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Sunday, July 30, 2017


During his political campaign, one of Trump's promises was to build a wall between Mexico and America and the wall project inspired thousands of Americans to vote massively for Trump but after becoming president the wall is no more the talk of the town

During his political campaign, one of Trump's promises was to build a wall between Mexico and America and the wall project inspired thousands of Americans to vote massively for Trump but after becoming president the wall is no more the talk of the town

Donald Trump, the man who doesn't do what he says?

"Every 'God bless America,' an American leader says is a curse. God doesn't bless a government that kills innocent people with Aids and Ebola bio-weapons and covers up."

Like Europe, the biggest challenge America faces is the influx of illegal immigrants. According to sources more than 10 million undocumented aliens currently reside in the U.S., and the illegal immigration rate is growing by 700,000 per year.

"Make America Great Again," was Trump's campaign slogan and one of his dream projects is to build a wall between Mexico and America to prevent the mass influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico. This wall proposal inspired thousands of Americans against immigrants to vote for Trump to win the elections.

It is easier said than done. There is ample of truth in this saying because Trump has now realized that cheap talk could both give one a favour and a failure which can damage your reputation. Apart from building a wall between Mexico and America, Trump also promised to replace Obama care but none of these two promises have become a reality.

Trump would like to replace Obama care, yet he has no plans on how to do it, therefore, the whole Obama care replacement is in complete chaos at the moment. A failure which undermines the leadership of Trump and a failure that warns Trump to be careful about what he says because cheap talk could give him a lot of problems than comfort.

According to sources, Trump's dream wall project will cost as much as $21.6bn and be realizing that he has bitten more than he could chew, Trump now says the Mexican government should pay for the cost. This decision is one of the reasons many see the American government as a bully and oppressor.

If Trump wants a wall between Mexico and America, then the government must bear the cost because it was his decision and vision to make America great again. The fact is that such project would not only be costly but would also be a useless measure. 

Apart from being an unbearable budget, it is not a guarantee that America would be free from illegal immigration. Thousands of aliens are smuggled across Mexican borders to America. Only a few are intercepted. Has Trump probably realized it was a stupid decision?

While in Hamburg, Germany for the G20 conference, Trump met briefly with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, for the first time since taking office. He then referred to Peña Nieto as his friend and afterward that he wants Mexico to pay for his massive border wall. What a cheat?

In another development a video appeared to show him ignoring Merkel's request to shake hands, Trump still reiterated “Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

Trump's government humiliation

Trump's government continues to be in a state of controversy and humiliation both internal and external, in regard to Kim Jong -Un's failure to stop ballistic missile testing. North Korea has humiliated the American government in such a way that Trump now shifts the blame on China. America always wants certain countries to be interested and support their nonsense but China is not interested in conflicts or war.

There is time for everything and it's clear that America has fallen. In God we trust, yet they kill innocent Africans with Aids and Ebola bio-weapons, then finally, they say "God bless America." Stinking hypocrites, God doesn't bless a government that kills innocent people.  

America is now reaping the consequences of all the evil they have sown against innocent people. Every country they will ask for support against North Korea will ignore them because the world is sick and tired of the American government's hypocrisy, lies, and clandestinely medical crimes.

America has no respect for the lives of people and they target certain race to murder or test bio-weapons. The reason Kim Jong-Un has no regard and respect for the American people too. He demonstrated it by killing student Otto Warmbier and the America government couldn't do anything about it because they know that it's a pay back for the evil they do to other people, especially in the Third World Countries.

The American government can show its military prowess by flying war jets around the Korean peninsula but they mustn't forget that North Korea is not Syria.  If America strikes, North Korea will strike back and that will be the beginning of a Third World War. 

Kim Jong -Un is just waiting for the right opportunity for the American government to cast the first stone, then the world will see what follows next. That will be Trump's administration biggest mistake because no past or present allies are ready to fight for the American government. 

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