola, another bio-warfare product in the West African Countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, killing thousands of people.

The more the American government demonstrates to be intelligent, the more stupid they become because there are other scientists and doctors more intelligent than American doctors and scientists who aren't interested in the America's bio-weapon project for global depopulation, leading to the exposure of the American government.  

And since from the time that Aids and Ebola were discovered to be medical crimes, Africans and many world leaders, including Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, are angry with the American government.

The killing of Ebola awareness workers in Guinea

It will be recalled that following the outbreak of the disease in Guinea, eight members of a team trying to raise awareness about Ebola were killed by the villagers with machetes and clubs.

The fact that Africans now aware that Ebola was purposely triggered by the American government, the villagers suspected them as people coming with fresh Ebola disease. They were chased out of the village and some of those killed bodies were discovered in a septic tank. 

What kind of reception will Trump receive if has to visit any African country? Another important factor which will damage Trump's attempt to visit any African country is the mass deportation of Africans under his administration.

Since assuming office, Trump has deported thousands of African with the largest from Ghana. The man has his own way of doing things without thinking if they will affect him today or tomorrow but surely we know that:

Since Africa wants justice after the American government triggered Aids and Ebola in the dark continent, in terms of colour, Trump is scared to death to visit Africa, that strange and mysterious continent that has survived the white man's slavery, colonization, aggression, Apartheid, brutality and medical crimes.

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