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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The Thai musical group called Ebola

The Thai musical group called Ebola

The Ebola virus or hemorrhagic fever is a killer disease and one of the secret US government’s bio-weapons for global depopulation which was deliberately tested in West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. The disease also hit parts Congo and Thailand.

Despite the disease is a man-made and purposely triggered in West Africa, when Teresa Romero tested positive it drew more than 375,000 signatures, while at the same time in West Africa, 10,000 infected poor people were dying, while the West and the American borders remain closed, with nobody in the streets to protest.

After survival, Ebola victims are treated differently in the community they live. They experience discrimination daily and treated like outcasts. However, a musical group in Thailand has taken the disease very seriously that they have named their band ‘Ebola.’ Below is the biography of the group.

Ebola (อีโบล่า) is a Thai rock band from BangkokThailand, currently signed to Warner Music. The band is known for combining lyrics with hard rock-oriented tunes. Most of Ebola's lyrics focus on hope, encouragement, and soul-searching. 

The band’s hit singles include "Saeng Sawang" (แสงสว่าง - Enlighten),"Klab Su Jud Reum Ton" (กลับสู่จุดเริ่มต้น - Back to Beginning) and "Sing Tee Chan Pen" (สิ่งที่ฉันเป็น - As I Am). 

In 2005, Ebola’s fourth studio album, Enlighten, won Best Rock Album from Hamburger magazine and Best Producer from the Seed Awards.

Ebola was formed in 1996 by a young rock quintet while they were studying at Dhonburi Rajabhat University. They spent years performing under the name Ebola, mainly as an underground band. With their energetic live performances, they gained more popularity among the underground audiences. 

Ebola released three records (one EP and two studio albums) under independent labels, including E.P 97 (Demo - 1997), In My Hate (1999) and Satisfy (2001).

Ebola released their first live album, Ebola Live, under the distribution of Warner Music Thailand in 2002. Later that year, they also released their Live to Play VCD. The album contained live performances, footage, and interviews with the band.

Ebola gained wider attention when they released Pole, their third studio album in 2004. The singles off the album include "Kwam Pen Pai" (ความเป็นไป), "Jam" (จำ - Remember) and "Nai Kwam Pen Khon"(ในความเป็นคน - In Humanhood) 

With their accumulated reputation, Ebola had the opportunity to perform as the opening act for Linkin Park and Slipknot during their 2004 tours in Thailand. Especially at Linkin Park Live In Bangkok, Ebola performed several of their hits in front of an audience of 30,000 people, marking a big breakthrough for the band.

After the success of Pole, Ebola did not keep their fans waiting long. Enlighten was released in August 2005. The album contained chart-topping hits including "Saeng Sawang" (แสงสว่าง - Enlighten), "Klab Su Jud Reum Ton" (กลับสู่จุดเริ่มต้น - Back to Beginning) and "Sing Tee Chan Pen" (สิ่งที่ฉันเป็น - As I Am). 

Ebola won Best Producer (with their long-time producer, Warut Rintranukul) at the 2005 Seed Awards, and also earned the Best Rock Album from Hamburger magazine.

March 25, 2006, was marked as Ebola’s 10th year anniversary in the music scene. To celebrate their first ten years, the band held Survivor Concert, gathering their longtime hardcore fans. The concert took place at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani.

In April 2007, Ebola received more mainstream national attention when their ballad hit from Enlighten – "Sing Tee Chan Pen" (สิ่งที่ฉันเป็น - As I Am) was selected to be a theme song for Me ... Myself. 

The film starred Ananda Everingham and Chayanan Manomaisantibhap, being produced and directed by Pongpat Wachirabunjong. Both the movie and the theme song became smash hits.

The Way was their fifth album with lead single "Wi Tee Thang" (วิถีทาง - The Way). The highly anticipated album was released in August 2007. In this album, Ebola had decided to bring new elements like classical music in "Wi Tee Thang" (วิถีทาง -)

The Way) and "Kaan Jak La" (การจากลา - Farewell) and piano in "Dao Duang Sud Tai" (ดาวดวงสุดท้าย - The Last Shooting Star) into their rock and metal influences. Ebola was nominated for Producer of the Year, Rock Album of the Year, Rock Artist of the Year categories in Seed Awards 2007 but didn't win.

In 2009, it was revealed that Ebola had signed a new contract with GMM Grammy.

In terms of international collaborations, the band had the opportunity to work with Philippine’s leading rock band – Rivermaya in "Thang Leuk" (ทางเลือก - The Choice). 

Also, The Way was mastered by Dave Collins, a world-class mastering engineer who mastered top-charted albums such as Linkin Park's Minutes To Midnight, Sum 41's All Killer No Filler, Madonna's Selection From Evita, No Doubt's No Doubt and The Police's Outlandos d’Amour.

In 2010, Ebola released their sixth studio album, titled 5:59. The album contained singles such as "Aow Hai Tai" (เอาให้ตาย - To The Death) and "Wan Tee Mai Mee Jing" (วันที่ไม่มีจริง - The Day That Doesn't Exist).

In 2011, Ebola and another band, Sweet Mullet, played as Opening Act for Linkin Park Live in Bangkok A Thousand Suns World Tour 2011.

In 2013, Ebola's seventh studio album, Still Alive (EP: 2013) is released on Warner Music.
  • Kittisak "Aey" Buaphan - lead vocals
  • Wannit "Golf" Puntarikapa - lead guitar
  • Surapong "Ao" Buaphan - rhythm guitar
  • Chaowalit "A" Prasongsin - bass guitar
  • Pongpan "Pan" Peonimit - drums

The Ebola group performing:

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