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Sunday, August 6, 2017


The American government is responsible for HIV- Aids and Ebola bio-weapons around the globe and escaped justice but puts sanctions on North Korea for continuous ballistic missile testing

The American government is responsible for HIV- Aids and Ebola bio-weapons around the globe and escaped justice but puts sanctions on North Korea for continuous ballistic missile testing 

Who are the real bio-terrorists, America or North Korea?

Decades of covering up HIV-Aids and Ebola bio-weapons plot, killing millions of people around the globe, the US government now puts sanctions on North Korea, for ballistic missile testing. 

Bioterrorism is the use of infectious agents or other harmful biological or biochemical substances as weapons of terrorism. This criminal act doesn’t only mean the use of chemicals, nuclear products or dangerous substances on population. It can also be made available to a targeted population through drinking water, food, and oral medicines and vaccinations.

The Aids epidemic is one of the greatest medical bioterrorism in the world's medical history, no government is prepared to talk about because it’s a medical crime the US government and its Western allies, Holland, Belgium, France, Britain etc, joined hands to commit such a horrendous medical crime and escaped punishment.

According to the World Health Organization, since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 70 million people have been infected with the HIV virus and about 35 million people have died of AIDS-related illnesses and Sub-Saharan Africa remains most severely affected. That makes sense because the disease was to depopulate Africa.

Africa is the second largest continent in the world with numerous rich mineral resources, including oil, gold, diamond, copper etc. These resources have generated millions of profits to Europe and America and after independence swept through the continent, dissatisfied Europe and America find a way to hold on the resources, hence, the use of a bio-warfare product to depopulate the continent was ruthlessly applied.

It is a mere hypocrisy if the European and American governments would cover up such a medical crime, yet attack Syria or Russia for being responsible for chemicals used on children by the Assad government. And it's more than hypocrisy if the American government claims they care about America and their allies, so the North Korea deserves sanctions for ballistic missile testing.

As long as the United States government and its Western allies committed such horrible crimes, yet continue to enjoy impunity, while they call other world leaders such as Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, and Rodrigo Duterte of Philippine killers, we are also going to expose and put 'Article sanctions' on them because the US government is a cold-blooded killer.

With confident, the medical writers of this blog feel so strong to tell the US government that they are killers responsible for HIV-Aids and Ebola, which have taken millions of people to their untimely graves around the globe. They can prove us wrong if they like or they should shut up like how they have done for decades. Cowards. 

Despite the devastation of Aids, the US government still produced the Ebola virus, a bio-warfare product, more powerful than Aids and tested in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, killing thousands of people. How corrupt is the US government to commit such a crime and cover it up, then put sanctions on someone? Both the American government and North Korea deserve sanctions for their wrong doings.

The American government has caused so much pain to innocent lives and wrecked the society without any remedy but they still say “God bless America.” There are giant media, such as CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News, but all of them have failed to speak the truth about the true origins of Aids and Ebola to protect the American government and their careers. 


The North Korean leader and his military personnel

Above all, the top newspapers also have misled the general public by giving wrong information. Even though the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control acknowledge the fact that they have provided wrong information about Aids and Ebola on their websites to mislead the general public and cover up those medical crimes, the American government wouldn’t comment on them because they protect them, yet Trump has the guts to call the American media “Fake news.”

If America is great, then that greatness lies in oppression, bully, discrimination, racism, and crime, so people are not sure of what Trump means by 'making America great again.' There is so much anger around the world against America because the government is not only a liar and hypocrite but also bioterrorists.

Why Kim Jong-Un of North Korea disrespects America? 

The wicked act of the American government, killing people around the globe with bio-warfare products, without remorse, made the North Korean government to kill Otto Warmbier. It was a simple message to the American government that if they don’t have respect for humanity, I don’t have respect for the Americans either. Trump understood the message clearly, the reason his government couldn’t do anything about it.

Sanctions on North Korea may affect the government but since they are immune to the suffering that’s not going to change anything. The American government can show all its military prowess in the Korean Peninsula but that wouldn’t deter Kim Jong-Un either to carry on with his evil plans against America. 

The whole world now sees the American government as a cold blooded killer because of the devastations of Aids and Ebola around the globe and there is nothing they can do to regain respect. Until justice is given to HIV-Aids and Ebola victims, we don't have sympathy for the American government. 

Honesty, transparency, sincerity, and cleanliness, play important role in every government. However, if the American government wouldn't like to use any of these principles, then Kim Jong-Un will continue to make the American government a laughing stock and a caricature.

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