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Monday, July 10, 2017


We don't want any Third World War, but inexperienced David (Kim Jong-Un is ready for war with Goliath Donald Trump)

We don't want any Third World War, but inexperienced David (Kim Jong-Un is ready for war with Goliath Donald Trump)

How North Korea has made the enemies of America happy

America and the North Korea are engaged in a verbal war but do the American government still dwells on its pride and arrogance as the most fearful country in the world, in terms of security and military prowess? 

Like the Biblical Philistine, the United States of America is a powerful country many wouldn't even make an attempt to fight because of its domination of the world’s economic and political systems, but it seems all is about to change. 

The US has fought many wars, including the Vietnam, Somalia, Bosnia, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait etc, but the aggressive stubborn missile-testing Kim Jong-Un's country, North Korea, hasn't much war experience like the United States of America.

America is a country that never takes responsibility for any crime they commit and many, especially their enemies wish North Korea could silence the American government if war breaks.

When the American government was caught red-handed, mining the exits from two Nicaraguan ports in 1984 and obligated to pay 18 billion dollars, the USA simply said that won't happen. In most of its wars, the US government used chemical weapons.

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. military sprayed 20 million gallons of chemicals, including the very toxic Agent Orange, on the forests and farmlands of Vietnam, resulting in thousands of death and over 500,000 babies born with deformities. 

In 2004, America used white phosphorus in Iraq but the military lied they used the substance to create smokescreens and illuminate targets. In fact, the American government has committed so much crime both physically and medically that many do ask if that is what makes a great country or Superpower. Is it because of such crimes many feel proud to be Americans? 

To fulfill the US government bio-weapons project for global depopulation, the government purposely triggered bio-weapons Aids and Ebola in Africa, leading to thousands of death around the globe without remorse, conscience, and punishment. 

The American government and its allies responsible for those medical crimes continue to enjoy impunity today, yet they feel so strong without shame to call other world leaders 'killers,' but after the 9/11 terrorist attack, the world knew how weak America is after all.

The whole world was shocked when untouchable America, a country that boasts of the best security and their professional intrepid FBI investigators were crippled. Despite the total defeat and humiliation, the country has never been sober or humble. 

They continue to bully, oppress and interfere in other government's politics. As if that wasn't enough, another biggest political embarrassment is unfolding. America has accused Russia of meddling in US' politics. 

Give me a break America, you claim to have the greatest intelligence in the name of the CIA or the FBI, yet your government is making a mockery of itself and investigating a Russia's interference in US' politics? Where is your intelligence then? This shouldn't happen America.

Opposition continues using 'Russia interference' as a tool to undermine Trump's government, forgetting that it's also an advert revealing how weak the American government is. 

As a country quick to attack other countries, yet covers up its crimes, the America government has many enemies and one of them ready for a physical combat is North Korea's Kim Jong-Un.

What America fears most is security threat and invasion but that's exactly the government faces at the moment. North Korea wants to put America at the right position, as well as ending its bullies and domination but the foolish pride of the American government wouldn’t allow them to be humble. 

This is what will escalate the verbal war and probably leads to a Third World War. North Korean state media warned on Tuesday of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of American aggression, as a U.S. Navy strike group steamed toward the Western Pacific, a force U.S. President Donald Trump described as an "armada."

Trump has urged China to do more to rein in its impoverished ally and neighbor, but nothing seems to change the mind of the North Korea leader. The tension has escalated sharply on the Korean peninsula and it is likely that Kim Jong-Un may soon conduct another nuclear test.

One doesn't need to underestimate or laugh at a blind man if he threatens to throw a stone at you because he has one under his foot. Even though North Korea may not have enough war experience, Kim Jong-Un shouldn't be underestimated.

Has the American government met its match? Nobody knows what the Korean leader has hidden in his country or capable of doing. America should refrain from attacking North Korea because they will hit back and when two elephant fight the grass is what suffers. 

Too much suffering in the world and nobody is interested in a Third World War.

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