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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


The American government continues to receive the same disrespect and violation of human rights against Third World leaders from North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-Un

The American government continues to receive the same disrespect and violation of human rights against Third World leaders from North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-Un

Is Donald Trump finding it hard to tame Kim Jong Un? The US government has put tough sanctions on North Korea but all are futile to stop the North Korean leader from testing ballistic missiles. 

In life, if you want to be respected, then give the same respect to others. A pastor who preaches virtue to his congregation and practices vice will not only be disrespected but will also lose all his church members. 

In the name of democracy, the American government has established itself in the eyes of the world as a great nation and the land of opportunity but they have no respect for human lives.

Pride, arrogance, underestimation, disrespect, violation of human rights, oppression, medical crimes etc, are part of America's constitution of democracy that many, especially, poor people in Third World Countries have experienced. 

There is a big difference between respect and fear but it seems the American government has taken the respect from poor countries as a fear. Thus, the government takes advantage of the weak and the vulnerable to do everything they like whether good or bad. 

Many world leaders know about the clandestine works of the American government but they hardly speak about it. In the past and present America has committed so much crime against its own people by using them for experimentation and also testing deadly diseases as bio-warfare products on other people outside America. 

The American government enjoys every crime as long as there isn't any confrontation from any part of the world but now some world leaders are becoming fed up and wouldn't tolerate any more from America. One of them is Kim Jong-Un of North Korea.

Frankly speaking, the North Korean leader has no respect for America and the hate he has for that country is beyond description. The present showdown between America and North Korea has caught the interest of many countries, especially the enemies of the American government and many hope Kim Jong-Un will teach America a big lesson. 

The question on the lips of many is: Why Kim Jong-Un has been so disrespectful to America? Why is he challenging America to its core by testing missiles despite all the warnings? Why did North Korea treat Otto Warmbier like that to his death? Why Trump can't tame the North Korean leader?

Kim Jong-Un doesn’t respect America because he has witnessed how the American government used supremacy to oppress the weak and vulnerable people. Kim Jong-Un knows about the US government’s bio-weapons project for global depopulation, leading to the test of Aids and Ebola in Africa.

For a very long time, like a spy, the North Korean leader knows about the secret killings of scientists and doctors in the country. There is nothing evil or good taking place in America without his knowledge. The man wouldn't have bothered much but he was provoked when the American government popped its nose in North Korea's business.

How can a killer call someone else a killer? That's exactly what America did. The American government covers up its crimes while attacking Kim Jong-Un with publications that he has executed his late uncle's entire family to prevent 'mutiny' - including women and children.

No one is neither defending Kim Jong-Un nor refuting the accusations but the American government does the worse things than North Korea. It was when America started interfering in North Korea's politics, the leader also starts revealing the secrets of the American government, including the testing of Ebola in Africa.

Do people expect the North Korean leader to respect the American government? Not at all, that will not happen. These are some of the reasons he continues to show disrespect to the American government testing the eleventh missile so far. The North Korea leader has been in violation forever and doesn't care. 

America is a sad country indeed than what many people think. Their definition of superpower or democracy has been abused making the country one of the most hated countries in the world. The government always dictate to Third World governments, but they don’t listen to anyone.

Trump knows that the North Korean leader is a dangerous man. Over the tension between North Korea and America, Trump started in a very bad way with threats and boasts over the might of the American army. But Kim Jong-Un is not an African leader America can intimidate.

Weeks after Trump couldn't change the mind of Jong-Un, he played it diplomatically saying: "I Would Be Honored to Meet With N. Korean Dictator – Under the Right Circumstances."


The latest news is: Top security, military, and diplomatic officials in the Trump administration held an unexpected Fourth of July meeting to discuss options after North Korea said it had successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the US, according to a report.

What will be the outcome of this meeting? Is it going to change the hostile attitude of the North Korean leader? Is America going to hit North Korea? 

If the government has that plan in mind they should cancel it immediately because that's exactly what Kim Jong-Un wants.

He wants to be provoked to use something extremely dangerous on population which may not affect America alone.

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