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Saturday, July 1, 2017


While one group of scientists is devoting its energies to prevent diseases, another is devising man-made epidemics leading to Public Health in Reverse.

While one group of scientists is devoting its energies to prevent diseases, another is devising man-made epidemics leading to Public Health in Reverse.

While WHO: claims Ebola vaccine results are “extremely promising”  researchers mention a 100 percent success rate and Guinea’s National Coordinator for the Ebola response, Dr. Sakoba Keita, enthuses about “Guinea’s gift to West Africa and the rest of the world” the vast majority of enlightened Africans are deeply suspicious of what is going on.

The deep resentment I discovered studying AIDS Epidemiology in several African countries when the world was being told “AIDS Virus EMERGED from African Green Monkeys” resurfaced when the present Ebola Virus Epidemic was blamed on “a two-year-old boy playing with a fruit bat.” 

A study published this month describes close proximity with bats of some Ghanaian ethnic groups, yet Ghana is Ebola-free.  Are these lethal viruses not “EMERGING” from elsewhere?

On 1 March 2003, BMJ Editor Dr. Richard Smith, known Champion of Medical Ethics, published an article which most Editors would never have published. Cover photograph showed South African youth wearing “HIV-POSITIVE” T-shirts, and the words “Understanding AIDS in South Africa: 

Issues of race hinder public health”. The article by Didier Fassin and Helen Schneider stunned me because it revealed evil things scientists confessed to. Captioned “Education and Debate”. I proceeded to join in and wrote a response which Dr. Smith sanctioned (8,652 words including 70 references) 


My Rapid Response predicted that more dangerous viruses would simply “EMERGE” only to be blamed on contact with animals. It also drew attention to Lancet’s warning that Biological Bombs would be created in laboratories that would produce “public health in reverse." 

Ordinary vaccinations led to HIV sero-Positivity, so when secret laboratory work in West Africa preceded the Ebola epidemic people were furious.

Mothers will never let their healthy “13 to 17-year-olds and possibly 6 to 12-year-old children” be vaccinated against Ebola Virus Disease. Even if provided free Baffour Ankomah warns: “Fear the Greeks, even if bearing gifts.” Suspicion is so deep that Kenyan nurses send vaccines from certain countries to be examined by The Vatican.

One fellow tribesman was not fooled either. Knowing it was international prostitution that gave her daughters AIDS but was told a vaccine was in preparation he exclaimed “What? Are they going to prick us with needles so we can do what we like?” To Ebola vaccine apologists he may well ask “What? Are you going to prick us with needles so we can eat bats ad nauseam?


I myself was in a WHO Special Advisory Group for many years both at Geneva Headquarters and Africa Regional Headquarters in Congo Brazzaville. We were relied upon not to bring disgrace to WHO. But with the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa we find Dr. Margaret Chan apologising for delays in quenching the fire so that it spread to Nigeria (See the harrowing account of Dr. Ada Igonoh, a survivor.

This not only gave WHO a bad name but also set us Africans thinking: “Well, this delay was deliberate so that their Public-Health-in-Reverse would have free course”. BMJ readers seeing what is revealed in hesitate to blame the African for “paranoia”. WHO Director General needs to know which in her Team have a hidden agenda. How could her experts manage to mismanage the epidemic so badly?


Apart from shrewd Baffour Ankomah, the other Ghanaian international Journalist who has published concerns about Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa is Cameron Duodu: “QUESTIONS ABOUT EBOLA THAT THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MUST ANSWER URGENTLY”, and “We do need answers about Ebola research in West Africa from the US Government and WHO NOW!.”

Indeed, as BMJ’s Sophie Arie said: “Candidate treatments and vaccines for Ebola were developed only because the United States considered the virus a potential weapon for bioterrorism” [13]. Cameron Duodu pleads: “THE AFRICAN UNION MUST TAKE THE EBOLA CASE TO UN SECURITY COUNCIL”


Fortunately, there is an increasing number of African scientists criticising poorly planned WHO-backed programmes. Vaccinating healthy children against Ebola Virus Disease is sinister. Fellows of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences certainly thought so and were influential in persuading our Parliament to suspend the Ebola Virus Vaccine Trials.

Ghana’s Democratic Parliament cannot be “kicked out” as the UN Official suggested in Madrid Heads of State be “kicked out” for disobeying his vaccination Fiats. He and WHO may go on shouting “CONSPIRACY THEORIES!” but their credibility is blunted by recent poor performance. Leonard Horowitz’s book provides information that vindicates Lancet’s Biological Bomb warning.


I recently appealed through the BMJ to President Barack Obama to rein in the Biological Bomb manufacturers. The African Union needs to be sensitised to protect Africa against scientists with a hidden agenda.

The third approach is to make wrongdoers know there is a price to pay. “Guatemalans who were DELIBERATELY infected with syphilis by US medics sue Johns Hopkins for $1bn.” Institutions must pay for wrong doing – (fined or/& Nuremberg-type trial). Fourth approach: Non-African friends of Africa must be encouraged to a firefight with us as I begged them to help save Africa.

On this 70th Anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb detonations we remember Lord Ritchie Calder’s Lancet warning of far more dangerous detonations: “While one group of scientists is devoting its energies to prevent diseases, another is devising man-made epidemics leading to Public Health in Reverse.

There is a Biological Bomb lying at the heart of the nucleus, ticking us to destruction.” Make no mistake, the fallout from these biological bombs (more on the way) when detonated will not be limited to Africa despite the green-monkey-cum-bats alibi, but will cross The Mediterranean to Europe, and The Atlantic to the USA.  Then what next?

Source: – By Felix ID. Konotey-Ahulu

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