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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Kim Jong-Un is not Gadaffi or Saddam Hussein to tolerate America's nonsense

Kim Jong-Un is not Gadaffi or Saddam Hussein to tolerate America's nonsense

There is no country in the world that has caused so much suffering to other countries and its population than the United States of America. 

The American government is the most oppressive, tyrant, and corrupt government in the world. In the name of democracy, America has committed the most heinous crimes against humanity.

While many journalists and the media wouldn’t like to mention or write about the crimes of America, other independent writers are ready to list the crimes of America for others to understand why the North Korea is ready to fight the American government squarely.

From generations, it’s the ambition of the American government to disarm any country they consider a threat. Everyone saw what the American government did in Libya and Iraq, after luring the leaders to give up the nuclear ambitions.

They invaded Iraq and Libya, destroyed and killed its population without finding any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We shouldn't forget what America did to Japan at Hiroshima. They used a nuclear weapon on the Japanese population. The government also bombed Afghanistan.

After failing to deal with Iran over its nuclear program, the American government now has shifted its attention on North Korea because they consider the North Korean leader powerful. Do they think that Kim Jong-Un is a fool to listen to America?

Apart from the crimes the American government committed in Libya and Iraq, America is responsible for Aids and Ebola in Africa. This criminal act under  THE US GOVERNMENT BIO-WEAPONS PROJECT FOR GLOBAL DEPOPULATION, has caused the death of millions of people and much suffering around the world.

Who will be happy to support such a country that has no sympathy and conscience? In this era, any country that supports America against North Korea is equally a criminal like America. It's a crime against humanity to create a bio-weapon for military purpose and test in population.

That's exactly what the American government did, yet nobody wants to bring the government to justice. The American government and Western Europe escape punishment for every crime they commit against humanity.

Because of fear and sanctions, corrupt leaders worldwide want to avoid, nobody wants to talk about the Aids and Ebola genocides but not the Korean leader. He was brave enough to tell America that its government is testing Ebola virus on African grounds.

Because of America's lack of respect for humanity, he killed Otto Warmbier, the American student in such a manner. Many people worldwide are angry with the American government to the extent that they wish the North Korea leader will teach Trump an unforgettable lesson.

It is always easier said than done, therefore, Trump should continue to boast and show his arrogance. Moreover, there is time for everything and the whole world will see the miserable defeat and doom of America if their pride and arrogance push them to act stupidly.

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